Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Behind the Scenes (Complete Broll) Chris Evans

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Behind the Scenes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Chris Evans

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Vinícius Manhães Andrade says:

the audio is allover the place

dogooda12 says:

The CA uniform is so cool! And that Shield? I mean Stan Lee was a genius!

Paige Olsen says:

He’s so beautiful. And talented. And funny. *sighs*

Herowebcomics says:

Behind the scenes stuff is SO awesome!
[Even when things don’t go as planed!] XD

Cristiano Furquim Bianchini says:

Why not show the stuntwoman doing the kicks instead of Scarlett Johansson?
The film would be better if she did the fights as Daredevil!


end fight scene were awesome

The Auditor says:

So this means the helicarriers aren’t real?! My dreams are crushed

Jake Rogers says:

Mouth syncing is off!!!! LOL!

clarkkent999 says:

Whoever edited this is a deek.

brian B says:

They look so stupid acting, but the movie is great .

Docktor Jim says:

I get the feeling Chris Evans pulls more tail than a slow kid at a petting

Rotionpotion says:

Wait so theres a guy who goes “WHUP! ShuP WHUP!” In every fight scene
behind the camera? 

wctrqn says:

They made a great movie! Best Marvel movie and best superhero movie to
date. Chris Evans is so cool! The perfect Captain America!

pburto says:

At 6:54… I’d just like to say to all directors of all future sci-fi
movies: Computer monitors you can see through will NEVER become popular.
Who would ever want one?

Gearstin says:

Holy shit Chris Evans did a lot of his own stunt! 15:21

CaneFu says:

I don’t think any of us can even imagine how much work it is to make a
movie like this.

Zelinity says:

the combat scenes in this movie were phenominal

{lenyx} says:

scarlett looks so silly running like wtf girl

melonology32 says:

Video/audio not working, is it just me? But these kind of videos are

EyesofPhysics SRG says:

12:45, what the…? Why kick him forwards, then upwards?

Fries101Reviews says:

Why are some the scenes don’t have no Audio 0r Sound

מרקו גִּדְעוֹן says:

audio sync issue is an easy fix, don’t even need video editing software.
just load up in pro tools or a number of audio editors- take a minute to
adjust the timing on the audio file. and done. send me the file i’ll do it
for you. as an audio engineer it really bugs me when audio is off like that
ill fix it for free

The Freckle Hood says:

what happened to the audio?

KittyGirl99 says:

The Audio is Out of Sync

Lee Rask says:

It’s funny how they mute the audio when they talk about stuff in the movie

SmartAlex1203 says:

whats up with the sound?

Erik Jamin says:

Holy crap that knife play at 15:38 itself will make the Dark Knight Rises
look so amateur. Gosh that movie is slow compared to this.

Rossana Avila Guerrero says:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Behind the S…: 

Retno Wahyuningtiyas says:

Dude, it’s seen like real. Great Director and producers, and graphics. They
just act like that.

BoilingHotCoffee says:

i like how all these actors did their own stunts

RobTunes says:

Yeah, the audio’s like five second off from the visual. Maybe a little
more. Oof.

aSm0jUiCe says:

Who is the blonde chick at 5:45?

Zuhayr Entertainment: The Official Channel says:

My ambition is to be a movie director, watching behind the scenes is fun,
but sometimes it worries me lol

ReZhorw says:

Graet addeting, such wurk, mani laiks! (I know english,)

Chapman says:

Scarlett IS the black widow

Crimson Hybrid says:

Holy wow that knife catch at 15:39

MrOnlyforcommenting says:

15: 20 wow , chris evans can hopped back right up without his hands. dem ,
thats kung fu stuff.

luan assis says:

oh wow watching these makes u realy wonder how these ppl make a movie look
good with these brokened up scenes

Angell xo says:

OMG Chris Evans and all the others are so damn amazing!! 

coolkid23 says:

Captain and black widow better get together ;)

Cinnoney says:

6:50 a group of 20 something people acting like they’re operating hologram
computers i can’t breathe

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