Cinderella – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Cinderella, starring Cate Blanchett, Lily James, Richard Madden, Stellan Skarsgard, Holliday Grainger, Sophie McShera, Derek Jacobi, Helena Bonham-Carter. Directed by Kenneth Branagh.


Aidan Norris says:

Is this the first weekend we get GOOD movies since Kingsman??

dragonbrad98 says:

This movie touches little girls huh? That’s pretty fucked up. 

Jim Stewart Cohen says:

They should have made Cinderella black and everyone else really racist and
call it 12 Years A Cinderella.

Adrian Meza says:

The only reason this movie did so well was for the Frozen Mini Short during
the begging of the film.

Your Local Cinefile says:

Anybody else really enjoy Chappie? I thought it was great and the bad
reviews are quite unfair :/

Jose Garcia says:

Im tired of these live action films, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and
now Cinderella, wow in the next 5 years were gonna have a Frozen
adaptation, Disney stp your game up

Snake35Eric says:


Riley Johnston says:

Spoiler for run all night!! Be careful not to look if you haven’t seen it.

They run all night

AnythingEpic says:

Looks like this is gonna make in into the “Surprised it didn’t suck

Jose V says:

i would be down for an adaptation of the real original Cinderella fairy
tale by the Grimm brothers, were Cinderella’s step sisters get their feet
cut off and their eyes eaten by crows as punishment…yeah thats actually
the real Cinderella story

HPislegend248 says:

Mamrie rap makes all Audible plugs inert from now until the rest of time.

Kay P says:

Got a Chris Stuckmann ad before a Chris Stuckmann video…nice

The Spooky Reader says:

Interstellar (Rotten Tomatoes: 72%) gets a B+: Everyone loses their minds
Cinderella (Rotten Tomatoes: 84%) gets a B: Nobody gives a shit

Youtube is filled with shoe-licking Nolanites and it’s depressing. 

Chris Stuckmann says:
D Vass says:

You know what would have been a great surprise? Since both this movie and
the first Thor movie were directed by Kenneth Branagh, and both franchises
are owned by Disney, wouldn’t it have been awesome if Cinderella found
Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) and gotten Thor’s powers because the hammer deems
her worthy? Man, that would’ve been an interesting retelling of the story!

29AndreG says:

Did they recreate the anal beads scene?

Sheh B says:

so i kind of have a confession to make. i watch these videos for
entertainment (i guess) not for deciding to go and watch the movies. I
always stream movies and TV shows online and have never paid for a mobie
(yes mobie, not movie). Its a pirate’s lie for me matee

WDESJ3 says:

Big Hero 6 was my worst experience in a theater ever. There were about 7
little kids, yelling and talking. This was so bad, I will only see Disney
movies like bh6 and Cinderella early in the morning.

WolverinesNation92 says:

I want to see this, but I won’t be caught dead in a theater to see this
because I don’t have A. A girlfriend or B. A daughter 

Taxrenn93 says:

I liked how they address the biggest plot hole in the story with a very
simple explanation. “Why does the shoe only fit Cinderella, there is no
other girl in the whole kingdom with a size 4 foot?” Well no, it’s just
that the fairy godmother magically created the shoes for Cinderella so
therefore they ONLY fit her. It doesn’t have to be some complex
explanation, just something, and I like that.

flickchic24 says:

I liked the movie a lot. I just wish it had a little more toughness to it.
If they had taken some things from the film Ever After like make the prince
a little flawed and made Cinderella with some feist and combined it with
the magic the new film created I would have loved that. I still think Ever
After is the best Cinderella because I absolutely despise the animated

PotaTOES says:

Cinderella was courageous? And I’ve never understood the moral of
cinderella, albeit I first saw it when I was 10. Is the moral, if you work
hard and don’t complain someone will give you everything you want and
you’ll meet a person who’s pretty damn shallow.

Gogo says:

Chris, what of the story’s message?
“All the solutions to a woman’s problems lies in finding a young rich
handsome man.”

I’ve been hearing this from a lot of different sources. I watched the
original as a kid, but i never thought of it that way until i started
seeing people shedding it in that light.

your thoughts?

MatrixAndrAIa says:

Cinderella is my absolute favorite golden age Disney movie. I was looking
forward to this live action adaptation, and it delivered on every level and
more. It was wonderful. It played it straight like the original movie
without bringing a bunch of bullshit modern edginess to the character.
Loved it.

swanpride says:

I rather take the Cinderella I knew before than another insult of the level
of Maleficent.

ChanCeNecK says:

Hey, Drew Barrymore and Rose from Two And A Half Men did a quite satisfying
version I´ve watched waaay back when I was a child…

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