Devil’s Due Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Allison Miller, Zach Gilford Horror Movie HD

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Devil’s Due Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Allison Miller, Zach Gilford Horror Movie HD

After a mysterious, lost night on their honeymoon, a newlywed couple finds themselves dealing with an earlier-than-planned pregnancy. While recording everything for posterity, the husband begins to notice odd behavior in his wife that they initially write off to nerves, but, as the months pass, it becomes evident that the dark changes to her body and mind have a much more sinister origin.

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EricArts says:

was that a euro sign? €

Farhaan Shaikh says:

The best movie ever is the Addams family :-)


Evil and weird euro signs. We all hate them… in others hands. XD

Stephen Lopez says:

This movie looks like it was made with a cell phone. I made the mistake of
watching it :-( bad move 

Daniel L says:

1:05 when I first saw that I thought it was going to be an alien film, I
saw her stomach move up and though “HOLY SHIT A ALIEN MOVIE” but in the end
it wasn’t. These directors need to learn not to use a feature like that.

Sophie Sykes says:

just watched it the first, and i have to say I enjoyed it, but I was
expecting it to be focused on the baby, not the mother 

Jon Lindsey says:

Ill pass on this bulshit. The “home video shoot ” or ” found footage ” or
what ever you want to call it is so over. people are now just to lazy to
storyboard or really do a decent edit so this crappy looking shit makes it
into theaters… Ill pass on this bullshit.

Amelia Wyles says:

The worst part about this film is the extended ending when the dog died 

Larry Gordon says:


Mike Bolton says:

I thought it was horrible because of the overacting and just flat out
horrible acting and the same script, “whats going on” “what was that” “omg”
same shit over and over

Erc Misanthrope says:

never heard of either of those fuckin actors. why do they make them seem so
important? they suck

Marcio Soares says:

Another terrible movie. stop supporting shaky cam movies or thats all we
gonna get in the future because its more profitable for these greedy
bastards. i could do thits movie with my cam in a small town. Stop this
shitty shaky cam trend and bring back good horror u lasy greedy bastards.

Hands Up says:

oh shit, this girls has really bad hormones.

cloudform says:

These cam footage movies always bother me because in real life if some of
the shit that is happening in the movie was happening there is no way you
would be able to hold on to a camera.

zaynah zeeshan says:

what the hell did i just see?

Amit Kumar says:

Try The Conjuring.

Ruddy Molina says:

Hell Baby that is the parody of this one, or maybe this one is the for real
deal of Hellbaby? INCEPTION

مسيحي عابر says:

مخيف :”(.

Kevin S says:

Found tape movies are garbage. This movie is terrible. It’s not even scary
and it’s very boring and predictable, just like any other similar movie. Do
not recommend, total waste of time. Oh and those who say these movies are
“more real”, they have shit for brains. 

Kayla alyaK says:

Honestly, this movie sucked. The trailer is way overrated. The actual movie
was really slow and just boring. If you wanna watch a REAL horror movie,
watch Insidious; best horror film ever.

slateblue skies says:

V sloppy filming: annoying home movie style filming throughout the entire
movie. NO chAracyer building. Didn’t feel a thing for the couple. Boring
boring boring, and absolutely NO scare factor, not even creepiness. Two
thumbs down for thus flop. 

Rafael Bohorque says:

I think we are running out of ideas!

A. LEO says:

Piece of shit. 

ThatVampireChick says:

I actually didn’t mind this movie. I was shocked when I saw how much
bad ratings it got. why does nobody like this movie ?

Brendan says:

does the devil put his dick in her and pump?

Lisa Rios says:

Devil’s Due Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Allison …:

kosta doce says:

found footage movies are by far the most effective types of movies no
matter what the genre
they r realistic and more believable in this age where everything is

Aqeel M. Shaiful says:

so is like origins of carrie

Al Pinedo says:

Honestly the best of the movie was the ad

Gina Rocco says:

wish i saw this

Riyan Ahmed says:


xXB0NjWaXx says:

Looks awesome!

Andrei Razvan says:

Does anyone know what song is at 1:33?

Niklas Murray says:

You sonofbitch 

mon amie says:

demons can simply posses, through ivf doctors try to turn life into an
experiment of their wom and bypass the woman. The womb makes the child, so
here the character must be willing and partly evil to add her seed and to
reproduce his. this reflects nothing more than lies and satanic need to
force women to be their door. a leech feeding off you to you hatch would
be more accurate. should have aborted the production of this film, and so
should the charater of this creature.

Kole Yandell says:

I’ve seen the movie 2 times and I didn’t get scared

Vicky Christ says:

feel like i’ve just watched the whole movie…

Vladimir says:

really boring and terrible movie i was hoping that this will be something
but it was really bad :(

Madeline Litty says:

I read how it ended, and I’m kind of disappointed.

Unipsycho says:

the quake 2 logo can summon antichrists now? :L

Andrea Thorn says:

Reminds me of the Omen

Chynaash says:

Just saw the whole movie in one setting and all I did was watch the
trailer…..Can already tell you this.
Its Paranormal Activity raped The Omen causing it to give birth to a
genetic mutation of shit.
And all I did was watch the trailer……

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