Avengers: Age of Ultron movie review

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The summer movie season 2015 OFFICIALLY starts with the absurdly anticipated sequel to “The Avengers”. Jeremy brings you his review of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”!

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Sammy Jenkis says:

Hated the first Avengers film. I thought it was bloated and mindless
nonsense. I loved Iron Man and the Winter Soldier, though. Will I like this

Conor Beggs says:

Marvel movies ranked (Imo)

1.Age of Ultron
2.Winter Soldier
3.Avengers Assemble
4.Guardians of the Galaxy
5.Iron Man
7.The First Avenger
8.Iron Man 2
9.The Incredible Hulk
10.The Dark World
11.Iron Man 3

JeremyJahns says:
noobswontlie says:

For those who have seen it, on a scale of 1 to 10n how dark is the movie?

Theegamedude says:

Does this channel get you girls?

neil shrestha says:

Vision in the movie is a massive spoiler 

Duke Bro says:

What I dislike about the MCU is just how unrealistic everything seems. I
mean besides the fact that there’s superheroes. And there’s very little
correlation with each movie. Like in almost all of the MCU movies so far,
at least 5-6 cities have been completely destroyed by alien or robot armies
that attempt to take over the entire world. but yet by the end of each
movie it’s like nothing at all happened, just another day in the life. No
consequences, nobody seems to care that 3 people(iron man, hulk and Thor)
keep saving the world from doomsday level disasters. But fuck it whatever,
don’t get me started on the randomness of the plot.

Bryanne Peguero says:

Movie was ok. Even Winter soldier was better.

Gavin Reyes says:

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bag of illuminati

RetlocLive says:

At this point, I believe Age of Ultron showed to audiences that we have
already seen the best that Joss Whedon can bring to the MCU with the first
Avengers, and when AoU came around, for most detractors, it felt like
Whedon was just trying to play the same card again with a few minor tweaks.

He did his part establishing the marvel world, Whedon should step aside,
and allow others, such as the Russo brothers, to continue building upon it.

martin20xx says:

I got a question
has any 1 seen this movie in 3D???
is it a GOOD 3D?
thank you

spklvr12 says:

I was disappointed by this movie, for somewhat the same reasons that Jeremy
loved it. Don’t get me wrong, I liked that they went deeper with the story,
but I felt that there were too many characters to focus on to truly get
there. The Banner and Black Widow thing also felt completely out of place
and unnecessary. They didn’t have time to focus on what was actually

Andrew Heard says:

I was kinda dissapointed at how Ultron went down. There was no final
throwdown and in the end, Ultron was practically the Avenger’s bitch.
When I first saw the trailer I thought that Ultron could take on every
single one of the Avengers with ease. But whilst watching the movie I was
kinda bummed out to see that even Iron Man alone was doing okay against

Mcshipmaster says:

The Rotten Tomatoes score is just ridiculous…72% and falling

Perfect review by Jeremy however, as always :3

thenakedhighguy says:

This is Ultrons movie, Avengers, are LATE and the cast is beginning to show
its AGE, hence new additions, reboot it, its becoming LAME.

GamingDoneProperly GDP says:

Just saw the double feature of this where the play the first and second one
back to back. This is the best movie I have seen in a long long time.

Dimensiom says:

Jeremy’s reviews are typically the only reviews that matter to me. I have
disliked only a very small minoriy of films that Mr. Jahns has reviewed

Owen Brannan says:

The film failed for me like it didn’t live up to the standeds that the
trailers made it out to be :/

Greice Rodrigues says:

Wow, all the critics I respect most, Jeremy, Comicbookgirl19, Schmoes and
Grace Randolph all gave this movie glowing reviews. I recommend you all to
check their reviews too. All the critics in my country were also blown away
by this movie. So what can I think went wrong with the ones complaining? My
hypothesis is that some were too hyped or were spoiled too much by all
trailers and clips, but most of the old school anticomicbook critics are
just upset because Marvel is showing no signs of its success (and by
association the comic book crazy) fading.

Ed C23 says:

Why do I get the feeling Jeremy curved his rating a bit to give it that

His body language and tone… He just didn’t quite seem as excited about
this movie as he normally does for his other “awesometacular” movies.

Truth Seeker says:

Movie was not that great at all. Winter Soldier is still the best Marvel
Movie. Just the facts. Without spoilers:
– Hulk Love Affair
– Army of robot enemy is just pathetic
-Ultron as a comedian
-New Characters other than Vision which just ok
-Too many comedy one liners when it just didn’t make sense.
-Never a sense that Avengers were really going to be defeated.
-Don Cheadle casting is horrendous
-Character Development. in 1 second enemy appears with no real explanation
as to why he has these “goals”
-Hulk CGI was bad in my opinion
-Jeremy Renner just seems out of place, very bad casting
-Thor, Cap, Iron Man are awesomely done
-Hulk vs Iron Man battle

Bryce Stout says:

This is weird but I almost clapped along with the cheering sound effect for
the rating at the end.

