Destiny game review

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The absurdly hyped, and gamer divided Bungie FPS epic “Destiny” has been out for nearly 3 weeks now. Jeremy gives you his review of “Destiny”!

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ReviewCucumbersUSA says:

So what game will be the next overhyped piece of shit that will be
released? First it was titanfall, then watch dogs now destiny.. Comon now.

Scorehound says:

Bought it two days ago…played it for half an hour… got bored…
returned it to the store.

MegaDragonslayer1997 says:

I played the beta and thought it was repetitive. I bought and played the
real game, and still, repetitive.

The game sucks, in my opinion.
+ Gameplay
+ Music
+ Scenery
– Boring
– Disgustingly Repetitive
– Unoriginal and isn’t Revolutionary
– Multiplayer isn’t skillful

Ah, fuck it, 5/10
This is the most overrated, overhyped, video game I’ve ever played. It
looks good, but it isn’t. Don’t even buy it at sale price. This game should
be free to play, in my opinion. That Star Wars MMO game has more content
than this shit. 

Joey Marlin II says:

I feel like 2014 is a year with massively hyped, but shitty games. Destiny,
Titanfall, Watch Dogs, and Elder Scrolls Online were all massively hyped
but ended up sucking. I even feel like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry will

AppleWasMyIdea says:

AngryJoe’s review of this game is the best review I’ve seen from anyone so
far just because of how detailed his review was.

il100374 says:

Very disappointing games this year. Destiny, AC Unity, Titanfall, Watch
Dogs, the Master Chief Collection. I’m excited for 2015 though. Arkham
Knight, Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, The Division, Star Wars: Battlefront.

KiwiPowerNZ says:

So long as people keep buying these shitty games there’s absolutely no
incentive to try harder. It might be a big test of will power but we have
to miss some games aka not buy them if we are ever going to see better
games come out. They won’t stop the way we are going because making a SHIT
game has ZERO affect on sales right now so long as the hype is good.

Don’t pre-order and don’t buy day one. Wait for the reviews and only buy if
they earned it.

If you’re buying games day one and pre-ordering games you are the root
cause of this influx of shit games and you’re ruining it for the people
that actually like good games.

halo is fun bro says:

Destiny could have been sick but uhh… lars bakken… joe staten… marty
odonnal… these guys and others were responsible for bungies great halo
games…. the got fired or quit because of various shitty reasons. So
bungie is no longer the same company. And crapdivision didn’t help cus they
always suck. So promises were broken… features got cut… evil stupid
corporate took over…. so we got a shitty AAA game : (

ShyGuy477 says:

Hope Jeremy plays the Master Chief Collection.

Mahbu says:

Simple theory on this.

343 took all the writers and story developers while Bungie took all the
game developers and programmers.

Bungie today is NOT Bungie of yesterday. It is not the Bungie that brought
us the first three Halos. Most people just don’t realize that Bungie broke
in half. It split down the middle. Many bungie employees chose to remain
with Microsoft at 343 studios. 343 studios is essentially half of Bungie
but with an entirely different name.

Vincent Nguyen says:

I knew Destiny would be a disappointment but my little brother was in
denial and got it anyway. That $60 could have been spent on anything else
but I got stuck with Destiny. I wish I had gotten Dragon Age Inquisition

Rompa Stompa says:

This game has a 10 year life so I am glad we don’t get all the answers
straight up .
If we did you would be complaining about that.
Needs more content for a 500 million dollar game but.
And Raid gear should be available in the form of a single player raid
bounty or something.

maybark says:

Destiny is addictive as fuck. 

Tim Beachum says:

I can’t believe so many people on these comments hate Destiny?!? I would
love to hear why specifically.. I enjoy the game, it is what it is. 

AcidSpaceShelter says:

I think Destiny is a good game, it’s fun, the multiplayer kicks ass and the
multiplayer feels like an extended version of Halo 4 multiplayer (which I
enjoy alot). But there is one thing that I’m disappointed about, the
pre-order bonus. In Halo 4, you got armors, weapons and such that no other
could access, I felt special. But with in Destiny, you get a helmet for lvl
5 and 10 and weapons that goes along. That’s it, but the worst part is
that, it’s nothing for you at lvl 20 and all these so called “perk” gear is
gonna be available for everyone soon enough which makes me feel like that
I’ve could have just waited 3 weeks and bought it for 50% less.

Big fan of Bungie, but I feel a little bit disappointed on this one. Fun
game tho, I can’t deny that.

Andre Younan says:

Just find your channel, you’re fun , straight to the point, and ya seem
like the guy who is just expressing his own opinion and how he feels about
the product which is good to have.

TheWasabiGuy says:

Why does his review sound exactly like AngryJoe’s???

Benny Majestic says:

Despite hearing all of these reviews, I still have this aching desire to
play Destiny.

It’s apparently a mix between Borderlands and Halo, and that sounds pretty
awesome to me.

klarkus says:

A lot of points where you contradicted yourself this one being my favorite.

You said about the ghost “can you resurrect everyone that died” yet he
already said “i’ve been searching for you for a long time.” Pretty obvious
that there are no more guardians (heroes) to resurrect. The game lacks
story (well…grimoire but people are lazy), but what did you really expect
from a brand new franchise? They said the game franchise is expected to
last 10 years (this means more than 1 destiny game people) so maybe they
will do a prequel as to why it all happened. Remember when star wars first
came out? It started 4 movies in and you had no idea how darth vader became
darth vader yet you still liked and watched it (not comparing this to star
wars btw).

