Cowboy Bebop – Anime Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews the revolutionary and groundbreaking anime, Cowboy Bebop.


Calum. says:

Cowboy Bebop is like Guardians of the Galaxy but if it was made by Quentin

Son Goku says:

Watanabe is one of the most underrated directors of all time! Cowboy Bebop
is freaking *legendary.*

1994fishcake says:

Top 3 animes:
Black Lagoon
Cowboy Bepop

Juan Gomez says:

Man…do a review of EVANGELION or ATACK ON TITANS…. Both are for me the
best of the best in anime.

Aaron Jones says:

Watched 3 episodes, not for me.

Vuyisile Sibeko says:

I love you for loving this effing show. It is one of the greatest anime of
our time.

Please, Please PLEASE do Death Note.
There’s intelligence suspense, you can’t over hype Death Note. 

Drop the base WUBWUBWUBWUB says:

Okay so I’ll just leave a list of the best Anime I’ve personally watched
that I think Chris should Review
-Death Note
-Code Geass
-Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Madoka Magica
-Attack On Titan
-Gurren Lagann
-Ghost In A Shell
-Hunter X Hunter
I’ll add more, but just look at Arkada’s top 25 recommended anime, those 25
are masterpieces 

Captain Gintoki says:

i’m just gonna recommend some anime cuz i can!

-Cowboy Bebop (in dub and of course Chris just did a review for this but
hey this goes to show how great Bebop is!)
-Samurai Champloo (both dub and sub is good)
-Baccano! (in dub)
-Durarara!! (both dub and sub is good)
-Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (both dub and sub is good)
-Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night (no idea about how good the dub is so sub)
-Psycho-Pass S1 (only saw sub so idk how good the dub is and SKIP SEASON 2
-Gurren Lagann (both dub and sub are fine)
-Ghost in the Shell (only saw dub so idk about sub)
-Hunter x Hunter (sub only cuz there’s no dub)
-Yu Yu Hakusho (in dub)
-School Days (in sub)
-Parasyte (sub cuz there’s no dub)
-Hellsing: Ultimate (both dub and sub are fine)
-Death Note (in dub)
-Monster (both dub and sub is good)
-Garden of Sinners (sub since there’s no dub)
-Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (sub)
-Lupin the III (in sub)
-D.Gray-Man (sub because only one season is dubbed and it may be weird to
switch languages but the dub is good for what it is; oh yeah and beware;
the anime never finished the story because the manga has been on hiatus)
-Legend of Galactic Heroes (sub cuz idk about any dub and its extremely old
just so you’d know)
-Magi (sub don’t really like the dub)
-Rurouni Kenshin (sub)
-Blade of the Immortal (sub)
-Black Lagoon (in dub)
-Tokyo Ghoul (sub cuz dub doesn’t exist and warning: this anime did not
exactly adopt the manga properly so just keep your expectations low)
-Steins;Gate (both sub and dub are great)
-Neon Genesis Evangelion (sub, i don’t like the dub)
-Claymore (i especially loved the dub because Stephanie Young plays as
Clare <3 though the sub is good too and beware: it ended with filler so you
get to see the whole story without reading the manga but its still good)

Oh yeah i purposely put in an anime that’s actually in my opinion the worst
anime ever so first person who finds it gets a +1 from me (not that it

oh and one more thing if any of y’all call me out for liking dubs or even
saying that dubs suck then i’ll assume that you’re just a weaboo and i’ll
outright ignore you smh

bbQsauce992 says:

Chris, I’d like you to check out The Legend of Galactic Heroes, known by
those forbearing enough to endure the whole 150 episodes of philosophy,
history and absurdly complex information as the best anime ever made.
It’s kinda the opposite of Bebop, it’s a space opera about a great
interstellar war, that focus more on the political side instead of the
action, with complex strategies above explosions, and characters decisions
over their personalities, at the core is a cynical and
merciless documentary about human history, and has some of the most well
written characters I’ve ever seen.
It’s old, it’s long, and starts really slow, the first 20 episodes are
basically an introduction, even I got hooked only after 30 episodes, but
it’s worth it, that I can promise you :D

Sheh B says:

boring ass junk anime

Toonses says:

Japanese Anime > Disney 3D Toy Story crap

McDudes says:

Review Serial Experiments Lain you casual

specopsmason says:

Chris has became a weeaboo 1 like 1 prayer.

