Deliver Us From Evil movie review

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A cop investigates a crazy person who turns out to be possessed by a Demon…..and we get more jump scares. Jeremy reviews “Deliver Us From Evil”!

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BigGator5 says:

“Scary” movies are designed to help get guys laid. These things are not
made for artistic reasons. If a guy is clear headed enough, a date will
include a dinner designed to make anyone sleepy and then a sort-of late
viewing of a “jump scare” movie. A combo of sleepiness and frayed nerves,
and any girl will not want to be left alone. Trust me. If the guy plays his
cards right, then he can get some action.

Next time you go to review a “scary” movie, watch the women in the theater
and not the movie itself. If they are jumping in their seats, then this is
a successful movie.

St.Lili says:

why are all horror movies based of demons ,religion and hell now , wheres
the good old fashioned slasher

GregzillaGT says:

I’ve just grown to hate all the Paranormal Activity movies for how they’ve
gotten so much success out of completely uninteresting crap that can barely
even be called “horror”. They have some of the laziest and most annoying
jump scares I’ve ever seen, and almost no moments are actually atmospheric
or stick with you. Literally ANYONE can make one of these movies, just
hide out of sight and move a chair or open a door or something. Moving
furniture and people going BOO are not scary. 

DeaditeWheatley says:

The worst Paranormal movie I’ve ever seen is Jack and Jill. That movie was
so goddamn bad that it must have had some sort of supernatural force behind

Gage Clinton says:

It’s getting harder and harder to get a good, modern horror movie without
jumpscares, the cheapest form of scares in my opinion.

ItalianStallion330 says:

Doesnt really count as paranormal really, but the worst horror movie ever
is Thankskilling 3 (its the sequel to 1….try and piece that one together)

Jordan Walters says:

Still better than transformers 4

XenoKaiju says:

I actually kind of liked this movie. Maybe it’s my love for The Doors.
Maybe it was the good acting. I dunno, I thought it was better than most.

Worst paranormal movie by far I’ve seen is The Ouija Experiment. No not
Ouija, The Ouija Experiment. It’s not a movie, it’s random improv sessions
strewn together to try and make a cohesive story.

goodfella wiseguy says:


oMkRnRTz says:

Although I noticed that it was a pretty cheap and kinda unoriginal movie, I
kinda liked it. It had a nice feel to it. The music by the doors was kinda
surreal and I liked that.

Austin Putnam says:

Damn….this was from the guy who did Sinister too! Well this sucks :(

Cassandra says:

The Apparition sucked

CharlieWafles BR says:

I don’t understand why you’d give this movie a bad rating and yet praise
the living shit out of Sinister. That movie was also full of cliches and
jumpscares. Not saying you should’ve given Deliver Us From Evil a good
score, I just don’t get why is it so much worse than Sinister. They were
both pretty shitty honestly.

JeremyJahns says:
JWUniverse says:

Great review Jeremy. These types of movies are never really that good.
Shittiest movies are the Paranormal movies boring as shit not scary and
really slow!…

NerfMC says:

I honestly thought there was going to be a random jump scare in there just
to say how much there was in the movie.

bryan wood says:

Wish I had watched this review before I set dvr Lol. Deleted. 

Jdesroyer says:

I hate when people judge off of other movies… I mean when do you run out
of shit to do…

Maxord says:

Shittiest Horror Film? The Woman in Black. 

Jake Levine says:


Always Learnin' says:

The opening was priceless. 

Dante Arcuri says:

On the cover the D also makes the word evil into DEVIL. THE GENIUS IS DAMN

Solason Colón says:

11/11/11 is the biggest piece of shit to ever walk this earth

Arran Wilson says:

WTF!!!! Calm down mate are you on speed or something. Find another career,
film reviewing not your bag really is it. 

SUNisMAD. john says:

Devils Due was complete dog shit for me.

ToddIngram1000 says:

Probably a tie between The Purge and Sinister. And both have Ethan Hawke
who I think is a semi good actor, so it is a shame that they suck so bad.
Literally not scared the entire time. 

Kell Brigan says:

I can’t stand listening to this guy. Let me outta here!

Alejandro Dulché says:

I haven’t seen a horror movie that isn’t shitty. :/ But I don’t mind that
much because the movi industry knows precisely what those movies are for…

Myanimeaddiction says:

i disagree, i watched this movie and it deserves a dogshit score

Moviemaster21 says:

The Doors? I mean they’re fuckin awesome but really? They actually sounds

Titxnium-_- says:

This movie was cliche as ever. It was good no doubt. Probably the best
horror movie this year. However, the same old jump scares, “Lets split up”,
Possessed soul, and all is getting repetitive. This movie had SO much
potential, I was expecting 2 plot twist (The daughter dying at the end OR
The main character becoming possessed), but neither happen. 7/10

MrAmericasbadboy says:

Nonono!!! Worst “horror” film!!! PARANORMAL ENTITY

Josh M says:

Was really hoping this would be the scary movie of the summer, much like
the conjuring was last summer and insidious was in 2011. But alas seems
like only Jeremy wan is capable of making good scary movies.

Egils Aleksejevs says:

Just watched it. It’s shit but for the sake of it, watch it

Andrew Milton says:

I really enjoyed the movie… Strangely enough!

James Agradi says:

Worst paranormal movie ever? The Exorcism Of Emily Rose! Dear God, what a
piece of shit! It’s not scary, it’s boring as fuck, and the climax doesn’t
even come close to the impact done 32 years earlier in the Exorcist! All
that movie had was Laura Linney being boring and uninteresting, while
Jennifer Carpenter made hilarious faces and proved that sometimes you just
look ridiculous when you don’t use makeup to enhance the scares. I swear…
That piece of garbage is the most overrated film that has ever existed! It
is the worst horror movie I’ve ever seen! I’d rather see Paranormal
Activity 4 and that thing was total dog shit!

Jack Mac The Gamer says:

I liked it

Matt Roberts says:

paranormal activity 2 and 4

Shrey Thaker says:

The “tminus” rating has been used so much this year

mike brian says:

it was a great movie STFU

Chestbumphero says:

I’m trying to think of that really shitty exorcism movie that came out i
think a year or two ago. trying to figure out what it was though, think it
was something that involved a girl who’s mom was possessed and she traveled
the world to see the same thing. then at the end it said “for more
information..” Maybe that’s why i don’t remember it was because i wanted to
forget the movie itself

Michel De Acha says:

where does the phrase “deliver us from evil” come from? because i know some
stuff with that name and i dont think they are related….i dont think i
can watch this movie without thinking about BFMV’s song

Hallowed GuardiansHD says:

The Room is the shittest scary movie, I know its not a scary movie but its
so bad it counts. Also Jeremy will you review the Destiny Beta when it
comes out? 

staminaking says:

I totally disagree with u… this movie was very good!!! P.s. as I said b4,
I love jump-scares!!! And eric bana was really good! (3 apples & a bite)
out of 5!

rupi pal says:

jump scare movies are not true horror movies its not scary just supprises
you for 1 second which is different then being scared when will these
idiots get that

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