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When it was announced last week that CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER directors, the Russo brothers, were joining Sony, many speculated that in light of the recent deal between Sony and Marvel, the deal would revolve around the directors developing SPIDER-MAN films. However, a new report from Deadline has now revealed that Russo’s first job at Sony is to develop and direct another new GHOSTBUSTERS film with Channing Tatum producing and in all likelihood starring. The new project is being described as a counterpart to the all female GHOSTBUSTERS film currently in production. Sony is also developing a new company called Ghostcorps, headed by Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd, to develop all future GHOSTBUSTERS properties for film, TV and other merchandising. “The second film has a wonderful idea that builds on (the new female Ghostbusters film). Drew will start writing and the hope is to be ready for the Russo Brothers’ next window next summer to shoot, with the movie coming out the following hear. It’s just the beginning of what I hope will be a lot of wonderful movies.”

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GeorgeTheGreek1978 says:

My problem with this whole Hollywood being about gender and minorities is
forced and ignorant. What is the big deal with having a remake of the
movies, comics whatever you want be like the source material? Did anyone
ask the fans who love the original movies what they thought? It’s always a
problem when you try to change the story into something that won’t work
just because you want to appear PC and sensitive to the minority of people.
I’m a fan of great stories and plot. I don’t care about the race or gender
of the characters, if it’s forced on people it’s going to get criticism in
a bad way. The fact that speaking out against Shit remakes, makes people
call each other sexist or racist is proof you can’t have any opinion on it.
I have a problem with this whole situation being about gender and race not
about story and plot.

Christopher Caldwell says:

I would’ve liked it if the new ghostbusters would’ve came out 2-14-15.
That’s the date that the crazy lady in ghostbusters 2 said that aliens
would attack. Just imagine: there’s multiple ghostbusting teams around the
world (lead by Dan Akroyd) and they have to team up to fight aliens. You
can focus on the main female cast and show clips of foreign ghostbusters
trying to fight the extraterrestrials. 

redstormfighter29 says:

I like the idea of a Ghost Busters cinematic universe as it would mean that
I wouldn’t have to watch the all female Ghost Busters movie remake to see a
new Ghost Busters.

I’m used to the Ghost Busters I watch being all male as that is the Ghost
Busters I grew up with. The all female one is just too sudden for me and
I’m not used to it. This idea of having the Ghost Busters being a variety
in the form of a cinematic universe I like as we as the viewers have more
to choose from and no one will be alienated. Women get their Ghost Busters
and we men get ours.

A cinematic universe is like a buffet but for movies. If they made a new
Ghost Busters just female lots of people would be pissed with the sudden
change in routine and people will complain but with this cinematic universe
of the Ghost Busters everyone wins :)

Jonathan J says:

Jesus Campea; get an imagination. A Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe, toys,
new stories…. this is a great idea. For anyone who watched the original
movie and has any affinity for comics & merchandising it’s a no brainer. If
the Lego Movie could be done well; this could be done better. Also;
please get a black American blogger on the show to give an opinion. This
AMC White Club is still really irritating. 

Donovan Castro says:

I say ditch the female Ghostbusters movie. That will be a train wreck like
George Lucas remaking the Star Wars prequels in 3D because he had to shit
somewhere. And these women, I can’t even look at them. Be prepared to have
a movie studio take a dump on cult classic movies. 

DanV900 says:

I’m actually excited for this because this seems more like what
Ghostbusters 3 should be to me. I am not really interested in the
all-female Ghostbusters movie and find it to be a gimmick. If the cast was
mixed with two men and two women, I would have been onboard for that since
it would not feel as forced. I think it was overboard with criticizing the
possible Ghostbusters universe since it’s not going to be like Marvel.
That’s just ridiculous and hyperbole. I think it’s a cool idea and hope
it’s good.

storm325 says:

even though im totatlly against this new ghostbusters universe. im
intrigued to see ghostbusters 3 with the all female cast. I think with the
women being casted it will be hilarious. but I don’t think they should
build a ghostbusters shared universe. its a horrible idea and this shows
how bad sony doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing.

GeorgeTheGreek1978 says:

That last guys t-shirt from the movie better off dead, I need it. That’s
one of my favorite movies of all time. I don’t know why he would let a
blind person cut his hair though. Also trim up those eyebrows LOL

KevWebsz says:

I hope Sony has so much confidence in their Ghostbuster Cinematic universe
that they’re like “Here you go Marvel, we dont need Spider-Man anymore.”

Akinokaze Haruichiban says:

Maybe early looks at the current film have them thinking it’s going to suck
and they are doing this to try to save the franchise without immediately
just rebooting it.

Ghostbutersreturn says:

I’m Very Excited about this!!!:) I’m Glad that there will be a new Male
Ghostbusters movie because it will be nice to see the Original Ghostbusters
back along with a new male team. 2 years of Ghostbusters the reboot in 2016
and a new GB Movie in 2017 That’s Awesome!!!:)

Manx36 says:

“Oh I thought Ghostbusters with vaginas was brilliant and totally not
gimmicky but this movie is way too far fetched.” I’m praying they make a
good Ghostbusters sequel but the I wouldn’t touch the proposed all female
one because it’s a movie crafted around a gimmick. They didn’t make the
original movie under the premise that those characters had to have dicks.
They had an idea and they formed it around the actors that happened to be
men. They didn’t say ok these characters will have dicks and we’ll make a
story around that.

Chris Reed says:

John moves his hands waaay too much.

Ozzy says:

I can’t be the only one thinking that the women version feels kind of
forced, but i’ll wait see the movie to see how it goes.

KevinJohn556 says:

Personally I’m happy he is donating to one of my Philly PD brothers who was
killed in the line of duty last Thursday.

o HESHER o says:

Not interested at all. Lame lame lame

Gamer mon says:

id give it a chance at least the first was amazing the second blew my mind
especially when the slime came up and you see the ghost running my favorite
was the titanic just arrived 

AgentGodzillaRangerPrime1701 says:

Same universe as the first two at least

Raiken Xion says:

My dream Ghostbusters line up would be Ben Stiller, Jim Carey, Seth Rogen,
Mila Kunis and that guy from The Big Bang Theory who plays Leonard.

Chris Reed says:

Can we get a Bridesmaids sequel called Groomsman?

Ghostbutersreturn says:

They should have a Ghostbusters Universe which will be Awesome!!!:)

Mark Green says:

The more you kept talking mark the more this sounded terrible

Will Lidden says:

the P and S in “corps” is silent

Mike Pisacano says:

I mean, it’s not like Sony has had any problems in the past with any other
half-assed attempts at trying to force a cinematic universe or anything
like that. That’s why Spider-Man is striving now more than ever. Am I
right, guys! Uh…guys?

bababoo259 says:


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