Sheh B says:

Naruto > Cowboy Bebop. Cowboy is such a over-rated anime. so effing boring
and very uninteresting story. Story very inferior to animes like Naruto and
One piece and just an over-rated anime

100AngryNinjaTurtles says:

What happened to your Psycho Pass review that you said you were going to do
a while back?

Beefeater says:

Chris you pleb, have you even watched 30 shows? You always go on about how
anime is important and you want to cover it more, but all you seem to talk
about is Cowboy Bebop. We get it, you love that show. So what happened to
your plans of reviewing anime regularly?

Alicia Laucirica says:

As soon as you mentioned “toys in the attic” i said breaking bad
simultaneously lol

ZombieZifiction says:

do you have a single unique opinion? 

Terrence Ball says:

Great review love Cowboy Bebop, did you like Samari Champloo? Another
favorite of mine, if so could you do a review on that show too. Both are
epic shows.

Walkyroad says:

the soundtrack to Cowboy Bebop was like listening to angels cry on Adult

Mark Bendall says:

I’m not the biggest fan of Cowboy Bebop. It’s a solid show though. Samurai
Champloo is better.

ShinbrigTV says:

I honestly thought Edward was THE most likable character of the Bebop crew
and that’s saying a lot!!!

David S. says:

A+. Damn straight. Keep flying Space Cowboy. Probably one of the few anime
that I feel completely confident non-anime fans would love.

Pocketninja G says:

I just saw the last episode today it made me cry but at least spike went
out with a bang. See you space cowboy

Gregory Costello says:

I 99% agree with everything Chris says, except the dub.. oh the dub!

HeathMaiden says:

I do disagree about the language option, mostly because I find the voice of
Ed grating in English, though I will admit that the English dub is one of
the best I’ve ever heard. It’s a matter of opinion, and that’s where ours
differ. (However, if you want the full creep factor of “Pierrot Le Fou”,
you should really make a point of watching it in Japanese. You don’t get
the same impact of Pierrot’s creepiness in English.)

I do agree on all other points. This is the anime that got me into anime
back in 2000. My roommate and I binge-watched them together. It blew me
away and really stuck with me. It has remained my favorite anime series,
even after watching numerous other highly acclaimed series. The action is
stellar. The characters are just so well-developed. (I love Ed the most. If
you told me I’d feel that way when she first showed up, I would have thrown
you the most ridiculous side-eye.) This is a series that can still make me
cry on repeat viewings, and I preach the Gospel of the Space Cowboy to any
new friends I make who haven’t seen it who may be inclined to watch it. And
the music. It is one of the few TV soundtracks which I have sought out and
listened to repeatedly. “Tank!” is a regular on my workout playlist.

James Dean-Howell says:

My top 3 anime are…
Code Geass
And Death note.

Having said that, I never really found Cowboy bebop interesting. This is
before watching the review. So maybe Chris will change my mind and make me
give it another chance. 

Ray Beck says:

I relate to your opinions about Cowboy Bebop in this review so much..
It changed my view on a lot of things, it influenced me so much
and most of all it got me where I am in my life right now.
I haven’t seen this anime for a long time but seeing this review just
brings back all the feelings I had when I saw this series.
Gotta order me the Blu-ray too..

john Dorkus says:

The opening , yes, let’s jam.

android927 says:

So its like Firefly only…. the same?

David Theriault says:

U got the DBZ impression down.

karmigero says:

Definitively the best anime ever. Also the art direction is superb. The way
the scenery is drawn and how the shadows are displayed is gorgeous

liammcnulty1987 says:

Bought the Blu ray on your recommendation, got to the episode called Ballad
of Fallen Angels and became hooked, just like you did. Took a while to get
used to the aspect ratio on blu ray though. 

Uli Troyo says:

Man, I am so happy I ran into your channel, and this is the video that made
me subscribe.

