AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON – Chris Evans Set Visit Report

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Jon Schnepp continues his report of his time on the set of the upcoming Marvel film AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!

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Oisín McMahon says:

Chris Evans has anxiety problems. That’s why he was nervous playing Cap. 

Sjono says:

I bet this film will establish Captain America as a leader. It needs to for
it to lead up to him leading his faction in Civil War

Ryan Grant says:

CATWS proved why cap is the leader. It finally captured the spirit of Cap.
He’s a fearless, righteous, incorruptible servant of justice. Even when
the system fails or hope seems lost, he absolutely will not stop fighting
for what’s fundamentally good. The ‘Sentinel of Liberty’ aura from the
comics really shone through in that film. I loved how they showed just what
he’s capable of physically finally. To say he’s similar to an Olympic
athlete like Chris Evans has even said is a HUGE understatement. But more
than that is just how honestly good he is. Back in the day boyscout
heroes….captain, supes they were cool nice men. Then batman got
dark….then we met wolverine….and the whole bad boy obsession was born.
Now the guy who just wants to be nice is rare which is why I think cap has
become so appealing again. I’m happy he’s been given the recognition he
deserves because he was quite underplayed in the last Avengers movie with
all the cool lines and action sequences given to Tony Stark and Banner.
That film severely underrated him

Fernando Saenz says:

Are they going to post a Movie Talk episode today at all? The lack of news
is really frustrating

Creative says:

Chris Evans is one of my favorite actors and probably my favorite character
in the MCU.

Isn’t it kind of ironic though that he was more of a comedic actor before
joining the MCU yet he’s one of the least comedic Avengers out of all of
them? Lol

charlie lavender says:

Ok I’m Gunna start a riot soon! No Sunday or Monday news!!!!! Wtf come on
John you could at least give us a quick 5 min video as an update / reasons
for making us wait lol 

Bar Kelly says:

Do the super soldier serum give Cap the automatic ability to know how to do
martial arts, or did he have to still learn it. I know the serum increases
his strength and stamina but martial arts is still a skill you have to
learn isn’t it? I’m confused. The serum isn’t like the matrix where you can
just download the knowledge right. 

Alejandro333777 says:

Wonder what caps demons will be Thor’s Tony’s black widows have been
revealed we just need caps and Hawkeye if Hawkeye will have one

Creative says:

After hearing what Chris said about Cap’s fighting in AOU he has me really
curious about the type of shit Cap does in this aha. TWS set the bar high,
and he says this will be more about displaying Cap’s “superness”. I hope
Joss did a great job with it all!

Tien says:

These will tide me over till the first movie talk debuts from the new
studio lol The Infamous Jon Schnepp

J Livingood says:

Interviewing the interviewer

Solomon Martinez says:

I always wanted to meet Chris Evans!!

Jordan Anderson says:


Iron McMuffin says:

I love to hear that the whole cast is bring the proper attitude to this
that it’s not ‘my movie’ but rather it’s ‘our movie’.

Kadafi69 says:

Man schnepps mic is LOOOOOOW

Winston Roberts says:

Infamous: well known for some bad quality or deed.

NothinButJesus&Football says:

I want to see Cap fight the Hulk. In the comics he managed to incapacitate
the hulk by hitting either all or most of his pressure points knocking
out Hulk instantly. 

Bill Marks says:

You guys need to turn Jon’s mic up. He is always quieter then the rest of
the gang when ever you’re not at the Movie Talk table. Other than that you
guys are great. Schnepp is the man!

AngryGoats555 says:

One thing I wanna know is this:

During winter soldier, when all the hydra crap was going down, where the
heck was Hawkeye?????

Alexpegasus says:

If they don’t upload an “AMC Movie Talk” video soon, I think there’s going
to be a riot outside their new offices in Burbank. 

Bishboyo says:

Glad to hear he’s loving being Captain America, maybe he, like Thor and
Iron Man’s actors will renew their contracts after Infinity War is over.

Justin Carpenter says:

Did anyone else have a really hard time hearing schnep? He was really quiet
for some reason. 

Capt. Steve Rogers™ says:


Roberto Monsivais says:

I like Evans as cap but i kinda think he would’ve been a great deadpool as

TheDjMan says:

First!!! No one is gonna see this lol I WET MY BED!!!!

Chris Conway says:

Seriously, I have not heard one problem with this movie. Is there any doubt
this will be the best MCU film.

Angel Perez says:

6:02 Daaaaamn! Dat Scarlet Witch!!

GoldenRose says:

The hype is real

FatmanDD1 says:

I would love to see like some straight up awesome superheroes when the
lineup change comes because they’re talking about lineup changes are
talking about different characters I really want to see who they got coming

Sebastian Jr says:


FatmanDD1 says:

Damn that sounds sweet 

Anthony McNeil says:

Scarlet Witch, I cannot wait to see how she messes with The Avengers…2
more months.

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