Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, starring Sean Schemmel, Christopher R. Sabat, Kyle Hebert, Sonny Strait, Laura Bailey, Kara Edwards, Jason Douglas. Directed by Masahiro Hosoda.


GiganProductions says:

Dragon ball evolution wasn’t the only example of american producers raping
Japanese icons.

Chris Stuckmann says:
Nikola Tesla says:

As I was a kid, I thoroughly enjoyed Dragon Ball Z; and seeing you
recommend this? I had to go see it. :)
I can’t remember every little detail about the series, I was young back
then. But now, seeing Shenron being afraid of Beerus?!… Priceless!!! XD
P.S. And who is the number one strongest adversary to Beerus?! It’s driving
me insane!

Revanaught says:

When I was a kid, I loved DBZ, I loved it, I couldn’t wait to get home from
school so I could watch it. At one point my dad said I wasn’t allowed to
watch it anymore, his reasoning was that they used curse words (Vegeta may
have said ass or damn or something? I don’t know, I can’t remember) Now
that I’m an adult and fully understand the situation he was in (going
through a divorce, absolutely broke) it’s entirely possible that he had to
cancel the cable service and just gave a different reason so I wouldn’t
worry. All of that’s beside the point. Anyways, I loved the show as a
kid, but once I wasn’t allowed to watch it anymore, I lost interest and
started disliking the series. I did recently get back into it with Dragon
Ball Z Abridged here on youtube though, and I really enjoy the series
again, especially some of the video games (Budokai 3 is by and far one of
the best fighting games in existence). 

Thomas Lanton says:

Being a fan of Dragon Ball Z ever since I was a kid, this movie was great.
No matter how many people hate it, there’s always someone that has to
nitpick things and complain. Going down the comments talking about how
Super Saiyan God form was a huge disappointment or how it was boring and
blah blah blah. Like Chris says, the animation alone makes it amazing.
There were not that many fight scenes of course, but why indulge on
senseless fight scenes? Sure, DBZ is mostly fighting, but this movie offers
a lot more than just that. One being talk about a DBZ deity which you
rarely ever hear about. Also not to mention the villain himself being
overpowered, so much so that Goku lost the fight and gave up; When usually
Goku somehow gets stronger right before he loses and beats his opponent.
There was also a lot of character development as well. They showed sides of
the characters that are barely shown and it brings sort of a comic relief
to the old fashion beat downs. Out of all their movies and the GT nonsense,
I would rate this as being one of the best DBZ movies in a long time. Oh
and before I forget, the SSJ God form not being all epic and over the top
was actually not a bad change. I prefer the simplicity over how they
normally do saiyan transformations. And the fact it resembled Goku’s
kaio-ken form made it even better.

Revanaught says:

I wasn’t 100% sure about this movie. I’ve only seen DBZ Abridged here on
youtube and played a good number of the video games (Budokai 3 being the
best, not only DBZ game, but the best fighting game I’ve ever played), but
I decided to pick it up off Amazon and watch it, and I loved this movie. I
absolutely loved it, it was incredible.

Kagarin? says:

Legendary god form = kaioken x a googleplex?

Jack A says:

I’d like to start watching Dragon Ball Z, where should I start?

Wonton Wataa says:

Chris did you hear about the sequel, Fukketsu F? Frieza’s Revival 

Mecha Meister says:

huh? so where is the psycho-pass review?

Mr.DeWitt says:

Please Review the next movie. 

Djinsin says:

How did you become partnered with Funimation?

KirbyRocks64 says:

You got partnered with Funimation….They send you blu-ray dvds of series
to review…..how’d they find you? Or did you converse with them?

Daniel Casasbuenas says:

Chris, awesome review!!! I definitely recommend watching Black Lagoon. I’d
love to see your review of it some day. :)

dante matthews says:

I want to see Goku absorb the spirit bomb while a SSJ like he did in the
movie Super Android 13

101998LJM says:

While DBZ is a big part of Anime as a whole considering it is one of the
most popular, Anime is Japanese animation, not all anime are like Dragon
Ball, they’re just animated similarly. So if DBZ isn’t your cup of tea, try
something else, you may like it.

Ashley Lopez says:

I totally agree^^ This movie was hilarious:) I grew up watching DBZ on
Cartoon Network with my brother^^

Voice Monkey says:

Did this movie have an English dub?

