Daredevil season 1 review

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A new Netflix original series brings us a chapter in beloved superhero lore which is also ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Jeremy reviews season 1 of the new hit series “Daredevil”!

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Red Key says:

I just loved how grounded this is because Daredevil gets beat up, tired and
even loses fights, unlike the movie superheroes who never bleed, get tired
or lose at all.

Meka Gojira says:

To me Netflix’s Wilson Fisk is hands down the most “evil” Marvel Cinematic
Universe villain.
No one (in the MCU) has ever been as cruel, callous, and manipulating as he

I might have even called him the best villain, if not for his
uncontrollable childlike fits of rage
(which powers him, but blinds him at the same time).

Kudos to Vincent D’Onofrio for his amazing acting skills.

Heavenly Controller says:

Dude… your impressions are perfect! lol

juandeldiablo696 says:

Daredevil showed us the punisher will totally work on Netflix 

JeremyJahns says:
Nagaraj Veer says:

+JeremyJahns No AWESOMETACULAR?? come on Jeremy this show deserve it!

deathnote10000 says:

While i loved this series there are twp things i didnt like.

1. Karen, didnt like the char, the actres was mediocre and she is pretty
ugly in my opinion. Maybe its how they shot her in this show but soms
facial expressions of her really made the hair stand at the back of my
neck( thats how that expression goes right?).

2. The fight scenes are good but they always take place in dark places
which they use tot hide punches and they use angle changes to do the same.

Other than that the show is awesome

Jesse Bourassa says:

I loved the final confrontation between Daredevil and Fisk in the alley. So
emotional and a triumphant heroic win.

Ulises Garcia says:

You know what? I wouldn’t mind a Netflix Spider-Man series… It would give
us more time to understand the villans, more flexibility for crossovers,
and give us a change of pace from the usual Spider-Man movie formula…

Zag Broo says:

Hi guys! Have seen The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron.

There is a Review (no spoilers) on My channel, please check it out. Thank
you :)

VictoriousProductions says:

MCU Fanboy Logic: “Hey, Daredevil came out, and it has jackshit to do with
DC, but let’s twist it anyways and use it to unreasonably bash DC again!”

*flurry of comments about how DC shows suck*

Oh yes, and also, The Flash is far from a disappointment. And comparing it
to Daredevil is like apples and fucking grenades. Daredevil is a darkly
violent character known for his bloody comics, while the Flash is a
lighthearted joke cracking hero known for his considerably light tone. 

Benjamin Brown says:

It’s a white bunny in a snow storm 

Ryu Hayabusa says:

Lol Those intimations of Fisk & Stan were on point.

The Dashboard says:

Daredevil was good stuff. Glad it’s getting picked up for a second season.
I don’t even mind DeKnight not coming back to run the show next time.

Yosi Berman says:

I hope a spoiler talk comes soon :)

The Lyosacks says:

Season 1 was awesome but (SPOILERS) man I hate how they killed so many of
the villain supporting roles.
Wesley and Leland had SO much potential, and I think the way they went down
was kind of forced and unnecessary. I mean, I liked Wilson Fisk a lot, but
in the end Leland was kind of cooler (at least for me). The way Kingpin
killed him was really stupid; I know he has a temper and all, but maybe if
he played along he wouldn’t have lost.
And Wesley… it feels like they needed a way to kill major villains
without making Daredevil into a murderer, but the way they killed both of
them really felt like they were either stupid or just extremely unlucky.

rkrokberg says:

That Wilson Fisk impression was spot on, Jeremy! I bet you could fool
someone with that impression.

Taxo Chacon says:

Where’s the rating tho? Is it awesometacular?

Deadpool Is Awesome says:

You have to do a Review of The Flash when it’s done. :0

sirius black says:

03:12 this must be the first and most hilarious impersonation of Wilson
Fisk Ever….!!

Caesar says:

Did someone else feel this show was quite depressing? Idk, maybe it was
just me, but after 6 episodes in 4 days or something, I felt depressed from
it because they kept repeating the same thing where Matt tortures someone
to get answers and then grabs a Russian guy or whatever and fights him, and
then a view small jokes when he returns back to Foggy and the girl that
don’t really help, and then back to that cycle. I love dark things, like
The Dark Knight for example, but I felt this was too dark. Don’t mean to
come here to bash on the show or anything, I don’t hate it, I understand
why people like it, but that’s just how I felt. And even as a Marvel fan, I
could admit that they were copying batman a lot! “I need to protect my
city!” Since when was this your city? Lol!

Btw Jeremy you NAILED that Stan Lee impression!!!! Wow!

Aaron Wantuck says:

You should do a TV review of the “The 100″. It is a REALLY REALLY
excellent show.

Leonardo Juan says:

I’m hoping that marvel wound make netflix series on the punisher, iron fist
and moon knight that would be awesome. :D

Minetic says:

I wonder if they will make a live action spiderman show again? Or would
that be too expensive? I’d really like to see those worlds cross over
(Daredevil and Spiderman)

wilfredo castillo says:

I knew it would be a terrible show


Damn it Jeremy I just jumped off a ledge and broke both my legs.

john johnny says:

The costume looked kinda chessy, ben afleck daredevil suit looks way

The Oblivion Lord says:

Daredevil explained twice that he’s not blind, once to foggy and the other
time to that medic chick.

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