Chappie movie review

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Somewhere in this wreck is a movie about humanity…Jeremy reviews “Chappie”!

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Mizzah Tee says:

If only Superman in Man of Steel was as humane to Zod as he was in Superman
2 when he *removed Zod’s powers with the reverse Crystal Chamber, broke
every bone in his hand, and tossed Zod’s then mortal body into a frozen pit
in the Fortress of Solitude, effectively killing him.*

I miss the good old wholesome Superman from when I was a kid… Wait…

Icebears4ever says:

When a reviewer like Jeremy Jahns thinks a movie is bad, you know it’s bad
since he gives movies like Captain America 5/5. 

Luis Santiago says:

This is disappointing :( I really hoped it would be good like district 9
and elysium.

PrejudicePotatoe says:

Jeremy mentioned Iron Giant. Fucking Iron Giant. I must savor this moment,
it’s like no one knows about that movie.

Ralphie Wiggum says:

If you like Die Antwoord you’ll love this movie. 

Tom Sproson says:

Yeah. Really surprised Short Circuit 2 didn’t come up.

Tony Teh says:

Well, we care about the characters in crime dramas too don’t we? They’re
not exactly good guys either.

Luther S.P. says:

This is the most bitching about a film he’s ever done.

This film was as he said “A story on humanity”. Everything can not and will
not ever with where a child is placed in the care of the proper parents. So
when he says the robot should be raised by the maker. That’s like saying
(if there is a god) we should have never come to earth.

*Spoilers Ahead*

As for the symbolism, there is a message in ever seen.

The Maker – Example of God

Mommy and daddy – mommy and daddy

Hugh Jackman – example of those who are firm in their own beliefs. So much
so they would rather see the world burn than see equality.

Chappie – The next step in evolution.

Chappie is “us” in comparison to every other animal. The difference is we
would be less accepting of the evolutionary change than say a chimp or
gorilla. Because we proclaim we are intelligent and we have the ability to
question and desire survival.

The movie is not about saving man kind like superman. Its about being an
example for mamkind, so it can save its self. Growing up through hardships,
pain, and a unfair hand. Making something of yourself with that.

This film was also a logical and rational poke at the idea of heaven.

The USB with “mommies” conscience in it is an anology for the brain. The
electricity that runs through our body is what the religious call a soul.

The brain is a hard copy of who we are. The electricity that runs through
our bodies, is a digital copy.

My only theory for what happens if you can restart an organic body is it
will be like reusing a tea bag over and over. Eventually the persons copies
won’t be the same.

A great film. A little obvious for some points. Like the whole god and
satan (sin) symbolism all over the place with Baphomets head on the walls,
tattoos, and armor.


Trendane Sparks says:

I’m really glad I watched this review before I went to see this film. The
trailer gave me a very different vibe and I’d have been EXTREMELY
disappointed in the movie if I’d gone in with that expectation.

Paul Shinn says:

In my opinion, Neil Blomkamp should get Peter Jackson to come back and have
him help produce his movies, I honestly think he was one of the reasons why
District 9 was so well received.

Joshua Oswald says:


More like CRappie, amiright?

carlos almaraz says:

This movie is……..*/AWESOMETACULAR* leave your comments below on what
you thought the movie was..

Robert Fella says:

Well from the first trailer I thought this movie I thought this movie will
have heart, make me cry man tears. 2nd trailer made it feel like an action
movie, I’m ok with that, would’ve preferred a movie with heart but ok. THEN
the reviews come in and everyone is bashing the hell out of it.
Seems like the Chappie movie is feeling…

JeremyJahns says:
W01fman1487 says:

Wow, this sounds nothing like the first trailer I saw for this movie. That
trailer painted the movie as the robot with a heart finding a place in a
world that doesn’t accept him. Sad to hear that this movie focuses more on
the corruption of the innocent.

Django Fett says:

Am I the only one that hates all of Neill Blomkamp’s films and think hes
completely overrated? =/

Urudrim says:

is hugh jackman trying to make up for the awfulness that was real steel?


i still want to see this film, honestly the film you described sounds grate
to me, i mean we’ve all seen the kind hearted nerd raise an ai to be good a
million times,the idea of having the ai be raised in a shitty environment
sounds really interesting

Drew Russell says:

So District 9, Elysum and Chappie and you have Sharlto Coley as a
Human/Alien Hero, Half Machine Human Villain and now Full Machine
Anti-Hero. I wonder what he will play in Alien?

dgalindo37 says:

Avengers 2 may 1st! then the next night its MAYWEATHER VS PACQUIAO!!!!!!!!
best weekend of 2015 easy!!!!!!! 

