AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON Red Carpet Premiere – AMC Movie News

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AMC’s Maude Garrett hits the red carpet premiere of The Avengers Age of Ultron. This intense adventure hits AMC Theatres May 1st!


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TheVideoInvader says:

Long live Stan Lee! He must be a superhuman. My Great Grandfather is 95 and
can barley speak.

Alexpegasus says:

Laura Barton. Interesting…

MacBookProtege says:

Is that Upham at 3:54?

Bishrant Tandukar says:

Is that Paul Rudd in 4:46

Elliot Samot says:

I almost wonder if Maude gets stoned and/or takes a few shots before she
goes on camera.

TheAwesomeMed says:

Laura barton? Hawkeye is married? FFS no mockingbird x hawkeye then.

Tupe Sauaso says:

Thanx for SPOILING the movie AMC= Laura BARTON!

Robert West says:

What about the 20 second batman vs superman trailer ? And the full trailer
coming out monday?

Sauron Bastard says:

When are the technical wizards and artists who basically CREATE the movie
are going to get CUDOS for all their efforts, as their pay also is a lot
less than the actors!!

Arbhall McDougall says:

So this is like an advanced screening?

NZ1967 says:

It’s still a couple weeks till this opens in North America, aren’t they
concerned all those people are gonna spills the beans about the movie? I
know there’s an embargo, but surely, you’d think spoilers will be leaked
with this many people watching the premeire, a full 2 weeks before the
general public.

Graeme Wilson says:

I love Maude on the team. She adds tons of LIFE!

Memoon Khan says:

Wow Chris Hemsworth really gave me James Bond vibes here. He could be a
contender for the next Bond. 

ContraF1 says:

So close but so far!!!

Duke Silver says:

I now see what Schnepp has been talking about….Joss Whedon looks like a
beaten and broken man….he needs the break from this franchise lol

Bruno Loureiro says:

Jesus, Cobie is so hot!!

Marquist Simms says:

Maude didnt do all these interviews. I saw the same interviews on clevver
movies page 

Burghtown Music Group says:

Stan Lee has literally seen his wildest imaginings come to life….when his
time comes, he can most def die a happy man

Sleepless4Life says:

THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! Smiling from ear to ear watching this. They all seem
so down to earth I love it. Maude you did a stellar job! I can get used to

Sid Jones says:

Hawkeye married Velma !?!

Juan Urrutia says:

Nice amc you just gave a spoiler on laura barton .. Dicks 

Chris Jones says:

Go Maude go!

Aung Zaw Moe says:

Man… Stan Lee is awesome.

Tyler Kelson says:

am I the only one that wished that Linda’s role was still being kept a
secret, with her character name on there it gave it away

TJ Reilly says:

Can May 1st hurry up! Please!

Efraim Luyando says:

Ultron, in the flesh!

Fuhrdaddy says:

Geeks are taking over.. thats my fav group.. freaks and geeks reference

hughtubecube says:

“Laura Barton” – Thanks for the spoilers, AMC!

Mark Green says:

I wish amc could have been presenting the full 2 hour red carpet event
would of been so much better 

Lisa Mortini says:

So many beautiful (inside and out) people… :-)

Michael Lively says:

It seamed like the camera was really behind Maude because he saw a close up
of the side of her head, not that I’m complaining but I wouldn’t want
anything that close behind me.

jewishsinger613 says:

Stan Lee’s unintended pun:”…They’re wonderful, they’re MARVELous” LOL

maiskorn123 says:

thx Maude, great interviews!!! :D
amazing how many of them you got a chance to speak to!

jmitchtheman says:

Almost first, and I don’t want anymore trailers, just the movie

Dan Ketchum says:

It’s strange how Maude is Australian but sometimes sounds so Southern.

msyin9 says:

Maud, you looked awesome, how did you manage to keep your cool. James
Spader Bettany, the guys are so… Yeah, you kept it together girl. Good

Avery Hinks says:

Can’t wait for this movie!

Cody Nollenberger says:

Lol, did anyone else see Paul Rudd taking a peek at the camera at 4:43?

Craig Ling says:

Great Job Maude! x

survive15 says:

I wish i had been there

Roger Winn says:
Vlad Bayard says:

Seeing it next Friday! :D

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