Cobbster & Upham Have A Problem (Behind-the-Scenes)

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SK Podcast says:

@therealcodyhall & I have a serious problem…

JonZarlengz says:

Holy shit you guys are freakin hilarious ! :D OH man… i don’t think you
guys are just intern buddies anymore. I think you’ve become brothers. BTW,
u two should do a buddy cop comedy short film or something … you two work
well together when it comes to making ppl laugh. And of course you can get
JTE and Ace too ! :D

bardura87bngl2 says:

Hahahahahha the song chocies were perfect. Every week I really look forward
what you guys gonna upload next :)

Oliver Taylor says:

Both faces, priceless. Haha

Albin LI says:

You guys should consider making your own YouTube channel, these videos are
amazing :D

Kyle Dick says:

Stage 4 Lung Cancer! Hahaha!

TomJamesHodges says:

Killswitch engage?

Wilks363 says:

Ok Ok, If ever there is a “Tommy Boy 2″ you’ve both got the job..!

M4TRIXed says:

Stage 4 lung cancer LMAAAOOO

Syzygy says:

Doesn’t Upham look like James Franco’s younger younger brother (just look
at the squint guys!)?!

Matthew Jackson says:

I was hoping Cobbster would through on some Meshuggah and start head
banging the fuck out. Props for the sick metal face at the end though haha

Greeno86 says:

love these vids.

Deathreaper66 says:

I watched this with about the same music upham was listening to. Made me

kmerrill03 says:

“It sounds like murder.” and “Stage 4 lung cancer” LMFAO! Yeah, pretty

tuboneium says:

Hahahaha. Oh man this couldn’t have been more perfect

JIPunisherIL says:

Damn it Upham, you never turn off the Killswitch.

Tyler Myers says:

Lol great stuff guys. Ocean Avenue’s my jam!

Chad Rose says:

F the police LOL! So funny.

Cristian Del Pozo says:

Cody killed me with hey there delilah 

AP Studios says:


Omar Marquez says:

Yea!!!!! Cobster i love metal it’s awesome 

National Health Institute says:

Better than the schmoes.. Lol

Logan Wheaton says:

Man I love these guys

William Brown says:

freaking hilarious XD

Mrmyagi132 says:

WAs that killswitch engage ?? 

imbacen says:

You animals!

Fernando Torres says:

Does someone know the songs they’re singing??

HaarmannE says:

Those song choices. HOLY SHIT. so good. It’s like it was my ipod. Ending
with JFC was perfect.

Connor Brown says:


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