Carrie Japanese Trailer (2013) – Chloë Grace Moretz Movie HD

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Carrie Japanese Trailer (2013) – Chloë Grace Moretz Movie HD

A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White, a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother, who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.

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I like the emding song of this trailer. It makes it more creepier with the

بندر الظهراني says:
T Thomas Knight Vitae Libero says:

Carrie won’t take peoples crap forever…be nice to see how the remake of
the classic movie plays out

MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

A new Japanese Trailer for the Carrie remake featuring the ‘Kick-Ass’ star
Chloë Grace Moretz.

edmTrapped says:

yeah i kno i aint ignorant lmaoo

KimDoHyung0810 says:

movie looks good

Mathieu Leader says:

Black Prom Cometh!

platesomeat1 says:

Kickass’ s Hitgirl cast as Carrie? Mmmm shud b interesting n already shown
she can rest a whole film on her shoulders aswivout her Kickass 2 wudda
sucked elephant balls

Ricardo Chavez says:

“Ripp off if chronicles”? Wtf carrie is original amd came out decade ago.

Ninefingers says:

Matilda the teenage years

Maelstrom says:

then i bet you’re not going to watch the movie on release then? speaking of
which, why are you even here if it spoils it for you? you are contradicting

edmTrapped says:

carrie came before chronicle ya dumb bitch . type in carrie 1976

tielohnoms says:

But the world is cruel, and for that, it does exist..

Sam uel says:

If you have not seen the original Carrie you should not even be thinking
about watching this one

morbidbushido says:

Yup, at work watching trailers and killing time….

trex12evangelion says:

I think they just want to try it out with new tech :)

Soylent Green says:

Chloe Moretz is cool. I love the idea of her doing this movie.

Dinesh Ramesh Kumar says:

Go home ! you’re drunk

TheIndependentView2 says:

Done. To. Death.

walid walidos says:

Silent Hill !!

AmOnRuLeZz says:


Tonythefunnyasian says:

Holy shit this looks good oh my god.

Blizsteronmyballsack says:

movie looks good

Wayward Martian Studios says:

Hit-Girl becomes a real superhero! That or Matilda is all grown up :P

Ryu BLADE says:

Japanese voice makes everything extra creepy and dramatic lol

jrdy29 says:

shes not fit to play carrie. shes pretty, too pretty,

Gramoz c.Wallace says:


ELTITOS89 says:

LOL.. Did you just wrote..”japain”… LOL

TheCoolComplexity says:

I hope you don’t think that what I thought it was about….why would anyone
think that bullying is about just looks?…lol.

Callum McALpine says:

It’s a remake so it’s not

orestisDisturbed says:

It’s an American trailer… How can i tell? Cause i feel i just watched 90%
of the movie.

Glenn Galang says:

You dont mess with poor little cute carrie mother fucker

Nato Shaw says:

Pretty sure this movie didn’t need to be remade…


she looks too attractive for the role of Carrie ;-;

Tyrone Ward says:

Wrong! Ugly people don’t get bullied.

Tyrone Ward says:


biteeemeee101 says:

what no gang bang?

carlo says:

make a japanese version!!!!!

God says:

I hope they don´t try to bring fucking Religions to Japain. Japain is very
good like it is now.

maxracing96 says:

lol aguante Argentina!!

Sage Lee says:


BrawnyLion says:

um.. dont bullies bully people because of how they look sometimes

Sean Seehuetter says:

This is basically Hit Girl’s role in Kick Ass 2 expanded but with mind
powers instead of ninja skills.

Cookiez Sweets says:

That narrator made this seem like a pocky commercial

Blizsteronmyballsack says:

wtf that doesn’t even make sense. bullying has nothing to do with looks.

egroeg reyes says:

don forget the book, the original movie is based on the book

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