Cobbster Gets Beat Up (Behind-the-Scenes)

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Kristian teaches Cobbster a lesson.

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SK Podcast says:

The madness continues as @kristianharloff beats up Cobbster….

Jonathan Ellison says:

nice COBBSTER at leash you put up more of a fight that Cody but you’ve bin
around longer so you know how Kristian fights

matthewb627 says:

Raid 2 ain’t got nothing on this

Neon Collects says:

Stone faced ellis was the best

Jeremy Rivera says:

I’m always hoping in the back of my head that in one of these fights Kens
gonna pop outta now where and kick everyone’s ass lol.

TheUhOhOreo says:

at least Liam Neeson wasn’t running in this scene

Peter Kuli says:

Max Landis is on the show next week? YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

wwefan0599 says:

Still better then Taken 3 

Borat69able says:

And then Kristian, Cobbster and Mark beat up Cody…

Brooks Wilkins says:

I feel like Kristian could be REALLY intimidating if he wanted to haha. But
I’m glad they’re just pretend fighting for now.

SJCookiEzZ says:

That first punch though!

moviebuzzrocks says:

Hit him with the People’s Elbow next time!

Steven Spielberg says:

Ellis in the background looks so done

Tiberias says:

The throwing of the object at Upham: Best way to end the video. 

Chris Austerman says:

Harloff is on a rampage!

Ahmad Al-Semari says:

I love that mark has straight face throughout the video.

Samuel Feguer says:

Can you smeeeeeeeeelllllllll what Darth Harloff is cooking!!!!

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