Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer review

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Hype for the summer blockbusters of 2015 officially begin now that the teaser trailer for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has hit the web. Jeremy gives you his thoughts on the trailer!

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BDWJ1986 says:

Man, I’m glad I never got into comic books. It seems to turn most people
who read them into the most nitpicky people ever. I don’t like Ultron’s
eyes. He has eyebrows! So the fuck what. God Dam. A really good teaser
trailer to get you pumped comes out and you are focus on the damned
villains eyes? Give me a break. It’s not a movies job to literally just
transplant source material onto the screen. They have to do little things
to make it their own. Everything doesn’t need to look or be like it is in
the comics. Different does not have to equal bad.

Michael Brown says:

I loved this trailer and I loved the fx they used for quicksilver. It’s
much more accurate then that God like version in xmen: DOFP. He damn near
stopped time when he moved and He was just a teenager. Imagine when he’s in
his prime. When he walks, you won’t be able to see him. I loved that scene
at the time. But true comic book fans know what I’m saying is right. Even
if you only watched the cartoons. You know he didn’t move that fast. And
how in the hell was he able to listen to music? Maybe he was fast
forwarding it. It’s to many fans bashing avengers version because of one
good scene. It’s probably the same people bashing DOFP version because how
he looked before it came out.

Devon Henry says:

Got damn it where is Magnito when you need him. He could sort this ultron
shit out in two seconds. 

roarshach13 says:

I only just now realized just how bad Cap’s shield being broken is. That
thing is supposed to be unbreakable. THOR’S FUCKING HAMMER couldn’t even
crack it! What in the blue perfect hell does Ultron have in his arsenal
that the God of Thunder doesn’t?

Ed C23 says:

The trailer was okay, it didn’t get me anywhere near as excited as Jeremy.
Then again, I didn’t get excited over the original Avengers trailer either
and that turned out to be a lot of fun to watch.

One concern for me though… I wasn’t blown away by James Spader as
Ultron, it didn’t quite fit the character to me. But maybe that’s only
because I just finished binge watching Blacklist so I couldn’t hear his
voice without picturing his face.


Ultron: there are no strings on me

Iron man: huh?

Ultron: cmon man you know the pinnocio reference

Iron man : :-P uhhhhh

Captain America: hey i know this from that pinnocio movie in 1940’s

Iron man: stfu Steve we’ll discuss this in civil war

Ultron: ugh you guys don’t know what pinnocio is im out you guys are dumb
im not gonna waist time on you guys I’ll just wait till the ant-man movie
comes out

Ekky Pramana says:

I really like how this guy always sounds excited and furious at the same
time (in a funny way) on every of his video. Never bored watching him :D

Luke M says:

The shots in that trailer look lame and generic. It’s like a Transformer
film with a slower pace. The Days of Future Past trailer had more depth and
substance than all of the MCU movies since Iron Man. This movie will be a
glossy toy commercial and nothing more.

J.Ray4201 says:

That was the most epic trailer I’ve ever seen. This is why Marvel Dominates
at the box office because they know how to set up multiple movies in just
one movie.
DC is NEVER going to come anywhere close to Marvel’s cinematic universe and
that’s a shame because I’m a big DC fan but at this point they’ll NEVER
have the success that Marvel’s had

projectbpain44 says:

Damn this movie looks serious as hell. I was one of the people that thought
avengers was ok not the amazing thing people said it was. Mostly because it
was to simple and a little to fun for me. BUt this actually looks dark and


Spoiler Alert
At the end of the movie, Ultron turns out to be Pinocchio

Grey Strike says:

My teacher showed this and class and everyone fucking died

Elijah T says:

The trailer was released by Marvel. Marvel was sick of the. constant fake

william parcell says:

Civil War is coming. Ultron going rogue is what causes the public to turn
on the heroes. 

FoldAPieceOfWater says:

A general thought on those trailer “reviews”. I don’t think it should be
Jeremy’s job to hype a movie which hasn’t even been released and he hasn’t
seen yet.
I’m not saying his views aren’t honest, or even that it’s a paid promotion.
But it’s the same issue as in games media. Products get hyped by such sites
as ign, without them having it played.
I find it to be a slippery slope for a reviewer. However, I still enjoy
watching these videos most of the time.

Irvin Allymohamed says:

I’ll be honest, I’m usually only scared of insects and disgusting animals.
But people In my opinion are looking over the face of Ultron. Ultron’s face
at the end of the trailer gave me so many chills..

Padawanmage71 says:

Interesting this came out just days after DC’s reveal of it’s movie lineup.

