Chrono Trigger game review

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Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest RPGs of the Golden age of RPGs, and one of the best games ever made. A review is long overdue. Jeremy reviews the time traveling RPG epic “Chrono Trigger”!
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Ris Grestar says:

Ugh, dang it, I had to pause the video so I could go buy Chrono Trigger.

Deathbringersora says:


PSYloco says:

I used to hate RPGs until I played Chrono Trigger. I played it many years
after it’s original release and wished I had played it as a kid. The
time-traveling element in teh game makes it so great. The music and
storylines are epic as well.

Edgar Lopez says:

I played the original SNES game back in 1995, before any video walktroughs
and Magazine help, i beated this game using a wooden sword half trough the
game, untill a friend showed me how to equip the party… I know, I’m
stupid, but I remember spending hours playing after school and really was
epic, I have it on my laptop and I play it again & again. I agree with you,
this is an Awesometacular game. 

PsRs127 says:

Funny fact Janus(magus) cat follows Magus around when you have magus in
your party :P

Speckledorf12 says:

Almost finished with the game. All I have to do now is defeat Lavos.

I’m pretty nervous.

Jim Brody says:

As someone who is too young to have ever played this on the SNES, I will
say that Chrono Trigger has aged BEAUTIFULLY. The story is goofy and fun,
but also dramatic and epic. I first played it on Wii Virtual Console, and I
constantly found myself saying, “Wow. They were able to do that on SNES?”.
There were a surprising amount of set pieces and dramatic story moments,
and the 16-bit art remains lovely to this day.

I don’t know if I would play this game every year like Jeremy, but I have
the soundtrack on my Ipod, which I listen to regularly.

epicwolf says:

Xenogears music and theme are better than Crono trigger

DrearierSpider1 says:

Normally I can’t stand JRPG’s, but Chrono Trigger is goddamn amazing. If
you’re looking for a really good recent RPG, you gotta try Divinity:
Original Sin.

Rios Wong says:

This game sound awesome but I don’t think I’m gonna play it
One it really a old game after all the HD games we got right now it really
hard to go back
Two I don’t have Wii NDS so….sorry Jeremy

Lautaro Maiarú says:

Thumbs up in honor to Akira Toriyama!!!!

lukaszepesi says:

Why do all the character models look like they were stolen straight from
Dragon Ball ?

TheTinyTimmyTimTim says:

What’s keeping me off this game is the stupid dragon Ball z art style. I
loved dragon Ball z, but after playing 2 dragon Quest games, I’m so sick of
it. Every piece of gear looks like the same overly wrinkled and folded
torso with training pants tucked into combat boots. Akira toriyama blows at
item design. It just feels so unoriginal when it’s been done to death like

Gabriel De laSoul says:

Xenoblade Chronicles next maybe? 

Ryan Foster says:

Jeremy, you need to play Persona 4. Right up there with Chrono Trigger

Preston P. says:

I just played it for the first time recently on the ds and I have to say
Chrono Trigger certainly holds up for a game that would come out today, not
mentioning it’s a few months from its 10th anniversary.

Kaique Poliche says:


TheADZeus says:

this art style looks like dragon ball z

John Trollston says:

Age Of Ultron. Now !

CeeeX says:

Never played this game before, but holy crap, haven’t seen the full review,
because you told me not to, so I stopped at the part where you were
introducing the mysterious oracle.

Weird shit story I want to tell. It’s long too, but I’ll try to keep it as
short as possible.

Subscribed to Smooth McGroove more than a year back, because I once checked
one of his videos and that song became my instant favorite out of all the
titles I’ve heard him singing. And I’ve unsubscribed to him, although he
makes good videos, nothing topped off my personal favorite acapella song of

In the course of the months I’ve faved over 100 other songs.
After seeing your review final fantasy VI, you’ve also mentioned about
chrono trigger, that has triggered (get it?) my interest into this game,
I’ve downloaded the rom and the emulator, but I’ve never really used it.

