Bajrang Dal Attacks Two Theatres Screening ‘PK’ In Ahmedabad

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Movies getting caught in the web of religion and social causes is not a new thing. Par do you know about the recent controversy that has caught the movie PK? Well our khufiya bird tells us that Rajkumar Hirani this time has tried to send a religious message but has landed up hurting religious sentiments of many.
Scenes of Lord Shiva in the washroom etc have not gone down well with the sentimental public. Hota hai, cos no one would want to see their Supreme Power so.
But Aamir being Aamir, we know he is a level headed individual so we guess movie goers in India have to relax a bit and learn to take satire in the right way.
When one goes to watch a movie, one should keep the disclaimer in mind. Raj Kumar Hirani apparently has dialed a wrong number to his movie this time))!


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