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Twitter Question – May 1, 2015

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Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman) says:

Chris Pratt is a guy I could just hang out with and talk. Maybe play some
video games or grab a beer. Just seems like a chill dude to me

Joe V says:

That awkward moment when you saw ‘Moneyball,’ but don’t remember seeing
Chris Pratt in it at all. I just remember it as that baseball movie based
on a true story with Oscar-nominated performances from Brad Pitt and Jonah
Hill lol
Wow 4 years just flew by.

Reborn8303 says:

Hes a One One-dimensional actor

CinematicGalaxy says:

John’s right in that we’re not really sure yet, but I do think it’s a
mixture of both. There has to be some degree of talent involved for you to
deliver a good performance, and Chris Pratt did that with Guardians (it’s
all I’ve seen him in). I also think it’s his genuine likability, especially
since he seems to be hitting similar beats in Jurassic World. I think we’ll
know how talented he is if he, say, plays a villain in a movie. But I would
also like to see him pull off Indiana Jones tbh.

뿡뿡! ^__^ says:

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Chris Pratt? Just curious haha. I love
that guy ^^ No homo though. Cuz of the cameras.

sanyrub says:

As an actor I still haven´t seen him doing anything special. I suppose he
is becoming a movie star because he is likable. But nothing else for now.

Daycow417 says:

I like chris pratt but he is a one trick pony, just like a lot of actors.
Hollywood will push an actor that they choose onto the masses. Which is why
people like jennifer aniston, vince vaughn and owen wilson can be the exact
same person in every movie and still be successful

tim says:

he has more personality than talent, but he has potential and is willing to
give it his best

Ty Lukasiewicz says:

i will see anything with Chris Pratt in it. i agree Chris is a great guy
who has shown that he has talent. i am excited to see where he goes with
his career.

Luann DeLuca says:

At the end of it all, make mental note when judging an actor: Do you think
he/she would be fun to hang out with? The commentator mentions DiCaprio and
Lewis, and said No to both. I certainly agree, but with the bigger NO going
to Daniel Day Lewis. I love your criteria, because I do that all the time.
Christian Bale – yes or no? hahhahaahah

Boogeypop80 says:

Amirose’s comments were great for a change. I haven’t seen her in a while
and I notice a difference. Real comments and having her own opinion is a
good thing.

ampecsu says:

sounds like she wants to give Chris Pratt the box!

Hack PrizeRebel says:
MisterCovek says:

Pratt is a better actor than Johsnon. I remember when I saw Chris Pratt for
the first time in Parks and Rec, I just knew he was gonna be something. And
in the later seasons he was, to me at least, the best actor on the show.
There were just these little things that he puts in as an actor that catch
my eye.

John Donald says:

Andy Dwyer 4 life. Chris Pratt’s that dude he’s the one actor out right now
who I most envision leading the films I write.

Bengali Boi says:

His like the new Will Smith

KillerKane5536 says:

John… Come on man… You really think that the rock is a better actor
than Chris Pratt… I don’t even think the rock is a good actor, just an OK
one, but every time I see Chris Pratt on camera I can’t help but smile
because you really connect to him when he acts.

SliceofLife 1 says:

The rock is a better actor than Pratt? :D Yeah okay mate :D

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