Avengers: Age of Ultron – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Avengers: Age of Ultron, starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannson, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Cobie Smulders. Directed by Joss Whedon.


InsideJacobsMind says:

In my opinion this kicked the shit out of the first one. I think the first
one is incredibly overrated, while this is underrated, absolutely loved it.

McMoney69 says:

I agree with all of Chris’s criticisms but i thought the first movie had
way more issues and this one was leaps and bounds better.

mrprotoman145 says:

I personally though the first Avengers was a snore fest,it was good the
first time you watch it but after that it got boring……… very very

I thought AoU was a lot better.

Vinh Tran Quang says:

I guess when the Bluray comes out all the flaws will be forgotten. It’s
very understandable, I mean come on have you ever seen a movie this big in
scope and filled with so many characters? It has to be 3 hours or something
to make sense and please everyone. Actually making it to 2 hours is better
for the broad audience therefore more money, so Joss had to take one for
the team.

Cristian Banda says:

I think age of ultron is way better than the first avengers, I can’t wait
to go see it in the theaters again 

Chris Stuckmann says:
Minh Le says:

If age of ultron was 4 hours+ the plot story would be perfect.

xScribbledDreaming says:

While I thought the film was enjoyable, I felt like the characters were
actually lacking? Obviously, the fatal flaw of these ensemble movies is
that there isn’t enough time to really deal with all the characters in
sufficient detail, but what frustrated me here was that the film brought up
interesting character arcs, but then mostly dropped them immediately and
never fully resolved them to their potential (like Tony’s or Steve’s).
There just wasn’t enough time taken to really deal with these compelling
issues. Also, what this movie did to Natasha’s character was atrocious, in
my opinion, she was almost completely out of sync with what we’ve seen her
be so far, and to stick her with the (cheesy, contrived, ridiculously
melodramatic) romantic plot when there were so many interesting routes to
take her character (especially after Cap 2) just infuriates me. Another
problem for me was that Joss seemed to completely ignore what has happened
to Tony, Steve and Thor in their respective Phase 2 movies, making this
feel very out-of-tune with the rest of the MCU.

Hashirama Senju says:

Avengers Age of Ultron…directed by Michael Bay.

Wade Ford says:

i need that 3 hour bluray. like now.

kieralinn says:

I agree but would grade it a B-. My main problems were also character
development. Vision and the twins need way more because you don’t really
feel any kind of connection to them at all. It’s like they are there to do
cool things but nothing else. The whole Thor subplot could easily be gone
but I know why they did it, to set up the next Thor film by giving him a
reason to leave and to further the overall story arc towards Infinity War
but it took too much away from THIS movie and the focus on the new
characters. This film felt like it was cut up by the studio to drop
elements that would have made it great. It spend way too much time on the
action sequences with out giving us anytime to feel for the characters and
care about them. It’s a fun movie but, that’s about it. The first one was

kitchylitchy says:

I thought this was more rewatchable than the first one. Maybe a tad better

Isaac DuBois says:

1. Iron Man 1
2. The Winter Soldier
3. Age of Ultron
4. Avengers
5. Guardians of the Galaxy.

DecrepitServant says:

Ultron was an unintimidating preachy goofball who went from being a program
to manifesting himself into a robot thingy out of the blue, Black Widow and
Banner had no chemistry making their romance feel odd and really forced,
The twins wanted to kill Tony and then never did, EXPLOSIONS! EXCITEMENT!
THINGS HAPPENING! Quick Silver dies(you didn’t see that coming ;)… There
I just saved you the price of admission, your welcome.

marsh9090 says:

Is anyone else bothered by Chris’ uneven sleeves? Nope, just me? Yeah OCD
sucks haha

MegaDragonslayer1997 says:

This film is getting a lot of positive reviews, don’t know why people are
complaining about this film not getting 10/10. In my opinion, you should be
happy that this sequel was even great. Good sequels are hard to find these
days, and don’t forget that Joss Whedon actually took out over 30 minutes
of the film.

JustReggie NoBush says:

Ok this movie from what the reviewers are letting off is not the epic
sequel we were looking for. Yea it’s good but not the second coming of
Christ himself. Maybe we got our excitement up to much 

Hanif Halimi says:

YES! FINALLY! a reviewer who said that this movie is not as good as the
first Avengers movie and Winter Soldier!

Travis Spazz says:

“Most fun I’ve had at the movies so far in 2015″ = B+

Alex Wayne says:

Urgh… The first movie was so filled with the Whedon sense of humor, it
was just too much. If there is just as much in this movie it’s gonna be

Tw1s7Gaming says:

So basically: Characters/Action > Story

That is not why I watch movies. That’s just my opinion.

kuspo says:

If you are not a comic book fan, but a film fan, you can imagine the amount
of flaws one sees when not under the influence on comicbook-craziness. The
cinematography is ok at best, the editing is messy at times, especially
when cutting from a cgi-character to a real actor punching at nothing. The
action scenes suffer from this and it’s clear they are obscuring a lot of
the shots with incoherent effects and editing. The story beats follow
basically every marvel movie structure, especially the climax which has
them fighting a bunch of cgi-cannonfodder once again. And no, they don’t
have to fight an army, that’s just lazy writing and directing. These
reviews are probably good for comicbook fans who are pleased just by the
sight of their favourite toys flying around awesomely. To me, this is just
like Tmnt or transformers with snappier dialogue and somewhat better
actors. When this fad finally ends, everyone will understand it.

Sgtduckerz says:

Ultron’s personality reminds me of cell 

gLeeksFF says:

All the problems this movie suffered from all go back to the lack of time.
They had so many characters and just not enough time.

But this movie truly was awesome. I nerded in the cinema and shed tears of
comic book love

Andi X says:

I highly disagree with you Chris,this movie is an example for lazy
filmmaking. Joss Whedon made a movie based on the same concept like the
previous one. I’m really disappointed :(

Cathal Thomas Coleman says:

Not as good as the first one. I’d give it 3.5/5.

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