Cohen Brother’s HAIL, CAESAR! An Oscar Contender? – AMC Movie News

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Shubham Gupta writes:

I want to ask about joel cohen and ethan cohen new movie HAIL CEASER! Its release date is February 6th 2016… why do u think they are not going for the oscars as almost all previous works have been acknowledged by the oscars?

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Galactic123 says:

It’s spelled “Coen”, guys. Joel and Ethan Coen are the famous “Coen
Brothers” who are responsible for movies like the Big Lebowski and are
involved in HAIL CEASER!

It’s a bit confusing because there is a different writer named Etan (Not
Ethan, Etan) Cohen and another writer named Joel Cohen, but these guys are
not the writer/directors that people are talking about when they say “The
Coen Brothers”.

jhop4life says:

Wasn’t Fargo released in January ’96? That was a huge Oscar hit, and in my
opinion their best work.

movieman82us says:

It did get a lot nominations, but how many Oscars did Boyhood actually walk
away with? ;)

Zach Morgan says:


jackpotsb3 says:

How the fuck did you put Cohen in the title and not Coen, they’re only one
of the greatest directorial duos of all-time 

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