Dave Batista Up To Play Villain In HIGHLANDER Reboot – AMC Movie News

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“The Highlander” reboot has gone through multiple directors and Ryan Reynolds was once set to star but has since dropped out. Visual Effects artist Cedric Nicolas-Troyan is still set to helm at the current moment and it’s now being reported that Dave Bautista may be playing the villain of the film, Kurgan.

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selfie kroos says:

Good for him, he doesn’t need the children’s wrestling association.

TheFubbick says:

I still say that the perfect casting for Connor would be Thomas Jane (he
looks a lot like Lambert and he’s definately a better actor than Lambert)
and Gerard Butler as Ramirez.

Blu-Ray King says:

Damn Batista is getting some big roles. WWE has gotta be crying right now.
They are so damn worried about John Cena they let Batista slip away, he’s
going to be great in these roles, glad he found something outside of

Mister Who says:

@ ahc1230, Fuck you and fuck Boo-man Reigns 

timmian85 says:

Batista was great in Riddick and he’ll be a great Kurgan..
For Connor i’d like someone who is actually Scottish. 3 of the main people
from Trainspotting comes to mind, Ewan McGregor, Kevin McKidd and Jonny Lee
Miller (sickboy) are all good choices IMO.
And Antonio Banderas as Ramirez..

cesar diego says:

That’s an old news amc they already announced that last month 

Arbhall McDougall says:

Bale would have sucked as Connor.

Raiken Xion says:

If they’re rebooting Highlander, Thomas Jane should play Connor McCloed
cause he resembles Lambert the most and he would do a good job of filling
his shoes in that role. But I guess it being a reboot they’ll typically
cast someone like Henry Cavil or that guy from Robocop remake.

Timothy Wong says:

Unpopular opinion here: I want my Kurgan to be tall more than big. Dave
Bautista is “big”, but Clancy Brown as the Kurgan is “tall”. But perhaps it
is just my nostalgia acting up, making me nitpick.

Mister Who says:

First of all i agree with AMC theatre, i also am buying it, Dave Batista is
the perfect guy to play Kurgan, and i’m sure he will do fine in making it
his own Kurgan, just like how Michael Shannon portrayed his General Zod, i
like his General Zod better. Second of all, i disagree AMC, look to be fair
and yes he’s new to Hollywood, in GOTG, Dave was born to play Drax The
Destroyer and i can’t imagine anyone else playing Drax than him, and i
don’t think it’s fair to compare him to The Rock, since The Rock has been
acting in movies many years ago, Dave started acting in movies 5 years ago,
i have to give credit to Dave, he’s slowly becoming one of the best actors
in the future, plus Dave is always the right actor for the right role, and
the right actor is always the better actor, people need to realize The Rock
is no longer the only successful wrestler turned actor, i have to give Dave
Batista the edge here, he has something The Rock is lacking

BetaFett says:

Richard Madden or James McAvoy for Mcleod.
Antonio Banderas or Vince Cassel for Ramirez. 

Fancysaltedpeanut says:


ahc1230 says:


Lore says:


The Paul Fallon Show says:

Ramirez should be banderez,
Christian Bale for the title role. 



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