AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Worth Watching In 3D? – AMC Movie News

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Twitter Question – April 28, 2015
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kingdarko says:

2d .. there is far too much going on throughout the film for it to be worth

sren27 says:

I think it is not … there are no special effects that stand out in 3D so
go watch it in 2d

MyMike1100 says:

My very first time seeing Guardians of the Galaxy I saw in 3D and I gotta
say that I absolutely 100% LOVED IT! 

Ginganinga314 says:

The only movie I have ever thought was enhanced by 3D was Dredd 3D. Cring
enducing title but is genuinely my favourite comic book movie of all time
and is actually better in 3D.

TheDelikizzz says:

I like watching blockbuster movies like this in 3d 

Ed C23 says:

If only IMAX offered the option to watch it in 2D. For me it’s really a
choice between 2D, or IMAX 3D.

dcrownso2 says:

Gravity is the BEST 3D movie EVER

AvatarRishi says:

I don’t why, I am the opposite of Campea, I always love 3D better

Reticent Man says:

The best live-action movie I have seen in 3D is Avatar. The best animated
movie in 3D I have seen is Tangled. I think animated movies do a better job
of making the 3D interesting and not distracting.

Cedric Mathew Hudson says:

Saw it both in 2D & 3D.. and in fact.. i forgot that i watched in 3D second
time around untill i saw this video.. it was THAT memorable.. yeah.. just
go see it in 2D you won’t miss anything,


No movie is worth seeing in 3D 

AgentGodzillaRangerPrime1701 says:

Only if it was filmed in 3D by a competent director

PHIFan-MIA says:

It’s not. Movie has a 72% rating so it’s an average movie.

Rachel Wagner says:

Gravity was unforgettable in 3D

Manuel Orozco says:

Regardless of the fact Age of Ultron’s acclaim is not as rave as the
original Avengers movie, I am going to see it this coming weekend in IMAX
3D with the sneak preview of Tomorrowland before the start of the movie. I
do like 3D but I don’t do 3D for every big movie that comes out. It all
depends on if it’s shot in 3D, fully animated or if there is something
special about the 3D or in particular IMAX version of the movie.

Relish THEUnborn says:

nah man 3D is way way better than 2D ! altho the image gets blury at times
and ur head starts flippin out bit when it works 3D is way more immersive
no chance man..the thing is for them to make compelte 3D movie i think its
gotta be digitally made 100% or close to it…in age of ultron when stark
gets close up inside the suit its super duper cool man in 3D <3 it!! also
before the movies when they show the 3D stuff it really gets near you
imagine in the future when the technology is developed movies will be the
msot amazing experience ever ..yes even better than sex

Victor Alexis says:

I’m going to watch it on 4DX ._. On friday

Stanley Mancil says:

Can’t do 3-D ,get really bad headaches from them

cudef says:

Don’t watch it in 3D. You will miss too much.

Jacob McCormick says:

I’ve seen it in 3d but I’m looking forward to see it in 2d. I kinda wish I
saw it on a bigger screen. The cinema I saw it in the screen wasn’t one of
the bigger ones they had. 

potaka79 says:

Ive seen it in both & it’s pretty good in 3D….Just realised I’ve seen
#AvengersAgeOfUltron 3 more times then the #AMC crew. 

Jacob Garcia says:

I don’t like 3D, but avatar like he said was good. And another good one was
Gravity you have to see the two of those in 3D

thegameplay ness says:

Are any films worth watching in 3D?

Tyler Kelson says:

so I watched it in Imax 3d which I chose for Imax, not for 3d, but that
said I went to the double feature so while my eyes hurt a little bit at the
end of the night, it was really cool

hashknight1 says:

It depends upon the individual too…like for me ,i love watching in 3d
but some people may get headaches or feel heaviness. Man of Steel was great
in 3d, so as guardians of galaxy,avatar,Godzilla, etc

darthman vader says:

3D. it has awesome 3D effects like things flying at you and great depth. If
you see this in 2D you are missing out. That is a FACT!

YoungShyne123 says:

this movie was disappointing , Hopefully antman can restore my faith.

Algrim Kurse says:

3D wasnt worth any second. Its pure moneymaking. Go see it in 2D if you can

iBlueHood says:

I’ve seen it in 2D and 3D (im from the uk) and 3D was no different save
your money go 2D. 


I agree with you campea I have and always will watch a movie in 2D if I
have the option to

Gareth Owen says:

with 2D it takes away the color pallet :( so if you like a movie to have
its own unique color, 3d is out the window lol

Captain Meliodas says:

I watched the movie last week in 3D and I gotta say go for normal 2D, the
3D wasn’t great and it was very distracting, the first 10 min of the movie
looked terrible in 3D and made me kinda dizzy. Go for 2D people! Enjoy the
movie folks! :)

cooler575 says:

ive seen avenger age of ultron in 3d but the death of tony stark did not
appear better or worse. Still i would go for 2D over 3D….why use glasses
when the eye is the PERFECT instrument to watch anything at all??

PS: ive really seen the movie in 3d tough :P

Treestandsafety says:

at least 90% of the AOU is useless and blurry and duller in 3d..never
seeing it in 3d again.

pandemonstrosity says:

The only movies that IMO are worth watching in 3D are Avatar and Gravity.

Warcraft can be good contender next year because their world called Azeroth
has interesting places to see.

TheGrimlean says:

i wish i had a AMC prime near me Dx

NYC Camper says:

How can you make a video like this and you haven’t seen both?

….I am going to make a movie on how it feels to be a giant…

James King says:

I prefer 2d over anything. Not a fan of 3d in general.

The Deacon says:

Not a 3d fan but that jurassic world trailer was awesome in 3d.

James Fitzpatrick says:

I saw it in IMAX 3d last night and it was completely worth it! I was
totally into see it on the huge IMAX screen with 3d yo uwill not be

Mozts1 says:

Marvel has a history of mediocre 3D conversions. Not worth it.

HELLASgate7 says:

Dredd 3D I heard was fantastic 

Mohammed Diallo says:

Had no choice, and had to watch Age of Ultron in 3D… Don’t waste your
money guys!! I even forgot I was wearing 3D glasses when the movie was
done… That’s how much it didn’t make a difference.

Ralph Krolczyk says:

Thank you James Cameron so much for the resurgence of 3D. I love spending
15 bucks for a ticket.

Deep In Cosmos says:

3D made this movie even better

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