Bayonetta 2 – Game Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Bayonetta 2 for Nintendo Wii U.


Titus Orelius says:

Well Chris sense you enjoy Bayonetta 2 and gave it such a great review you
are officially a misogynistic shitlord according to Feminists “Gaming” Site

Crona Gorgon says:

Chris may have convinced me to get a wii u instead of an xbox one .-.

Mr. Sintastic Presents says:

Game of the year for me. Wii U is fantastic. While it doesn’t have the
third party support, thats almost a good thing because that’s what
distinguishes it from the Xbox1 or PS4. PS4 and Xbox1 are basically the
same as they have 90% of the same games. Wii U with all the mario games,
Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Smash in a few days, is really under rated. Plus
the games look great.

MasterDiablovn says:

Please review and PLAY the Valkyria Chronicles just out for PC!! You will
love it!!

Nelson says:

Give enough money to Platinum Games and they come up with masterpieces like
this one :D

Shenmue is sooo good! I play it every now and then.

TwilightBytes says:

Bayonetta 2 – Game Review: Another great review by one of my favorite
YouTube critics.

Steven Vanlalhriatpuia says:

If you’re doing gaming reviews seriously now then you should go to other
platforms too just to see what games they have. Like right now you can
review Sunset overdrive which is an exclusive to a xbox one. 

Brooks Wilkins says:

Up until last week I was still in the mindset of “Owning a Wii U is
something I don’t really want to do ever”. But now thanks to you, Chris,
and some other gaming personalities, I’m seriously considering buying one
at some point. The problem is I don’t have any money :(

Joseph Su'a says:

So it’s like a female version of God of War 3 with no bloodshed. I want to
play it now.

Christian Jendrachek says:

I´m owning the Wii U for about a year now (it was my christmas-present to
myself last year ;)) and got at this point most of the “good games” for the
system. I really recommend Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U,
Mario Kart 8, Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, Batman Arkam City, Assassins
Creed 3+4 and of course Bayonetta 1+2 (i mean…10 bucks more and you get
the first game as a bonus – just awesome). At the moment I am playing
through Bayonetta 1 and its amazing, and i absolutely look forward to play
Bayonetta 2 after this. Really great system, really good games on it. And i
havent even played the DK-games or Pikmin yet.

Nickolas Lindberg says:

I really wish bayonetta 2 wasn’t exclusive. It’s great for wii U but sucks
for me:(

Cade Thumann says:

I find it ironic that the Wii U is so far beating the PS4 and Xbox One,
despite having somewhat inferior power (not sure how to put it. Specs,
horsepower, i am not sure. I am not a great tech guy). I find it even more
ironic that the Wii U is just chilling in the background and putting out a
lot of good games while the PS4 and Xbox One are competing with their
graphics. Who knows, hopefully the PS4 and Xbox one will start putting out
a truckload of good games eventually (Like Uncharted 4)

Matt Matriciano says:

I think if you had a dream cast you probably would have had shenmue or if
you knew someone with a dreamcast you probably would have heard of it.
Great review anyways! 

Edward Elric says:

I am waiting for Xenoblade X…buckets of cum…

roguelite22 says:

wii u sucks!!!!! ps4 gets all 3rd party!!!!!!!!

ImSebbecool says:

You should play assassins creed 1 or 2 instead (the only good ones) 

Mau Jo says:

Come on, dude. You’ve reviewed two videogames now, but you have no time for
that anime review you promised us 2 months ago ?! Really, Chris, don’t make
promises you can’t keep!

ShootingRapid says:

Loving the game reviews Chris keep it up 

UnderdogIQ22 says:

I say stick to movie reviews…

Chris Stuckmann says:
JWUniverse says:

Awesome review Chris. Yeah I’m getting time to play games again as well Got
to review a few of them myself. I miss playing games all night LMAO!

Alex Kat says:

Chris please review GTA V Next Gen.

Blackbullnova69 says:

Fuck Polygon. 

Logan Wheeler says:

Chris, if you love action oriented games that are grounded with fantastic
humor, I seriously recommend checking out the Uncharted series. Uncharted 1
is the weakest of the three, and Uncharted 2 is my favorite, but they are
all awesome games made by Naughty Dog, the studio that made The Last of Us.

MaikuBoy1 says:

I wish he stopped doing these pointless game reviews. He clearly doesn’t
know much about games. Making these makes him feel like he can assess more
things than films when in reality they are really bear bones and don’t
focus on the important parts that make a game.

For example the only things he said about the gameplay were: It’s
action-packed and I couldn’t put the controller down. WOW. I can read the
same thing from the back of the box. What about the length? Or the
controls? Or replayability? Nothing. He talks about cutscenes for too long.

Stop making these bad game reviews. You clearly don’t know what makes a
video game good.

Carson Crosbt says:

No one cares about nintendo 

Thomas Rawlings says:

Recently been getting into nintendo, really strongly considering getting a
wii u over a ps4, then wait for the ps4 to drop in price next year. Do you
guys think that’s a sensible move?

Rico0oG says:

SHENMUE!!! Holy shit i love that game on the dreamcast i hope they make the
3rd one on the wii u since Sega is doing games with Nintendo for the wii u.
I don’t own wii u yet, but in couple of weeks im gonna get myself one. I
have PS4 and i’m just faded with the boring games. And i think im getting
bayonetta 2 with the console.
I’m back to my gaming roots Nintendo!!!

zrifepsych says:

yeah no, I hate Bayonetta. I appreciate the gameplay since I love character
action games but when you put slutty Nicki Minaj level as the main
character, I wouldn’t want to touch it.

MatrixAndrAIa says:

Hoho, man, Shenmue on the DC. I own a copy that came from my younger
brother… in 2001. I used to love watching him play that game back then.
Really cool. Shame that Shenmue 3 never came out! Shenmue was never the
type of game that I played (2D shoot em ups were my thing), but I would’ve
loved to see that series continue! =)

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