Dracula Untold – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Dracula Untold, starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Diarmaid Murtagh, Dominic Cooper. Directed by Gary Shore.


Rebecca Lyttle says:

First time i haven’t agreed with chris :( 

DeepEye1994 says:

Why can’t they just make a biopic on Vlad the impaler?
He was creepy and intriguing even without the vampire bullshit.

G3nesis Prime says:

Hey Chris

I disagree, this would have to be the best rendition of Dracula. Personally
I find the funny and “campy” Dracula’s to be annoying and not enjoyable.
I enjoyed the serious feel, much like Man of Steel the serious feel for me
gave it a sense of purpose and grounding. Not all movies need to be “fun”

Agree or Disagree

Movies Plus Games says:

This review felt a little less like criticism and a little more like what
Chris wanted in a Dracula film. I’ve seen this A LOT with other reviewers,
but never seen Chris do this before. Not that I don’t agree with his
opinions, but a bit more actual criticism would’ve been nice, no offence

Toonses says:

I like serious movies. There are too many wise ass movies out there.

Josh Lewis Reviews says:

Ugh. I’m just sick of dark/gritty reboots and ‘untold’ origins in general,
so I simply wasn’t interested, but… that being said, as far as every
studio now wanting their own Avengers-esque cinematic universe is
concerned, a Universal Monsters shared universe actually sounds pretty damn

It’d be cool to see them go back to their roots and do slick, classy
versions of their monsters (but still keep it scary). rather than just
pander to what every other studio is doing like this film apparently did.
Oh well, it’s a bummer DRACULA UNTOLD wasn’t a good first step towards the
universe they want to do because it seems like a genuinely cool idea.

Alan Bilbao says:

I had fun with this movie. In fact I had a lot of fun with this movie. I
thought Luke Evans was really good in it. I remember reading that Sam
Worthington was gonna play Dracula in this. My God would that have sucked.

CyberLance26 says:

So is he saying that only because its a movie about a guy with supernatural
powers its something that should not be taken seriously?
Its not like something must be realistic and be close to real-life to be
taken seriously.
Many people nowadays seems to think that its only possible to take
something seriously if its realistic and i really hate that.

Allison Dettinburn says:

It’s fucking Dracula it’s supposed to be dark. Nothing about Dracula
screams fun or funny. I love the story and can’t wait to see the movie

Jason Marquez says:

This movie deserved a B at least. I had so MUCH fun. The actions scenes had
me drinking my soda and popcorn frequently in a row. People hate when they
make classic movies funny, even you criticized that and now you wanted it
to be fun. Chris, you’re a great reviewer but I think you just messed up.
This easily became my third favorite vampire movie. 

tatianagfeltrin says:

“we need some nicolas cage dracula”, HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

SpannersGerm669 says:

The fact that its serious is the reason why I want to see this. Too many
Hollywood movies make a mockery of these types of movies, so its a breath
of fresh air that it takes a serious approach, but I can understand if you
are going into it expecting something else, to be disappointed. I am
looking forward to this movie, good review! 

ohthepeppers says:

Didn’t Coppola’s “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” take itself very seriously,
though? And that was a great movie.

Zen Razor says:

Honestly I think this is Chris word review. Why in the world would Dracula
need comedy? Is this chris or an imposter? This was terrible like it made
no sense. This film is based of a megalomaniac Vlad the impaler, Vlad wasnt
a funny guy neither was his story. Why is that when a movie wants to be
serious all of the sudden it’s trying to be dark knight makes no sense.

Tim Hodge says:

i too enjoyed it and the seriousness. what killed it for me was the
ending. the guy has until sun-up before he’s human, so he’s gonna stand on
his castle and wait until 15min before sun-up while the army is
approaching. WTF? fly out and kill em all before then, he knows they’re
coming. i really don’t get that and they didn’t give any reason why he was

Molhedim says:

this review is stupid as shit. This dracula movie was a bit closer to
reality, with the turk invasions over romanians and stuff. If you want gay
ass vampires, go watch twilight. This vampire movies actually make you fear
vampires again as a concept. Did you see the guy in the cave ( nosferatu?
), that guy would make you shit your pants at the first glimpse. The movie
was great.

kurvos says:

“Christopher Nolan’s excellent Batman trilogy”… didn’t know you were also
known as “Captain Delusional”, +Chris Stuckmann. I don’t care how much you
love those movies – Batman is no less silly than Dracula. Screw you. -_-

Batman says:

Off topic but I thoroughly enjoy Van Helsing, a real guilty pleasure of

Doomsilencer says:

I didn’t really think this movie was that serious, or taking itself that
way. I was actually expecting this movie to be unbelievably terrible, but I
actually enjoyed it in the end.