BrotherPorkchop says:

The trailer was very cool, but Ultron looked really fucking dumb. He is
supposed to look like an emotionless, killer robot with his iconic antlike
mouth and eye shape, which he is completely lacking. The way he has robotic
eyebrows and human looking eyes ruins him, and he looks incredibly generic.
Almost like a transformer.

shane55pwnt says:

I didn’t really like the first movie. It seemed way to simple and dragged
on massively. But from what I’ve seen of this trailer there will hopefully
be a lot more depth in the characters and there relationship with each

Cleapatra25 says:

People are always dissing the damn movie before it even comes out.
don’t know whats going to happen in it. You haven’t seen the damn movie yet
so stop over analyzing it before you watch the shit. I hate you damn geeks.
I’m excited to see the movie myself and I will enjoy it.

John Martinez says:

I kinda liked the first Avengers, but I hate the new Hulk, I don’t know why
but I just hate the actor he is just too old and not badass enough to play
The Hulk. 

mightykamina2009 says:

I watched the trailer after seeing this video, and the moment I saw Ultron
I was thinking “You’re all fucked”

Atticus Omundson says:

I think one of the first movies to do the “childhood song turned creepy”
was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Could be wrong though.

Steve stevenson says:

Jeremy, I have a theory. What if Tony isn’t using the Hulkbuster armour to
stop the Hulk. What if Hulk is trying to stop the Hulkbuster armour. How
cool would it be if Hulk had to stop the normal Iron Man armour because
Ultron took control of it, so to counter the Hulk Ultron assembles the
Hulkbuster armour to fight him.

Nolan Vogel says:

James Spader will be awesome. But the trailer reminded me of Iron Man 3
trailer. Hopefully, it won’t be as disappointing as Iron Man 3 was.

kris220b says:

first reaction on Ultrons design

JeremyJahns says:
Jonathan Ellison says:

is it just me or did anyone else think it was bryan cranston talking when
this trailer started but boy does this trailer look good like with the
empier strikes back and the dark knight it looks like this one is going to
be a lot darker which is awesome, i love how they made Ultron have a mouth
they could of easily just had him be like iron-man see as he is based from
stark teck i really love how Ultron look, it really looks banner is not
going to have a good time in this film and looks like most people will
blame stark for all this so who knows maybe CIVIL WAR is coming 

smellmycatbro says:

I could of imagine this fitting perfectly with transformers age of
extinction. I know it sounds silly but would been sweet if all those iron
man robots were in command of megatron reborn as shown in the ending of
transformers age of extinction…
Don’t get me wrong at first I though it was a new transformer movie…

goldensilverstar says:

Why is everyone talking about these Pinocchio songs and quotes??

I have never seen Pinocchio, what’s going on?

Rogue_ says:

This trailer was super underwhelming… The dark and creepy song should NOT
have been paired with the actiony shots of the Hulkbuster scene, it really
just defused my hype

Batman says:

The trailer was good but I am more hyped for Justice League Part 1. ;) 

sapach1406 says:

based on this trailer, my theory for cap 3 goes like this:
– Tony creates Ultron
– Ultron destroys everything on its path
– Since the heroes are down (a probably revealed to the public that Tony
created the threat) the people start to loose faith in them, they see the
Avengers as people that need to be controlled, otherwise another Ultron
incident can happen
– This gives the Government the chance it needs to approve the Superhero
Registration Act.
– Out of guilt, Tony is the registration’s figurehead

pattimcb31 says:

Loved it I want to see it again but can’t find it anywhere 

Vernedi says:

What’s the point of even making the Ant-Man movie now? Hank’s sole purpose
was creating Ultron, now Iron Man took his one memorable role.

Hank Pym and Janet are really old and dead by 2015, storywise. Having an
Ant-Man movie about Scott Lang being a con-man hired to steal the Ant-Man
suit from Yellowjacket is pointless.

I also call Ant-Man garbage for depriving us of having Wasp in the first
Avengers movie, giving us lame Black Widow instead, who is useless and was
obviously only put there for eye-candy.

Jared Carter says:

I’m really hoping Ultron has better reasons than “destroy all humans”. I’m
kinda tired of AIs that turn on people, and I want to be able to feel for

Justin Carpenter says:

Looks awesome. Though I have to disagree with you on quicksilver. The one
scene was cool in Days of Future Past but I really didn’t like that version
of quicksilver at all. So it wont take much to make me like this one better.

My big question, who the hell is Andy Serkis playing?

ShadyMan OG says:

Only thing I didn’t like was that Ultron looks way too human. Should have
stuck with this classic:

Stephanie Walsh says:

Looks bad ass. Not sure how I feel about the Pinocchio song tbh. It seems a
little lame. But it worked i guess. I kind of hope that he doesn’t actually
say “I’ve got no strings on me” in the movie…

Joseph Caquias says:

The Pinnochio music is creepy as hell

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