Escape From Tomorrow Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Unapproved Disney Movie HD

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Escape From Tomorrow Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Unapproved Disney Movie HD

In a world of fake castles and anthropomorphic rodents, an epic battle begins when an unemployed father’s sanity is challenged by a chance encounter with two underage girls on holiday.

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paul mcmullan says:

Strange Arty film…

Zachary Binx says:

I wish they’d make a horror film about the forgotten Discovery Island. The
setting is perfect. Add in some spirit possesed grotesque costumed mascots
and you’ve got a horror movie. 

Lachlan H says:

Is this movie made by Disney if yes why the heck would Disney make a horror

Comment Queen™ says:

i thought, this will be an amazing horror movie (even if i’m a disney fan)
but this movie sucks. After 30 minutes i still didn’t know the plot. This
movie hasn’t even a point, it doesn’t have a story. And believe me, only 5%
horror and 95% you see a bad father stalking 2 french girls. (sorry for bad

Kulu Otaku says:

This is like one big high budget creepypasta

samer momen says:

00:30 the best

Soopa Fly says:

ooooooo i cant wait to watch this tonight!!!!!

MK1MonsterOck1989 says:

Ruin Childhood! ='(

Dwayne McDougle says:
Jaime Salame says:

Escape from Tomorrow – Trailer 1 #escapefromtomorrow #movietrailers 

Alejandra Perez says:

Disney land. Didn’t like it back then, still don’t like it. 

Nicu Razvan - Gabriel says:
Frank Lemon says:


Rene Maldonado says:
Lillian Laugen says:

Does this movie go along with the creepy pastas abandoned by disney and
room zero?

olivea12345 says:

No..this is a real movie.

Patricia L. Logan says:

Unnn, I will probably will not go see it if it is released to public
viewing. I am way too much of a Disney fan to see it. Why pick on

Karol Foremniak says:
Adrian Olle-laprune says:

Ok…..soooo…….. hum….. what is this…. about? o.O”

Lillian Laugen says:

Is this movie go with the creepy pastas abandoned by Disney and room zero?

Suria Ganthan says:
Alejandro Hernandez says:
cjvscripter says:

It’s not so much a parody or a bombardment on Disney, but a story about new
feelings and suspicions aroused from revisiting Disney as an adult, and how
much they can affect a person in the most uncomfortable way. I never
visited Disney World/Land before watching this movie, and I still felt



Trailer: “Escape from Tomorrow” (2013)
Directed by: Randy Moore
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Red One MX
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

Alejandro Hernandez says:
ctang1y says:
T Thomas Knight Vitae Libero says:


MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

What could go wrong at Disney World? A lot apparently…

clearwatermusic says:

Oh my god yes. I’ve been waiting for something like this

BarlowEnter says:

Escape From the Simpsons

SuperSasusakulove1 says:


Angelo Vasquez says:

Wtf did I just see?

skywalker41213F says:

Dafuq did i just watch @__@

VYE KING says:

Load of shit.

asm712 says:

I just hate when they take a good Disney memory and try n fuck it up with
nonsense like this =[

charlie brown says:

This is like The Shining only about Disney World instead of a hotel.

Leena Circle Page says:

Heil the Disney. HEIL The ILLUMINATI. Heil the Disney. HEIL The ILLUMINATI.
Hipp Hipp Horray Hipp Hipp Horray. Creature Feature is back. these films is
trying to scare the kids away. no wonder it hasn’t been approved yet.

Bryan Perez says:

Um what the actual fuck

dae345 says:

this looks fucking horrible..

roackmai says:

what the fk?

term1nat0r2000 says:

Looks like cinema of the unsettling from the office

matrix86 says:

…..still trying to figure out how the hell I did that. Even when I try to
recreate it at the speed I type at I can’t. I have to slow down and think
about it..this is going to bother me now, lol. But hey, even if I spelled a
word wrong, at least I read the title :D

Sam_Da_Boss says:

i don’t get it

matrix86 says:

The title says “Unapporived Disney Movie” …… You can read, right? :P

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