Grace Hope says:

I loved it. I don’t know why others hated it… I’m glad I didn’t listen to
the reviews cause I would have missed out on a great film. 

fandaal says:

this guy just didnt get it, sorry. The movie is great, and it was never
supposed to be comedy or fun. The whole atmosphere of that turkish menace
is awesome, plus the entire point is about defending against monsters by
becoming a monster. Great metaphor for a state, and for Russian state in
particular. So it really hit some right nerves on me. I also enjoyed it
visually, it had a good tempo, though some places were too cliche maybe.
Anyway, it’s a B+/A-.

Elka Vasileva says:

F@+”%:666(k,who’s this morron??????//
stupid idiot,drives me crazy as Hell!!!!!

TheMrSealclubber says:

I think they should have ditched the wife and son and made him just care
about his kingdom instead of hollywoods check list of family man.
Make him a Heisenberg character. By that I mean a guy who is a selfish,
evil monster…but you like him and see where he’s coming from to the point
where you rally for his causes.

They also should have got the game of thrones guys on this, they would have
had the perfect grit and gore to suit this film..

darkservantofheaven says:

am I the only person who thinks Dracula is the most over used vampire in
film. I mean I’d welcome a new film of Caramilla by Joseph Sheridan Le

trust me its better than it sounds

Mike Paul says:

The movie had to be dark, grim, and serious. Read up on Vlad the Impaler.
This was a guy who hoisted people up on stakes for kicks, dipped his bread
in their blood while they were still agonizingly alive and slurped it down.
I’m failing at seeing where “campiness” comes into play here. 

Chico B. Figueira says:

Yeah, this movie was a bag full of holes, enjoyable at some extent but not
enough to care, Charles Dance was great though, looked great and fitted the
part so well, but on the flip side of that silver coin, there was Dominic
Cooper? They simply slapped some eye shadow on the guy and declared him
king of the Turks? They cared so little for this character’s role on the
movie, even Dracula’s Igor was more interesting, who’s name is Shkelgim,
apparently. Yeah, this bag is full of holes and filled with cheese, so a C-
fits very well. 

Vader200591 says:

I actually really liked this movie and completely enjoyed it. I though the
idea of telling the “untold” origin story of Dracula was extremely
interesting, also how it was told was great by them combining the real life
history of Vlad the Impaler with the fictional mythology of Dracula beings
Dracula is in some ways inspired by Vlad the Impaler. But every1 else hates
this movie that’s fine i just wanted 2 make my opinion known.

Tomie Cicada says:

I liked the movie. Honestly though, if they were going to go for
“historical backstory” and actually make him Vlad the Impaler then they
should’ve stuck with that. Not that I don’t appreciate the romance and the
familial love. If they were going to go the “historical backstory” route
though they should’ve been more historical. Vlad the Impaler was crazy. He
wasn’t called a vampire because he became a vampire to save his people, he
was called that because he drank blood, and possibly ate people (the
cannibalism reports were inconclusive). I wouldn’t have minded seeing a
Dracula movie where he was the villain and watch his slow descent into
madness which caused the eventual suicide if his beloved wife, who, as the
movie depicts plummeted to her death (though in reality it was voluntary).
I liked it though. Luke Evans is a wonderful actor. 

TheReviewLab says:

Sorry man. I thought this movie was AWESOME! ! Loved it. Better then the
last outings we have gotten. 10-10. 

ColdSanity says:

First time I don’t agree with Chris. I mean that guy had his loved ones and
his people to protect, the hero didn’t had a single moment to breath and
that’s what makes the movie great and full of suspense, it keeps the
adrenaline going. He made ultimate sacrifices to protect his people. And it
was a 9/10 film for me.

benway20 says:

This isn’t a “retaining rights” movie since the novel Dracula is in the
public domain. Anyone can make a movie using that character or story.

