Batman v Superman Comic-Con Trailer – Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews the leaked Batman v Superman Comic-Con Trailer.


ERay152 says:

Did you forget about the 3d sonar in TDK. His eyes were whitish blue

Xavier Taylor says:

All I know is Snyder said, (paraphrasing) “If we were adapting TDKR, you’d
need a very different Superman.” So, that alone leads me to not think we
will see a weakened version of Superman for the sake of Batman. Also, when
asked who’d win in a fight, Snyder said himself, (again paraphrasing) “Look
Batman’s awesome, but c’mon it’s Superman.” I’m in no way worried about the
unbalanced treatment. I’m just so excited to see how they do it.

Shade Draws says:

I got chills watching a shitty camera phone recording of the trailer. Once
it drops in HD… my god…

Jan-Erik Kari says:

What do you think about Jason Momoa as the Aquaman? What do you think about
the look the revealed?

Chris Stuckmann says:
JustDavid0823 says:

What would you do if they surprised everyone and it came out next year?

Creative says:

Lol DC is pathetic. They’re getting absolutely destroyed by Marvel so they
have to rush in Batman and Superman into one movie…and they’re even tryna
throw in wonder woman too? Lol it’s so obvious that they’re desperate to
keep up. I personally don’t think this movie will be good because it is
clearly being rushed. The DC Franchise has gone completely left field now.
They went from having a clear and concise direction to having to throw all
their heroes in one movie. This film seems all about hype and cash, which I
don’t blame them for because nowadays people just like whatever they see. 

5ick5imon says:

I’m not the biggest comic book nerd, so could somebody please tell me how
this fight is going to be interesting?
I mean Superman is invincible, the dude can survive anything. If he’d be
fighting Thor or some other god i could see how that would be intriguing,
but Batman, even with all expensive tech, is just a human being.
How is this movie not going to end after five minutes with Superman pushing
Batmans skull out of his anus?

Shade Draws says:

I wonder if one of the things that brings Superman and Batman to a sense of
mutual respect is that Supes realizes that Batman, even though he is a
human and knows he can’t possible win against him, is willing to fight and
die for the human race. Supes then realizes that humanity is really worth
saving and protecting if it can produce someone like Batman.

CCAYCO: Art & Illustration says:

I’m all for this movie, and I’m pumped as hell for it! BUT, I can’t be
alone when I say this:

If they’re going to stay consistent with the realistic world set in Man Of
Steel, then there is NO WAY, *NO WAY*, anything on Earth can stand up
against MOS Superman. The power he and Zodd displayed was insane. No
man-made power suit will be believably able to go head to head with Supes
in this universe.

Kappa Koopa says:

It’s stupid they’d think a trailer could stay exclusive to a convention and
that no on would record it and upload it. A trailer should have been
uploaded the same day from their channel. 

The Scarecrow says:

Teaser was Epic, hope it gets released online so I can watch it 100 more

zomaster1 says:

Chris!!!!! Review deadpool test footage. REVIEW DEADPOOL TEST FOOTAGE!

CatholicBro says:

Thoughts on the mad max trailer Chris?

Vinayak Pande says:

My reaction to when Superman shows up in the light of the Bat-signal was
the same as the crowd in the hall. I went nuts! Such an awesome snippet
that looks cool even as a grainy cell phone video. Just over a year away
now :D

Armin Afshar says:

This will be amazing.

JWUniverse says:

WB/DC Really know how to make you mad sometimes by waiting long periods of
time. I want to see this movie not damn it!… Great video Chris.

crawlingninjabear says:

I’m just waiting for Aqua-Drogo footage…

Chris David Carson says:

I seriously don’t know why you guys are all so excited about this movie.
Yes I am a HUGE DC AND MARVEL fan, but this movie is and will be a damn
disgrace to some of the world’s best superheroes ever. And the main ones I
am referring to are Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. I mean, did you guys
forget that there is a really good chance Wonder Woman’s origins will be
completely changed in this damn movie? Which means NO Amazonian or Greek
ties to the character, and instead have her be of KRYPTONIAN Origins!!!!!
Soooo yeah, needless to say if THAT happens, it will be the biggest piss
they could possibly take on one of DC’s most ICONIC characters EVER. And
don’t even get me started on Jesse Eisenberg…………

The Dashboard says:

This footage didn’t do anything for me. What happens in it? Batman turns on
the bat signal and Superman warms up his heat vision. It doesn’t tell me
anything I don’t already know. The movie is being made, Batman and Superman
are in it, and it draws inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns. That clip
didn’t even look like a scene from a movie. It looked like a fan made
trailer. They probably threw it together really quick just for SDCC. I hate
being so cynical about this, but nothing so far has lead me to believe it
will be any good. I really do hope that when I walk out of the theater on
May 6, 2016 I’m proven wrong.

Kyle Hollenbaugh says:

He had white eyes in the end of the dark knight

crimsonmaru says:

Is, is that a Christian Bale statue in the background?

Oh, that’s Patrick Bateman. :)

ReadingGalaxy says:

OK I must admit I don’t know anything outside of the movies (never read a
comic book) but can someone NICELY tell me why Batman and Superman would
fight?? I thought they were …like…super heroes…good guys… Very
confused. Shouldn’t they join forces?

Thank u.

Deceptibot Retrocon says:

Just watched it… Really cool! Definitely gives me hope for the movie.

thomas the tank engine says:

I can’t wait to call you out when this movie stinks.

Gevoian Yasin says:

why do batman and superman hate eachother and fight?

Mike Honcho says:

Batman’s eyes were white in the Dark Knight with the sonar vision.

Larson Yousuf says:

i orgasmed when superman appeared simple as that

MrTelboy says:

ideally I would have liked MOS2 before the VS movie just to solidify
superman (Cavil) before they start crossing over.
something I hope they do is set this in the future. it would make more
sense rather than this happening after MOS (supermans origin) and all of a
sudden goes straight into fighting batman.

Eddie Coates says:


It’s called control. They control the sheep. There are far more important
people than you they will show the entire film first! The sheep pays for
everything as the slaves they are. You are not allowed to share this
footage with the sheep until they make a profit.

Nelson Brown says:

The only reason he is excited for this movie, is because it has Batman in

Jonathan Udovicic says:

I think Goyer is a great writer but I feel more comfortable with this
movies script in Chris Terrios hands =D

The Raj Dave says:

i shit my pants

No Good Usernames Left says:

Anyone know why they’re fighting besides “the government wants you, masked
vigilante, taken down!”? I’m assuming that they make up in the end to fight
a common asshole, but what’s their reason for fighting in the first place?

FoxCloud93 says:

They had the white eye’s, in the dark night and it.

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