OnlyRoke says:

I went into this movie with a few things on my head. I knew that I was a
massive Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z fan as a kid. I watched all the old
“movies” (Broly, the cyborgs, Cooler’s return, Hildegarn, …) and found
most of them dreadful and forgettable, which is why I had very low
expectations for the combination of “Dragon Ball” and “movie”, especially
ever since I saw The Movie Which Should Not Have Happened. I heard about
the title of the movie and the fact that the bad guy was the “God of
Destruction” and that he looked like a giant cat. I thought the premise,
the villain and the sole idea of him being an actual God to be extremely
retarded and un-dragonball-y. Then I watched the movie. And what can I say?
I fucking loved it. Beirs (?) was an amazing villain! That kind of
self-aware villain should’ve been Ronan The Accuser in GotG and it would’ve
made that awesome movie even more amazing.

So yeah, Battle of Gods. FUCK YEAH. Please, I need more Dragon Ball Z
movies like this in my life. Toriyama should definitely make more of them.
I’d gladly throw my money at his face if the product is THAT good. 

Mad Max Rockatansky says:

I just so this movie today. Me, as a Dragon ball and Dragon Ball Z fan, I
give it a *B-*. Why? Well, I will point out it’s pros and cons.

Pros: Like Chris said, the humor was fantastic (which I’ll point out
something he said. He said Dragon Ball had good humor, but he said it like
if DBZ didn’t. In fact, DBZ had great humor. I laughed many times watching
it as a kid, and still laugh today). I laughed in the movie since it began.
For me the funniest part was when Buu and Beerus argued. You had the tense
of “what will make Beerus destroy the earth, and seeing Vegeta trying to
keep him cool was funny sure, but I didn’t expected that. I mean, sure, Buu
pissing Beerus off would be expected, but I had forgotten about Buu, since
I was laughing too much and appreciating how well made this movie was for
us fans. But the second I saw Buu eating pudding, I just think to myself
“ohh Lord, it’s going to be Buu isn’t it. Buu’s the one who’s going to make
Beerus go ape-shit I know it” and so it was. And those two arguing over
pudding was THE FUNNIEST PART indeed lolol. The second one was Goku calling
Vegeta for defending Bulma, the way he imitated Vegeta, and how Piccolo
called the fact that Goku was watching Beerus kick their ass and Bulma
slapping Goku, etc. It was funny. There were certainly more parts I loved
at how funny they were, but humor alone wasn’t the only pro there was. The
backstory of Beerus intrigued me. I sure would want to know who is the
first place of the hardest opponents Beerus has faced, and the thing about
the 12 universes and stronger opponents. Also, the fighting was pretty eat.
Seeing Vegeta shine in the movie, defending Bulma was satisfying, me as a
Vegeta fan, was indeed satisfied, and amazed. And of course, seeing all the
heroes again was nice. Beerus was a fine villain too. I liked him, and I
expect to see more from him. His voice actor did a fine job imo.

Cons: I did felt angry about some things. Like the Super Saiyan God
transformation, although I dig it and have no problem with it, I expected
more, since it was so hyped. I feel that Toriyama SHOULDN’T had hyped that
transformation so much, if he was only getting Goku red hair and more
slender. Also, I am mad that THAT transformation didn’t spawned a tail on
Goku. Seriously, one of the few thing I liked about GT was that the Saiyan
tail was back. And I would’ve guessed an important transformation like
becoming the god of your race would make you whole again. I mean, if you
think about it, Goku is an amputee, since he doesn’t have a part of a body.
I remember waiting for the tail coming back again in DBZ, but it didn’t.
Well, I was disappointed again. Another thing I disliked too much was the
music. The music SUCKED big time. It didn’t fit with anything other than
the humor. When Goku transformed into a SSG and started fighting, it didn’t
fit. When Vegeta unleashed on Beerus, the music didn’t fit. It was bad. I
prefer the original music over that one. And obviously Bruce Falconer’s
which is even better than the original, although I love the original too,
Bruce falconer made awesome music, specially Vegeta’s. Another thing was
the animation. I did NOT liked AT ALL the digital animation. It looked like
I was watching a PS2 gameplay for a moment when the rocks began to splatter
and mountains began to break. I sure do miss the hand-drawn animation from
the DBZ saga. It’s WAY more cooler that way. This is anime for God’s sake.