John Noble says:

Its not my thing to review a reviewer. But this is not a review. You can
make this argument with the Nolan films and say, “Hey. Its batman. I don’t
want it to be that serious. ”

Why would you want Dracula to be campy? Also, I feel I’m alone on this, but
I heard many years ago that Guillermo Del Toro was going to work with
Uniiversal studios to make a mash up of all their monster properties.

The ending of Dracula Untold left off as a launch point for a monster
cinematic universe. I imagine The invisible man, Frankenstein and the wolf
man will bust walls with Luke Evans batfist powers.

There. The idea alone is campy enough. Quit bitching 

Erica Hirsch says:

Chris, why in the hell would anyone want to see a humorous Dracula movie!!
I think you should take the time to read & research some of the material
you review, because some of the movies are based on actual facts from
history and books. You probably never read Dracula!!

luisgentil says:

In this movie Dracula lacks a real motivation. A ruthless soldier who
turned out to be a perfect modern family man made a pact with the devil and
let many of his people die because he didn’t want his son to be taken away
and trained to be a badass soldier? Chris Stuckmann is right, it is a
stupid movie with a stupid story.

Karim Selkridge says:

I cared…Dude Dracula is evil. This movie made him not… Because I
cared… It was awesome idk why the hate on this on this movie. How are u
complaining about a Dracula movie being too dark and not fun enough??? Wtf
how does that make sense?? Its Dracula… Campy Dracula not good imo. Dark
Dracula who has a soul and a background story is good imo… And like u
said the cinematography was great throughout… I’m not saying the
plot/story was the strongest but it kept me engaged. And all the action was
pretty awesome… B+ imo

Jay Summers says:

after watching this movie, I disagree with this review. The seriousness
just added to the epicness of everything. Luke evans was great


So what you’re saying is this Dracula movie would have been better
off…untold? Eh? Eh? …I’ll see myself out now.

Savvysap777 says:

This breaks my heart, I had so much hype for this movie… I’m still gonna
watch it though

Daniel Rosa says:

Yeah, isn’t it so much more admirable how the *Lord of the Rings* movies
dealt beautifully with the PG-13 rating?
You don’t feel anything *lacking* in them, despite the rating; Jackson used
its boundaries to their full potential, when compared to these modern

Li Cheng says:

still don’t know what to think of the ending

Kagarin? says:

im skippin through it right now, some cool scenes tho, but i lol’d at the
300 overhead shot of dead bodies. and the fact they needed to give up 1000
boys, when 1000 looks like their max pop

Paul Kriikku says:

Still, it pays a lot of respect to the legends. It is the anti-twilight and
for that I love it.

Daniel S says:

Fucking terrible film

Victoria Finnseth Stenersen says:

I loved Dracula 2000, but I saw it at an 8th grade halloween party, without
sound. I just sat there all mesmerized by Gerard Butler. Now I’m not at all
into it, but I do LOVE Interview with a vampire!

Mike says:

The movie was friggin awesome for me. I like the dark and serious tone of
it, and it really reminds me of Castlevania Lords of Shadows.

Prince Kumar says:

this movie has to have a serious element otherwise it will be a comedy
movie ,most people don’t know but dracula is not like hansel and gretel
witch hunters that movie was a twist up action comedy movie which is based
on a fairy tail come on you compare that kind of movie with dracula untold
.dracula is a dark character and it has to be based on somewhat on the
history of dracula being a prince and also surviving so many battles and
impaling so many people on stake you get a psychosis of an psychopath and
truly if you want to see a fun dracula movie you should watch dracula alive
and loving it.

ROYAL D. says:

If they remake lord of the rings I will lose faith in humanity 


for the first time I disagree with you. I enjoyed the movie very much.

Sam Mitman says:

Dracula Untold was a masterpiece. In its own ways, and yes i do still love
this one, It is better than Bram Stokers Dracula. Its the way that a PG13
vampire tale should be made. Its perfectly dark, its perfectly grim, and
its very interesting. I dont think there has been a good dracula movie up
to this point, since Bram Stokers in 1992.

Daniella Okezie says:

Lol! What do you mean by “too serious”?? When I think of Dracula, I think
evil, blood, death, darkness; I don’t think funny or whimsical. This movie
did a great job with the way the story of Dracula is told and portrayed. I
absolutely love it! I loved Dracula’s “badass-ness”! I loved that he has a
kind soul and was not afraid to risk his own life to save his people. I
felt that he was a very wise and kind prince, which made his kill-mode much
more awesome!

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