Ciaran Maher says:

I haven’t seen the movie but Sharlto Copley should be getting more work in
movies that aren’t made by Neil Blomkamp, although I’d rather that than
more shitty remakes or tv thats probably shitty. He’s just one of those
guys I want to see more of. And shame about Chappie, guess he’ll have to
redeem himself with Alien, and by making District 10 not be a crap sequel 

Tximino M says:

Have to stop the video to comment, sorry, don’t ever, EVER try to justify
Superman killing Zod as a moral dilema. Zod and Superman destroyed
Metropolis in their fight, do you think no one there died? SERIOUSLY? NO
CASUALTIES AT ALL? And then all of a sudden, after not giving a fuck about
how much destruction and death him and Zod bring to Metropolis in their
fights, after all that crap that left the biggest city in the DC Universe
looking like the new Fallout game, then Clark realizes that three people
are just too much. And instead of, I don’t know, flying Zod away or using
his indestructible hands to block Zod’s eyes or, I don’t know, ANYTHING
ELSE, he decides to murder the guy.

Sighphi says:

So from the trailers the only thing you remember is the He-Man scene and
decided to ignore all the other stuff clearly shown?

roflcopterkklol says:

Jeremy i think Chappy sent you the right message…
You are not supposed to feel bad for the shit heads corrupting chappy, the
point the director was going for was trying to get people to feel sorry for
a robot.

MasterBluePrint says:

I wanted to be excited but now I feel let down by Blomkamp. Looks like
Blomkamp is going down the M. Night Shymalan route.

Rick Chambers says:

Just got back from seeing it. Jeremy sums up exactly how I feel about this
movie. Didn’t give a shit about Ninja and his gang and cringed every time
Ninja talked or just showed up. The movie had me cheering for Hugh Jackman
to kill them all and then didn’t finish the job. I will say though that
this movie has the best motion capture special effects I have ever seen and
the robots looked amazing. I was excited by the first 10 minutes of the
movie which were done well with good pacing, then it was just a downward
spiral from there. I’m still optimistic about Alien 5 because Blomkamp
won’t be able to use South African gang members for a change, and so far
has been the worst element of his movies. 

Camron Robb says:

Wait… So this is not a Real Steal reboot? Wait. Does anyone remember that

Almighty So says:

one of the weirdest movies i have ever seen…but i liked it :D

tigerfanman says:

I really like it.. Awesome action and top notch special effects, only
stupid part was having a chollo in South Africa he didn’t fit the setting,
his stupid Los Angeles talk ruin the movie for me.

Robert Perez says:


I have to admit I saw your review before I wrote mine. I did that because
i had a feeling this picture was going to get some mixed reviews. I think
I going to have to disagree with you on this one. I quite enjoyed this
picture very much and I felt it was successful. This is the type of movie
you can’t expect to see what it is you want to expect. You either accept
it for what it is or not. I’m not saying it was amazing but I am saying I
did enjoy it. What I enjoyed about this picture was the special effects on
the police robots and of course on Chappie. I loved seeing these robots in
action and seeing what they could do. I do admit I do wish we saw more of
the police robots in action as we do in the beginning of this picture. At
last we get to see Jackman play the antagonist in a movie, does he do a
good job, some what. At first I wasn’t really fond of the gangsters in
this movie until towards the end. They eventually become dynamic
characters and what a surprise of what happens towards the end, you
wouldn’t have expected that to happen to that one person but to the other
one. My guess is we see Chappie as a new born child and he isn’t use to
violence and has to be taught by his people who he is so close to. This is
what this movie is about, a robot with the ability it has and having to
teach it. You have the gangster Ninja teaching him how to destroy, kill,
steal, and perform other illegal activities. And you have his creator
trying to teach him right from wrong. It was kind of like you put a dog in
the middle of the room and see which of the two owners it wants to go to.
As you may have seen in the end this is not the end of Chappie but just
the beginning. Meaning this is just the start of Chappie’s life and since
he does have a conscious, he will eventually grow up mentally as he thinks
he is indestructible and human. All in all I did have a good time watching
this picture and I give it a B+. Thanks! 

Soopa Fly says:

I’m hoping this movie is better than you make it out to be….damn this
movie has been getting really mixed reviews. Gonna have to see it and make
up my own mind. 

ev1917 says:

I think your being way too hard on this movie. I agree with 90% of all your
reviews but not this one, sorry Jeremy.

trista kell says:

It gives you a new perspective on the actual roots of crime and how their
is a difference between bad people and bad situations. I liked it honestly.

sh0rtaznant says:

i had such high hopes for this movie that i almost want to pretend you
didnt just give it this rating. 

Rabidchu says:

I came for Chappie and I got Chappie. I love watching the character growing
up at an accelerated rate and seeing his struggle. I didn’t get hung up on
Yulandi and Ninja because they aren’t the good guys and they get there just
deserts. They pay for what they’ve done and Chappie forgives them. Hell, he
even forgives Hugh Jackman’s and that dude was a prick. The only downside
that I found was the music. I’m with you 100% on the music. 

salamander337 says:

It’s a shame I was looking forward to seeing this movie too. The preview
look like it was going to be a pretty good movie.

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