BoilingHotCoffee says:

My Rating for the Entire MCU

Iron Man – Awesometacular
The Incredible Hulk: I have honestly never seen this, don’t plan to any
time soon
Iron Man 2: T-Minus 1 day
Thor: Good Time, no alcohol required
Captain America: The First Avenger: Buy on Blu-ray
The Avengers: Awesometacular
Iron Man 3: Good time, no alcohol required
Thor: The Dark World: Good time, no alcohol required
Captain America: Winter Soldier: Awesometacular
Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesometacular
Avengers: Age of Ultron: Awesometacular

ShootingStarAJM says:

Why does the rest of the world get to see an AMERICAN movie before North
America does? That’s kind of ass backwards. This release technique of
theirs has been really shitty. All that’s happened is the rest of the world
is spoiling it for North America.

Riki Kage says:

I’m Still butt hurt that Edward Norton DIDNT reprize his role as hulk

tropicAces says:

Its been 2 years. Can we all please stop pretending IRON MAN 3 was bad? Cuz
its one of the better Marvel movies. Certainly better then Thor, Thor 2 and
Captain America by a decent amount

Ikrani says:

Anyone else wondering why Ultron, who’s all about efficiency and
practicality, felt the need to build himself a moving mouth? What does that
accomplish? What function does it fulfill? It certainly doesn’t make him
more intimidating.
And why’d they get James Spader to play Utron and not, you know, an actual
voice actor? If Michael Bay has enough faith in his killer robots to have
voice actors play them, then so should you, Marvel!

Shaf Hussain says:

Same old shit with improved visuals. Anybody else suffering from Marvel

Brendan Bernard says:

Why hasn’t this been released in the U.S. yet? Seems like most Marvel
movies come out overseas first and then show in the US like they are
foreign movies. (unless they actually are, I don’t know)

Marquist Simms says:

I feel like jeremy was lying to himself in this review like his dark knight
rises review. 

Duke Bro says:

That’s the most unenthusiastic “awesometacular” or whatever rating you have
ever given. It’s obvious you did that just to please the fanboys who can’t
see the fact that its a poorly written movie. I thought you were better
than that, grow some balls.

luciano mejia says:

the trailer killed this movie …hulk and black widow? fuck that…
quicksilver? fuck him!… and ultron is gay as shit… the movie was just
ok.. 6/10

Josh Paul says:

Am i the only one who doesnt feel spoilers effect the film experience, like
they dont effect my enjoyment 

Shane Joseph Curry says:

Man you totally flipped on your opinion like mid way through, I agreed with
you at the start, I liked the movie but I felt like I had seen it before, I
was entertained but I didn’t find it unbelievable, I feel like I had seen
all the best bits before I seen the movie.

Carnell Johnson says:

Nobody ever dies….quicksilver yea sure but nobody actually cares. I wish
that the continent had crashed and they showed how much devastation there
was AMD that’s what leads to civil war.the fact that everything tied
neatly…..just honestly ridiculous

beastwork says:

this movie was a big let down…fun to watch but in the end there’s nothing
special here. Ultron was weak, the story was weak, and the tone in the
advertisements was misleading.

Movie was certainly not “Awesometacular”….get marvel’s nuts out of your
mouth jeremy

rampage222555 says:

this movie was awesome, but it felt much more like a setup for Civil War
than the staple film in the MCU. If you think about it, you will notice
that there are a shit ton of events in this film that lead straight into
the reasons for the Civil War and Stark being the antagonist to Captain
America. I’ll try not to spoil the events so I will just mention the ones
we’ve seen in the trailers. As you saw in the trailers, Hulk and Iron Man
fight in the middle of a populated city where without a doubt alot of
people die. That is a key event in that leads towards the events in Civil
War story. There’s also the part where Stark is the one to blame for the
whole Ultron mess. There are more events throughout the entire film
including the ending, and you can clearly see that this is no more than a
setup or prologue for next year’s film.

Rusty Shackleford says:

The guy who played Ultron knocked it out of the park. However, its
essentially the Hangover pt 2. More or less the exact same movie.

Heck it is the exact same movie with the exact same drawn out fight

SpinningGamer | MCSG says:

Anyone else more excited for AoU than Star wars 7?

TheRedman790 says:

Gotta disagree with u on this one, Jeremy. Not a total disaster but
definitely a disappointment. Age of Ultron was too long, overcrowded with
characters, and predictable. The SFX were top notch and the action scenes
were decent, but the movie just felt boring. I kept thinking to myself, Ex
Machina was awesome and I can’t wait for X-Men: Apocalyse. Here’s hoping
that doesn’t let me down.

chris brown says:

This comes out May 1st right, so how is everyone seeing it already

A Rodriguez says:

The marketing for the movie is totally different from what was promised. I
HATED that they (spoiler alert) killed quicksilver. I know joss whedon
likes to kill off characters but that was fucking stupid. It did not help
the story at all. The movie was building up so that the group’s backbone
Hawkeye to sacrafice himself for the group. Like come on this movie was
depressing and very very very very slow. 6 out of 10 for me. I walked away
the same feeling I had when I saw the dark knight rises. The first avengers
is way better. Ultron was so annoying. He is a one demenfional villain. Idc
if he is a robot, he was weak. 

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