All in that, I enjoyed the movie. I hope to see Beerus again. But I feel
that, by Beerus saying there are stronger forces than him and Goku, Beerus
will become like King Kai and/or Supreme Kai: useless pretty soon…

Btw, there’s is something I’d like to mention. I heard after Gohan turned
mystic, he couldn’t turn into a SSJ. But when they were doing the ritual,
he became a SSJ!! You can’t say his hair looked golden because he was
inside the golden aura, since when Videl entered it as well, her hair
didn’t. So Gohan indeed becomes SSJ :D

Erick Velasquez says:


fiercedietyfan says:

Dragon ball z battle of God’s is the perfect dragon ball movie 

EndeavourACR says:

I saw this movie like… 2 years ago… ‘murica is like the last country
watching this film xD

Nicolas Reversat says:

Chris did you see the trailer 3 of the new movie dragon ball z revival of
f? Its awesome¡¡¡

Eric Sandberg says:

the only problem I saw with this is that this was after GT so that means
they just went back and did something that shouldeve been before GT

DrunkenArsenal says:

I can’t wait for your Psycho-Pass review, that anime is probably one of the
best I have seen recently.

Jake Karn says:

I just had one problem in the movie videl says she is pregnant but where is
bula isn’t she suppose older then pan if curious look up dragon ball GT

lordsatan94 says:

My one thought on this film is that if Bulmas’ family are so rich, could
they not have gone and bought pudding from somewhere for Beerus to try it?

Devin McCreery says:

Thank you, Chris. I watched this movie A couple of days ago. I was so
exited for this movie. it is really good. Period. 

Leonel Arias Marte says:

Ok, Chris, you went blasphemous here, DBZ BOG was a Terrible Movie..!

iHaveContrl says:

to all any modern Dragon Ball animated pictures ( Movies/remakes/games
But still, this one is the better of all the Dragon Ball movies. the yo son
goku and his friends return one was horrible.

Preet Basson says:

As a DB Fan this needs to be said. Vegeta need his time to shine.

ChanCeNecK says:

FINALLY!! Someone else who noticed the Anubis resemblence! I kind of had a
struggle to find any, to be honest.
I just wonder how on some part all around the world there can live a person
who has the exact same brain that I have…

mexicoolplaya89 says:

Weird….. I think I”m the only person who DIDN’T like the movie. I’ll
admit beerus was a pretty cool character and there were some parts I
chuckled at, but most of the movie made me cringe!! I dig they wanted to
bring back some of the comedy from dragon ball, but I think the movie was
too goofy. I also think the movie was super cheesy in some parts. I don’t
know I guess I set up too high of an expectation and thought they could re
create the epicness of the original dragon ball z moments. If it wasn’t
for how cool beerus is I’d give this movie a D- (just because an F would
make this movie the same as the dragonball evolution which is no way in
that same category) but again after see how awesome a character beerus is
I’d give this movie a D+

TerasXertas says:

Chris! I kindly ask that you do an opinion video of the newly announced
Dragon Ball Z movie: “Revival/Resurrection of F”.
Look it up,Frieza is apparently coming back as the main villain but Beerus
and Whis are still involved. There’s a lot of mixed reactions about the
announcement but I’d like to see what you have to say. :D

I'm not a youtuber says:

Why does every person who grow up watching dragon ball z always rub it in
about how they grow u Watching Dragon ball z.
My Friend: FUCK NATRUTO, we grow up with dragon ball z, we are better.
Me: Wh- … What?
My friend: Yeah you heard me, Dragon ball z is the best anime ever.

Srysly? Uhh -_-

I have no prob with dragon ball z but COME ONNN


Blaqc Rain says:

I must be the only one who loved the GT version of SSJ4 .. I mean maybe the
gold shouldve have stayed on the final form of SSJ4 but come on… being a
gold oozaru and actually being aware to form this huge power into a body
was just unreal to me… the attitude and the fur and tail on that body was
awesome in my opinion … i loved it … and lets not forget Goku never
learned how to control his self in that state.. and Vegeta hadnt been in
that state since the sayian first drop down ..

SSJG was just weak … i agree, some SSJ3 & SSJ4 feature should have been

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