You listed so many more good points compared to bad points which you just
glimpsed over for a second where as you repeat all the bad stuff over and
over until all you talk about (well complain) is the bad stuff. It’s not a
great game but this is what happens when you over hype a game. Especially a
brand new game.

Jazai Nagamasa says:

So What I got from this?

Did I buy it? No.


Alvizoman says:

Destiny for me is a pretty fun game, great graphics, challenging bosses,
unique weapons and gear, lots of content and replayability, excellent
gameplay, solid co-op and robust multiplayer, but these are what I hate
about Destiny, there’s no story, the leveling up system after 20 is
disappointing, there is lots of farming and grinding, repetitive enemies,
repetitive mission structure, and an unfair reward system, overall in
Jeremyjahns scale, I agree w/ worth buying at sale price, but numeral wise

Alex Parker says:

I was disappointed at first, but once you accept Destiny for what it is, a
rather good but barebones shooter, its a lot of fun. Destiny is basically a
Ferrari without leather seats, headlights, or doors. Its got a nice
paintjob though and you can still have fun driving fast even if your butt
starts to get sore pretty quick from sitting on the floor.

david cosme says:

you say no one is satisfied. I’m perfectly satisfied.

jediknightgeo says:

This game is TRASH. It is so incomplete it’s ridiculous. Screw Bungie and
Activision for this GARBAGE.

Jeremy Hodge says:

Anyone else feel like Nintendo is starting to win the console war by
default a little at a time; mainly because the “big boys” PS4/XBone —
don’t have much on them and keep having underwhelming, over-hyped titles?
Nintendo’s WiiU started with a whimper certainly, but now I own one and
they’ve surprised me with what they’ve started to embrace. Just a thought I
felt worth sharing.

Terry. A. says:

I mean the raids are fun and so are the strikes,but after you pretty much
complete them it’s nothing. No matchmaking for raids or weeklys,and when
you do them you don’t always even get decent rewards. You can’t change the
way your guy looks after the first time. Repetitive missions, drops are
random and you are given the same rewards almost 3x. Lengendaries turn into
shards that are ascendant in which you can’t use on current raid gear.
Dailys give old materials as well,many glitches and lag in raids. Endless
grind just to be told fuck you the next highest level is 32. Overall if
these issues were treated to a bit it’ll be better

deathsoap says:

Hey peasant enjoying your shit box and your shit game lol. your console
will end up costing you more in the end. ROFL!!!

Ethan Stine says:

I decided that if the first dlc took place on a new planet or at least a
new area I would stick with the game… it takes place down a pit.

Main Jones says:

Review tomb raider 

Josh Gill says:

Destiny made me really glad that I borrowed the game from a friend.

Fucking massive disappointment.
I really can’t say enough negative things about the game. It was shit.

Udalix Llew says:

Ok stop trying to be angry joe.

Mark Muller says:

The best part about Destiny is playing the raids. I dont see anyone posting
about them in the comments nor did Jeremy talk about them. A fireteam of 6
friends doing a raid is awesome fun. 

Julian Gushway says:

Even Wheatley from Portal 2 didn’t hack through this much shit.

JeremyJahns says:
Dot Park says:

oh wow, I don’t expect your video this good. I find some more.

Jordan Flint says:

They say Destiny will have a 10 year life span.. ahaha, good joke, this
game will be forgotten mid way through 2015, good luck bungievision you

Leto Williams says:

this game still isn’t an MMO don’t care what any1 says doesn’t have any of
the characteristics of an MMO it just has a stupid level system.. that
makes it a RPG not an MMO lol..

xVibEx Realvisiongaming says:

So true this game will die out in mid 2015 june July come on people you no
I’m right they can only add dlc on every few months how many times can you
do the same stricks raids caves ect over and over again so then you get all
the cool gear then what ?? Ten year project please wait in-till big games
come like order for ps4 Star Wars battle front the new elder scrolls game,
fall out 4 ten years hahaha they can only do so much to the game and you
have to wait just look at the first dlc it sucks people are already waiting
for #2 

Lee Kirby says:

Wow, Jeremy. I usually agree with most of what you say in your reviews,
but this one…..we are on the EXACT same page. I was severely
disappointed in Destiny. I feel like had they took even a fraction of the
money they spent on expensive voice actors and an expensive ad campaign and
put that towards game development, the plot, among other things, could have
been more developed. 

xtension xward says:

please Bloodborne don’t follow the main road of sucking all other games
went through .

Blake Duff says:

As a guy who really just enjoys the PvP aspect of fps’ I’m honestly just
having a blast with this game lol. I get that the story is light. I get
that the pay plan is crap. Still loved completing the raid for the first
time the other night and taking that gear into MP seamlessly. People just
mindlessly repeat the same negative comments over and over. You know that
Destiny actually is a fun game to play because people still bother to hate.
Know anybody who’s still raggin on Knack or Rise? No? That’s because
those games were actually bad. It’s just cool to dislike Destiny right
now, but the truth is there’s nothing else to play if you’re looking for a
competitive MP Fps right now, imo. The true test will be to see if anybody
will still be playing it after the next batch of good FPS’ roll out. Will
Bungie’s new ip be snuffed out by one of their old ones? Or, maybe, just
maybe, there can exist more than one good game in the universe at a time?
lol, youtube comment section, I forgot :P

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