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As many of you know the upcoming DC film SUICIDE SQUAD is now in production in Toronto Canada and something interesting was just seen on set. New photos have emerged showing Ben Affleck on set of the new movie in what appears to be a similar suit to the one we see him wearing in BATMAN V SUPERMAN set pictures. And speaking of pictures, Joker actor Jared Leto has released this new picture of himself getting physically ready for his role in the film.

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Movielover123451 says:

love what you guys do! keep it up!!

Brown Stones says:

They probably want him to have a V-shaped body, that way he would look
great in a suit. besides what else is he going to do while in prison?

LazyBazooka says:

frank miller’s joker is pretty ripped, and the joker can and has fought
with batman many times. sure, he’s no martial artist but he’s so
unpredictable and plays dirty.

joseph10704 says:

The joker we are getting is the frank miller joker. If none of you have
ever seen that joker then go see for yourself. That joker is in one word
Badass. He is more bigger and damanding but in the side not he is more of a
joker you do not want to mess with. Think of the dark k ight joker we got
but more crazy and more daring I mean no joke the dark k ight returns
jokers is beyond crazy he is in so many words fucking nuts. But at a quit

CIarKent says:

Hellboy in the background

Andrew S says:

You guys have to remember Frank Millers Joker was a pretty big guy, and
thats what it seems theyre drawing inspiration from for all the Batman
related stuff. So im perfectly fine with physically fit Joker, which is
kinda irrelevant since hes gunna have a suit/Prison attire in most scenes.

Ono Ramírez says:

Wow!!! Batman will show up

Ronan O Reilly says:

I read an interview a while back, Leto said that his Joker has been in and
out of prison a few times so while he’s in prison he just works out all the
time. He said his first scene will be someone coming to question/interview
him about what he knows about Batman while he’s working out in prison

Jacob ibarra says:

Guys comon…Zack Snyder started this cinematic universe… Everyone’s
gotta be buff lol

Dontuween says:

Joker never fights Batman? As I recall, Cesar Romero did throw punches at
the Dynamic Duo every now and then. POW! BANG! UGH!

Augustin Tiberiu says:

Maybe Leto is in the gym because …he like to keep in shape,he goes to gym
frequently ,I saw pictures with him in this shape even before this role

Triple Muscle Fitness says:

Overall this is good to see and good that DC is trying to give Marvel some

kush smoke says:

you’ve never seen a jacked joker in a movie before?..clearly she hasnt
watched the dark knight returns cartoon, or even read the fucking

Sean38529 says:

I don’t think this joker will be able to go toe-to-toe with Batman in terms
of fighting and martial arts but I’m guessing this joker will easily be
able to take down your average Joe.

kayel lushima says:

Is funny the same day John says the Joker can’t go toe to toe with Batman,
is the same day Joker actually went toe to toe with Batman in the comics.

PrizeFighter says:

Think about it: If you’ve had your ass handed to you time and time again by
the Batman… Wouldn’t you start working out just a little more to
hopefully even out the odds?

PhallicTechnoPirate says:

I have a theory about Joker wearing the Superman shirt. Maybe he’s wearing
it because he looks up to Superman in a weird way. I say this cuz Joker is
all about chaos and just look at the amount of chaos Superman caused in MoS

Dean McMillan says:

Id put my money on the film being based on, Batman Assault on Arkham. That
had very little of Batman, it followed task force X. The Joker won’t be in
the “team” he will be a side character at the beginning. Then the main bad

Darkman says:

Also he probably got a pump in that picture. Dem veins.

Tripp the Wallflower says:

I don’t like the fact that this joker version is going to be jacked up. I
always thought that the joker’s best weapon was his wit not his fists. The
joker should be the opposite of what batman is. This is not it.

Advaaith S Kumar says:

Maybe he is going to be the titan joker from the arkham games !!!

Quill says:

Why does he have a white outline? Deary me!

Dennis Espero says:

I love the Leto is getting jacked for the Joker role. I mean God knows he’s
been in a prison setting for long enough. Anybody who knows anybody who’s
been incarcerated knows that they generally come out a heck of a lot bigger
than they went in. This seems like this Joker is rooted in a little bit
more realism.

dpistons149 says:

Batman always owns joker in fights but I always thought joker would hold
his own against most guys because of his knifes and crazy.

T Zero says:

what if… the joker was the one in that batman robot armor? :o
“tell me… do you bleed?… you will…”

moviebuzzrocks says:

A run in between the Joker and Bruce Wayne would be really cool

Darkman says:

He is not as big as batfleck so who cares.

Hallucinogen X says:

No Joker should not be a physical threat to Batman because Batman is the
best fighter in the world.Joker is skinny and should be portrayed as
such.Leto’s muscles have me more worried than the tattoos.

M.Valle198 says:

he must be “joking” with the superman shirt

KaneDesigns says:

How the fuck did Leto get huge so fast? Like 1 or 2 months 

Concon says:

Joker has went toe to toe but with batman at a disadvantage.

knightfall209 says:

This movie is gonna be sick!

nathanp2007 says:

Always amazes me how little they know.
(Edit: Some i expect little from, like Alicia cause comic stuff isnt her
forte. But Ellis? Unless its about rock bands he only ever knows
generalized surface knowledge on the topics. At least Kristian plays the
games/reads comics/reads books/is hardcore about certain things that are
topics consistently.)

Ellis: You don’t know why The Joker is ripped? Odds are like 90% the movie
is going to be basically the live action version of the DC Animated movie
Batman Assault on Arkham, which is to say a imprisoned Joker is broken out
by the Suicide Squad (Waller brings them together, forces them to work
together and get The Joker out). So the Joker is in prison (given Batman’s
age id bet for a long time)…hence the tats, hence the being prison

As for Bruce Wayne/Batman…again i think we will see a total of 10 minutes
of Batman just like in BM:AoA (animated movie). He investigates something
as Batman a little bit before the Arkham break in, he finds out about it,
shows up to it in the last 1/4 of the movie, does his fighting and trying
to stop them stuff and then stuff happens and the movie ends. He’s not
really a lead, hes only in 10-15 min of the animated movie.

I think it kills the aura of the Joker and what he stands for to have him
physically fight Batman in a toe to toe way. Maybe in a wild fight style
for a little bit but the idea of The Joker and Batman going at it like Bane
and Batman did in DK3 is just a killer of what the Joker is.

Srh Batman says:

Flashbacks of him wrecking Jason todd.

KRYMauL says:

I just want Batman to be in it just like the Assault on Arkham movie and
nothing else

king killa says:

Just because let to has baby muscle cuts. Doesn’t mean he standing up to
anybody especially baton

screamforsixteen says:

Everyone saying that Joker can’t be a physical thereat to Batman, or has
never had any fighting capabilities has never picked up a comic book.

Quinnzel says:

flashbacks #ROBIN ?

MrGaryTOnline says:

I got a boner


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