Copy of SK Classic Episode #97: IRON MAN 3 SPOILER TALK

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Ep. 97 WARNING: This episode contains spoilers. Awesome, amazing wonderful spoilers of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 as the Schmoes Know Podcast opens up the floodgates for a deep discussion on the movie causing such a ruckus. Jenna Busch of Fanhattan and comic book expert Matt Key join the show to talk twists, turns, and The Mandarin.

Plus, as an added bonus, Brittany Walloch of Video Games Live, stops by to give an exclusive, spoiler free take on Pacific Rim.

All this plus Mark Ellis alone in Virginia, Ken Napzok admits he has problems with two podcast guests, and Kristian yells “Captain America” until he loses his voice.

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TripleAGamingHD says:

Why the dislikes? Just leave a comment or leave. It’s obviously just a

Wquad says:

Can’t hear the audio, just the music in the beginning

Chris Dynamo says:

Okay, okay, can anyone lip read? 

mialolm says:

Yo where the sound at???

Gregory Mansfield says:

Schmoes, I skipped through your entire video and there was no audio through
the whole thing! Please fix this soon so we can all watch and enjoy :)

Joseph Depina says:

Wtf?? This some kind of joke? Where is sound!! ??

Matt Wright says:

This is the best thing ever ha

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Lol this is sad. Its been 4 days

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Didn’t you already post this?

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They uploaded this five days ago and there is no sound. So, I guess they’re
just going to leave it up.

SchmokinJoe says:

Maybe if every single person leaves a message saying *”there’s no audio”*

Mozts1 says:

This is spoiler free spoiler talk?

MorsecodeZ says:

Is this supposed to be an early April Fool’s joke?

Erik Mathews says:

Something’s wrong with the audio, guys!

John Smith says:

Hey schmoes there is no sound

Anthony Ramirez says:

this is great, keep it with the music!

James Floodgate says:

No sound guys

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