Endless Love Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Alex Pettyfer Drama HD

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Endless Love Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Alex Pettyfer Drama HD

The romance between two teenagers turns obsessive, dark, and disastrous.

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Carrie Bradshaw says:

probably the BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME ever. like ever.
cannot believe I wasted time watching this, bad acting (especially on the
main girls part), dull story line, nothing different. same old romeo and
juliet bullshit.

Maria Exarchou says:

I watched the trailer because of alex pettyfer!!

Vicky Blanco says:

I don’t get the hype of this movie.. couldn’t get through it cause I
thought it was so boring, so similiar to the notebook.. :P

vanessa vanandel says:

Does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 0:45 seconds?

kristin pierce says:

Oh my god that looks stupid as shit 

500daysofinternet says:

anyone who has seen this movie: do they use the lines ‘you don’t know him
like I do!1′, ‘but dad, I love him!’ or ‘I’m not your little girl anymore

Mariline Lopes says:

Almost the entire movie with a stupid smile on my face!

Anthony Lighterness says:

This is too similar to the Notebook. Rich white girl forms forbidden
relationship with poor white guy (a mechanic) and disobeys farther’s
approval. This one is ostensibly more ‘action-filled’, but really who
watches a move just for it’s action?

Dayami Bouza says:

I feel like good music comes from movie trailer and stuff

silja lin says:

fun fact: the book it is “based on” is about a psychopath stalking a
teenage girl and burning down her house :D <3
TRUE LOVE! Wtf Hollywood? :D

Michael Cooper says:

Finally found a movie worst than twilight. These movies are unrealistic!!!!
Who has sex three weeks into a relationship? Not a serious one but a booty
call!!! The you can do anything with love bs was really cheesy and just
overplayed and dryed up

kat ch says:

Is this the remake of Endless Love 1981, with Brooke Shields? Cuz that was
the most boring and pointless movie I have ever seen!!! 

sizzleyou says:

The comments below about this movie is so true.I kinda regretted not
listening to the other comments.This movie is a waste of time and it was so
boring.Was falling asleep halfway but I watched it till the end because I
wanted to know how it ends.Those who love romantic movies,be prepared to be
disappointed!Even twilight is more romantic than this.Those who commented
that thia movie is the most romantic movie they’ve even seen…we’ll
clearly they’ve not watched epic romantic movies such as the notebook,a
walk to remember, Ps I love you,the time traveller’s wife,if only,the great
gatsby,titanic,if I stay.

Lovatic123 says:

after watching this trailer, I’m dying to see the movie!!!!

Thatcreepygirl youknow says:

Basically all teen movie cliches combined into one crappy movie.

The Kelvin Show says:

Love the movie tatally love it is so fantastic and romantic im in love with

Andrea Thorn says:


HAIRy tales says:

Surreal to think that this movie came out about a year ago. Time flies 

foreverkillerbeauty says:

The funny thing is I’ve seen this movie and it’s not scary at all, the
trailer makes his character to look creepy and makes the genre of this film
look completely different to what it is. It’s completely 100% soppy
romance, I loved it!

alyssabermanful says:

The worst movie ever, it’s like a crappier version of the notebook

Dolce Gabana says:

Anybody actually thought this movie was worth the time to watch it ??

Aliyah Islam says:

I love this movie

SweetRolls123 says:

After much lool

strangernumberx5 says:

I was confused by the ending

Al Trip says:

Endless Love Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Alex Pe…:

I’ve actually just finished watching this film. It was actually much better
than I thought it would be. However I usually go in not expecting much of
films with newer actors / actresses. This surprised me a bit. Although the
acting was not absolutey top knotch; it was engaging. Mainly because I
guess it dealt with a lot of things relationships have to go through. I say
it is an alright film. Watch it if you have the time, the main actress is
easy on the eye’s & has legs that go on forever. ☺

Sitizen Kane says:

this movie sucked as bad as the original… A girl I was getting some off
wanted to watch it. Horrible movie. Worst than the original actually. The
only good thing about the original was the song and James Spader.

Juliana Silva says:

Endless love
“Na história de Jade Butterfield e David Elliot, uma menina privilegiada e
um menino carismático que, contra a vontade dos pais, vivem um intenso caso
de amor. Embora separados por fronteiras de classe, a força que os une é
inegável e inevitável. Durante os meses seguintes à sua formatura no
colégio, Jade, uma jovem protegida e com um futuro brilhante, encanta-se
com David, um rapaz de classe trabalhadora com um conturbado passado, que,
por sua vez, se apaixona perdidamente por ela. O romance colide com
tentativas do pai protetor de Jade para conduzi-la à verdade sobre David.
Enquanto a sua mãe incentiva o relacionamento, o seu pai recomenda extrema
cautela. Ao longo de um verão inesquecível, os dois jovens amantes desafiam
a lógica e permitem a louca paixão determinar o seu futuro juntos. “

Jan Ebbers says:

For Hugoline ❤️1983-2014 True Love Never Dies.

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