Viv Varghese says:

I watched this series on Chris’s recommendation but I really could not
enjoy it as much as Chris did or the other people who seem to hail it. I
dunno it’s probably cause of the hype, but I did really enjoy one Episode
which has the blind sister in it which is one of the first few episodes.

tomhulcelover says:

since you recommended TANK, i played it while listening to you, it really
completed the review lol

have you seen Death Note?? you should really watch it if you haven’t! or
maybe Psycho Pass 

dmsanx says:

Don’t care for the show but I did enjoy the movie.

putridspit says:

your anime review vid aren’t doing as well as the other holywood movie
review vid. but i hope you still making it, ‘cuz this is why i subcribe to

Radical Edward also Kainia Karia says:

Favorite Episodes
Cowboy Bebop Episode 05: Ballad of Fallen Angels
Cowboy Bebop Episode 09: Jamming with Edward
Cowboy Bebop Episode 12: Jupiter Jazz (Part 1)/Cowboy Bebop Episode 13:
Jupiter Jazz (Part 2)
Cowboy Bebop Episode 22: Cowboy Funk
Cowboy Bebop Episode 24: Hard Luck Woman
Cowboy Bebop Episode 25: The Real Folk Blues (Part 1)/Cowboy Bebop Episode
26: The Real Folk Blues (Part 2)

My Top Twelve Recommended & Must Watch Japanese Anime Series & Movies List
(The Diversity List)
My First Seven Mention Point
12 – Ranma ½ or Excel Saga
11 – Sailor Moon
10 – Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki/Tenchi Universe [My Comment: This was the first
Japanese Anime series that got me into Japanese Anime]
09 – Dragon Ball [My Comment: I liked Dragon Ball better than Dragon Ball Z
because it was about adventure]
08 – The Gundam Franchise [My Comment: I recommend you watch Mobile Suit
Gundam & Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack or Mobile Suit Gundam 00
first if you have never seen a Gundam Series] or Space Battleship
Yamato/Space Battleship Yamato 2199
07 – The Macross Franchise [My Comment: I recommend you watch Super
Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross: Do You Remember Love, Macross Zero &
Macross Frontier first]
06 – Wolf’s Rain
My Top Five Point
05 – Neon Genesis Evangelion & The End of Evangelion [My Comment: What much
is there to be said about this Japanese Anime and yes this show is
considered to be overrated by certain people but there is worse when it
comes to overrated Anime and this show is not and if I was going to say
anything Evangelion related was overrated then it would be Rebuild of
Evangelion]/Rebuild of Evangelion [My Comment: Watch Neon Genesis
Evangelion & The End of Evangelion first] or RahXephon [My Comment: I like
RahXephon because of The Artwork, Music & Character Development]
04 – The Vision of Escaflowne [My Comment: This show was a big departure
from what I was used to watching and it took me almost 9 to 10 years just
to be able to watch this series and the reason that I did not watch this
series at first was because of not just availability for me but also
because some of the artwork that I had seen of the Mechs was not that good
quality and it was ultimately because of Yoko Kanno that I Eventually
watched this show and I am glad that I did watch this series back in
February-March of 2014]/Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaia
03 – Anything Done By Hayao Miyazaki
02 – Ghost In The Shell & Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence/Ghost In The
Shell: Stand Alone Complex & Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex:
Solid State Society
01 – Cowboy Bebop & Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door [My Comment:
Yet another overrated Anime but still worth recommending] or Samurai
Champloo [My Comment: I have not seen this show]

My Top Twelve Recommended & Must Watch Mention Japanese Anime Series &
Movies List (The Generalization List)
12 – El Hazard 1 &2: The Magnificent World & El Hazard: The Alternative
World (My Comment: Do not watch El Hazard: The Wanderers)
11 – Bastard‼
10 – Record of Lodoss War/Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic
09 – Rurouni Kenshin [My Comment: Yet another overrated Anime but still
worth recommending]
08 – Ah My Goddess or Golden Boy
07 – Outlaw Star
06 – Black Lagoon or Soul Eater
05 – Eden of the East or Baccano
04 – Death Note
03 – Trigun
02 – Fooly Cooly (FLCL) or Gurren Lagann
01 – Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

xBaRLoGx says:

Bebop is 10/10 indeed, but have you seen Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?

Evan Paluch says:

Anime is for pussys jk I haven’t actually saw an anime. Is this a good
place to start? I’m willing to give it an honest shot before I form an

takana lion says:

watch samurai champloo

Natalie Reyes says:

Dude, omg same feels! i love Cowboy Bebop! Its my favorite.

Revenant Wings says:

Which do you guys think is better Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo…?

Bo Gary says:

Ghost in the shell is quite iconic as well, especially the old ones

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