Fast-forward to a few minutes ago I was watching the review and I didn’t
mind spoilers, so I kept listening, until you’ve mentioned the soundtrack.
I stopped at the part where you were mentioning about the oracle. As a fan
of nintendo game soundtracks, I was searching for the title.
And there I found smooth McGroove in the results, clicked on his video. The
music started playing. It was my favorite acapella song of his that I’ve
forgotten months ago and I now remember the title of the song.

It’s Zeal’s theme, “Corridor of time”

knoble1985 says:

I like Chrono Cross as well

Iggy Lopez says:

Should I get it on my PlayStation 3 or my Wii? I don’t have a DS. :/ 

Shadownukka99 says:


thoyo says:

surprised there were stories this complex and rich in the 16 bit era. i’ll
definitely give it a try

Nauser Soro says:

RPGs really don’t get it like Chrono Trigger does. Freedom of choice.
Mixing abilities together with dual and triple techs was the coolest shit

…and we could choose between 12 endings or so. There’s also the bad
ending should you die on the final boss.

Persona 3 came pretty damn close, and I thought the time travel in FF
XIII-2 would amount to something, but nothing has come close to this game.

Plus, how many games at the time took time to flesh out the “bad guy”.
Amazing game on all fronts.

It’s funny how one of the first RPGs I’ve ever played still continues to be
my all time favorite.

The Jaded Dragon says:

I have multiple copies of Chrono Trigger. The game is just so good. But
as much as I love it, I love Chrono Cross so much more. There’s just
something about “character collector” games like CC and the Suikoden series
that I really love.

starwarsfanboy101 says:

The cronno trigger of my childhood was star wars knights of the old
republic 1. 

Tony Chang says:

I should be beating myself up now since I never played “Chrono Trigger.” At
least I listened to the game’s music, and yes, read some spoilers. “Battle
With Magus” will be my favorite in the game’s soundtrack.

Here’s hoping that Jeremy’s heard of “Deus Ex” as well.

lusteraliaszero says:


Arch Lich says:

“Remember, I’m the master of War! <3 <3 <3 “

TheMengoMango says:

Love that game one of the reasons why I go back and play super nintendo
games. But you should try Terranigma, one of most underrated snes rpg. The
story is amazing and your choices can help shape towns, it also has a great
soundtrack along with a lot of feels throughout the game

HaxBox says:

To solve your part which made no sense:
Marle was dissapearing in 600 AD because of time traveling instability, I

Imp Salazarth says:

My fave ending is killing lavos after you get Ayla in your team.
Because..SPOILER!, after you kill Lavos at that point, Chrono wakes up as
again in the ending and everyone is a Reptite! Reptites are just cool. they
are dinosaur people!

Tripp Alderman says:

No to mention Akira Toriyama (creator of dbz) did the character designs.
Only adding to the dopeness of this game 

Shawn says:

WHAT the fuck happened????????? with games today?? They just don’t even
come close to this anymore. I played this back in the day when I was 14!!
on the snes when it first came out!! Gaming is dieing out!!! Aside of a
small few, xenoblade games
and VERY!!! little others, IT’s nothing but the same FPS shit over and

Phil Hubbs says:

Isn’t the best game ever made by a human being Sensible Soccer on the


AverageGamerJohnny M says:

I love how nothing in this video would make sense if you’ve never played
Chrono Trigger; but if you have, this is just the best thing ever! XD

Laura Mayott says:

You should review some of the other Final Fantasy Games. I would be really
interested in hearing your opinion on FFX and FFX-2

Zorro3k6 says:

CT is awesome as is CC. Although I’m going to be biased here. I played CC
years before I played CT. I never owned a Super NIntendo. So CC was my
first experience to JRPG. And I loved it. I still do. I even have a Let’s
Play of it that I’m close to finishing. Anyway, nice review Jeremy and I
approve of the rating. Also, I realized at the end of the video that this
is the first Awesometacular you’ve given a game. I can’t think of a game
more worthy of the first Awesometacular than CT. Well done Jeremy. :)

Qswizzle1 says:

Off topic, but lotr soundtrack is amazing also

RON69METS says:

Beyond the Beyond and Suikoden got me into rpg games .But, I hear so much
bout this game n after this awesome review, I got to hunt it down.

snoopy super says:

i always wanted to play this but i don’t have any good system to play it
on… ><

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