Exclusive Humshakals Official Trailer Saif, Riteish, Ram Kapoor Full hd

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Exclusive : Its out. Presenting the official theatrical trailer of Humshakals – the year’s biggest comedy, directed by Sajid Khan.

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MOVIECLIPS Trailers India says:

http://youtu.be/KFzrLvYGlGY Salman khan Kick trailer 

Ms Visio says:

Sajid Khan se bada chootiya shayad hi kabhi paida hoga! Fucking flop

Harmanpreet Sharma says:

super flop movie and super flop arrogant sajid khan , sajid khan has zero
level of understanding about indian public and demand

mst cr says:

The worst movie I have ever seen…

I truly doubt, that it is possible to create anything even worse…ever!

noura homiad says:

whyyy indian movies worn’t like before i don’t want to see indian actors’s
doing and america movie and saying it’s a bollywood movie hope they
return like before :((

Likhith Salian says:

mixer of houseful 1 and 2, ITS GONNA BE ULTRA WORST

Harmanpreet Sharma says:


jayesh gaygol says:

Another crap frm gobar Khan. I mean sajid Khan.

Eric Cartman says:

how do idiots like Sajid Khan keep making these horrible movies one after
the other? this is what happens when morons with no vision gets money
overnight, gets actors simply using his channels and churns out a huge pile
of shit at the audience.
i mean i know some people may enjoy his lousy comedy movies, but you can’t
deny that these movies are nothing but stains on the image of Bollywood

yeshash m.c. says:

This will be a mega flop movie……y doesn’t Sajid Khan just stop making

Kekeboy100 says:

cheap comedy=flop comedy

Akanksha Srivastava says:

y cant this man just stop making movies and boring us

Pera 77 says:

watched d movie yesterday with friends…. it’s just horrible…. !! it was
a torture watching such a movie:( spoilsport:/

NasikCityCentre MALL says:

Released in Cinemax, watch it @Nashikcitycentre Mall

Su says:

Why is money being wasted on movies like these with terrible plots and

sayeed faisal says:

Will watch this bcoz of tamanna…

Armaan Dharani says:

i just watched the movie and its awesome

SOUPRUN01 says:

This looks abit weak. But I though trailer for Chinese puzzle was bad and
also Kochadiyan looks bad on trailers, but was pretty good apart from
ending where his son is same actor, that was odd. But if Amitab Bachans
saying film industry will be defined as before Kochadiyan and after then
you know it’s better than someone on youtube saying it’s crap. So I’ll
act like detached observer rather than spoilt child,

ali khan says:

If I c sajid khan ill swear ill piss till he says am not himmatwala .hahaha
bherwa this film is shit as sajid khan…and those actors especially saif
ali khan…abe wots rong wit u …u bcum soo gay. And that work u did
fucksake …bhenchoodoon gracefully retired hojaow…y ruing ur reputation.

Gummy Deer says:

crap acting and very bad direction but indian audience is now embracing
such shit as it is garnering a lot of money… indian public has no sense
at all

DaSingingDesi says:

Stupid as fuck. Indian movies blow like everything else..

manveer Singh says:

Funniest movie I watched so far this year

Atal Sapand says:

another shit movie of 2014…feel sorry for ritiesh and saif

inderjeet singh says:

fox india blocked the rating and comment option :D

Jincy Shibu says:

Will be a FLOP……the comic timing is pathetic

shamim ahsan says:

It is just crazy

man madan says:

worst movie ever i watched

Ankit kumar says:

worst movie..

Atika Bano says:

I thought it was a pretty funny movie


bkwaas movie of the year time waste

Sanjana Jain says:

the best tralier in the whole world

Avinash biruly says:

its goin to be year’s shittest comedy movie….. 

sachin amin says:

Absolute shit movie 

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