Dracula 3D Official Red Band Trailer (2013) – Dario Argento Movie HD

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Dracula 3D Official Red Band Trailer (2013) – Dario Argento Movie HD

Asia Argento stars in horror legend Dario Argento’s sexy spin on the classic tale about the sharp-toothed count who craves human blood. Co-stars Rutger Hauer as Van Helsing.

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Iain Robb says:

I just watched this. It is laughably pathetic, and I am now sure that
Argento must have kidnapped for some reason and now has an impostor trying
to ruin his reputation by turning out his current raft of dreadful films.

Keltic619 says:

Based on a true story.

ambiva says:

The vampire fangs are like cheapest they can get off the shelf, not even
custom made

Robert Minas says:

Looks like its made by amateurs wtf!

opafritzsche says:

Truly, i dont know what to say to this movie. Is been, Dario Agento have
his fans, i am not. The Theme of Dracula is often banned in a Movie
Picture, and if this movie made on 1950 ore 1960 i feel, is a big time for
such Things. Today it is to old, it looks like a Movie from last hundert
years, the “horribl” Dracula issnt that horror he want to be, and – dario
made here a old style movie. i am sure, it will have his fans, but i see
some better Draculas. For me is the best Dracula of the classics,
Christopher Lee’s dracula, and will be for ever. The newer movies are
other, some good some really bad. This here, is a Movie, not needet – never
needet, is to old to fascinate, and the story goes only like the story
goes, nothing big what happens, nothing big what surprices, its only the
story of dracula. And he dont go with the correkt Book of Bram Stoker, so
Dracula issnt a transformer, he only human nature, not a Wolf ore a Rat ore
a Owl ore sonthing (a owl lol what a trash). I think, no need to give money
for such a movie, and no need to make such a movie, there ways to make it
1000x better than here. On a scale from 1 fore trash and 10 for ephic, i
give a 2, more not. And if you want to see a classic dracula, try
Christopher Lee, he is unreached, and will be never beatet by other Actors.
He s one of the best Draculas, i ever seen. For Fans of modern Movies,
this is a absolutly no go. For Dracula Fans , this is a “just watch it, to
know how it s made” but not a “must see”, is just – one Dracula to much …
one non needet … Dracula…. And, no actor riches the big idols from
earlyer time, so the effekts to dracula often to much, and … i talking
from trash Effekts. Only thing: you can see naked womans, but, there are
lot of better Movies, with naked Womans in, there no neede for this movie
here, and … i dont need to see naked actors in this kind of movies ^^
only to give the kritik here a finish, i need to say this. So, watch out if
you not a real classic dracula fan. And if you a real classic fan, you can
have better movies.

Francesco Rossi says:

lammerda. La. Mmerda. 

Jack Sykes says:

Everyone remembers the giant praying mantis from bram stokers classic

marcelo gutierrez says:


William Bessing says:

Okay, what the hell was that?

TheDarkHadoken says:

Am I the only 1 who came for titties?

Ed Johnson PresentsNERD says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Arthropodology says:

Worst movie ever? Or BEST movie ever?

Thomas Vacchino says:
MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

Dracula 3D gets an eye-popping Red Band Trailer

venomlegions says:

3D… really…when most of us won’t see this in #D, and it goes to DVD, it
really isn’t that fun… especially when you watch it on a TV, it really
becomes a joke… will people stop with the 3D… it’s being over done, and
outplayed! It’s not fuckin’ “Avatar”… so stop the insanity already!

ntabiblaze says:

I read the comments first and thought ” it can’t be THAT bad”…and then I
saw 0:41 yep…

Daniel Made says:
Maurizio Linker says:
Ursu Irinel says:

This will be a blast :)

Sushubh Mittal says:

#NSFW #Comedy

MultiLairon says:

it’s an insect bite. “grasshopper” cames in

Mick Racler says:

wtf is this a porn movie?

dilusha bandara says:

This is supposed to be scary, right?

Vicky Rosser says:

Well that looks shit


Wackest shit ever

Aloha says:

Bloody Fu******sh***

Cerulean Walker says:

nooooo just… noooooo…

Nabeel Mushtaque says:

Fuckin fake

JGioRod says:

Argento is another piece of living proof of why you shouldn’t direct
anymore when too old. Your mind turns into shit sauce and ruins your legend!

Melvin G says:

The flying fuck is this lmao

John Smith says:

from the Director of: Suspira Opera Phenomena Tenebre Deep Red What

Thomas Karnchanapee says:

If you look closely, you can see that its in 3D.

3majsie maciek says:

is this really going to cinemas? REALLY?!

memocabala says:

Obvio no es terror…

Janne Flinck says:

look so bad that i must see it

GameDevT says:

Hahahah :D

zottepedj says:

dracula D-cup

durjoy mukherji says:

yep, this is as bad as it gets.

solidmasta says:

Wotttt daaaa fokkkk

matreyia says:

must buy from itunes… so much dopeness in this trailer I laughed all the
way through.

postal2600 says:

Usually trolls get mad on the people who disliked a video, but who the FUCK
did pressed like on this video ?!?!

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