Dirty Dancing (Behind-the-Scenes)

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The show ends & the crew start dancing. Well… most dance. Others fight…

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SK Podcast says:

@schmoesknow crew members @aliciamalone & @kristianharloff dance while
@joshmacuga & Cobbster… 

schmoesknow says:

More fighting!!

Kelly Davis says:

These behind the scenes clips are quickly becoming one of my favourite
things :]
Plus Alicia’s dancing, is amazing as always :]

mafiq1102 says:


P/s: the fight scene at the end of the vid is a hundred times better than
william shatner’s fight scene in star trek (lol)

Tiago Gomes says:

Still better fighting choreography than most movies.

Mutton Man says:

I love it when cobster and macuga randomly breaks out into a fight!

legendshooter201 says:

I would watch a full podcast of the Schmoes rocking out

Neon Collects says:

There’s been something different about Alicia the last 2 weeks and it’s

Lycon Xero says:

Haha, I always seem to miss all of this craziness on the show. Thank the
editors and cameramen for catching all of this awesomeness and uploading it
to give me a nice laugh in the morning while I eagerly await Thursday’s

RootCorn says:

Cobbster & Macuga just choreographed the best fight sequence since John
Wick or The Raid 2. Even Kingsman is just a runner-up compared to this.

Linerunner99 says:

I went to a fight and a Schmoes podcast broke out!

JustReggie NoBush says:

What is 2006 Harloof ? Someone please explain !! Lol

AyVee says:

I already love these behind the scenes clips. Being there looks so much fun

Tregg Fisher says:

I wanna see Macuga vs Cobbster 2! Make it happen Schmoes! 

A Yap says:

Gentlemen you can’t fight in here, this is the War Room

BlackRice19 says:

Haha ahhh white people lmao 

TonyGMichael says:

wow that studio looks sooo much smaller than when watching the live show,

Jcwillingham says:

Macuga v. Cobbster: Dawn of Juvenile. When will this fight be a full length
video? I can’t wait any longer!

Lisa U says:

I love you guys way too much. So funny.

Ollie Maltby says:

I see 2006 harloff right there

George Leal says:

Thats movie fight 

crazyzorimonkey1 says:

These behind the scenes are great!

SJCookiEzZ says:

Let them fight!

Hubert Beck says:


Josiah Ward says:


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