AVENGERS 2 Hits $187 Million Opening Weekend – AMC Movie News

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The box office results are in and it was a huge weekend for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Despite 10’s of millions of Americans staying home or in sports bars to watch the Mayweather Vs Pacquiao fight, AVENGERS still managed to make more money on its opening weekend than any other film in history not also named AVENGERS. The movie took in $187.6 million to take first place at the box office, short of the $207 million the first film made. In second place was The Age of Adaline making $6.2 million for a 2 week total $23.4 million. In 3rd place is FURIOUS 7 taking in $6.1 million for a 5 week international total of $1.42 billion dollar. in fourth place is PAUL BLART 2 with $5.5 million. And rounding out the top 5 is the animated film HOME making $3.3 million to stay in the top 5 for the 6th consecutive week.

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Luis Gonzalez says:


OTKP says:

I underestimated the Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight as well and I’m a
Hardcore Boxing Fan but That Boxing Event even overshadowed the NFL Draft
which is usually a huge event as well. Seemed like everybody was in Vegas,
even if they wasn’t going to the fight they was in Vegas. So yes no
question it took the buzz completely off the Avengers and it still had a
huge 1st Week!

Blu-Ray King says:

I’m not surprised, I watched the fight Saturday and STILL watched Age of
Ultron twice this weekend.

Watson221B says:

You guys forgot to say worldwide Avengers Age of Ultron already has half a
billion its $626 million

Shellymon™ says:

Imagine Ant-Man brakes Avengers AOU opening weekend box office?

Oisín McMahon says:

Guardians of the Galaxy comes out: ‘Ronan the Accuser sucks. He shouldn’t
be just menacing. He should have emotions’

Avengers Age of Ultron comes out:
‘Ultron sucks. He shouldn’t have emotions. He should only be menacing’.


hashknight1 says:

yeah u guys are right..iam gonna watch age of ultron for the second
time.its actually quite different from the first one and has lots of story
and action in it.

Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman) says:

Yeah it’ll make more money and it might take the 1st Avengers movies spot
before the it ends in theaters. I hope to see it again in the coming weeks
as well. I’ve seen it twice but I could see it again lol

Oisín McMahon says:

Awesome movie. I think the AOS tie-ins and the extended cut might change
people’s views on the movie. 

luxneji says:

yeah lots of money and i really show that was the hit because of the strong
saturday drop, as sunday was solid.

Rick Hill says:

well, I guess the actual box office was 190 mil.

Hallucination says:

The Force Awakens will beat that.

Paul Pivaral says:

Not buying that the fight impacted the box office. It was just what a 3 hr
ppv…wouldn’t people that skipped Saturday watched it on Sunday ? I think
AOU was a good movie but felt rushed ..

Lil Ray Ragin says:

Just think:

Avengers: Age of Adeline lol

I’ll leave now…

zilla2006able says:


beingAdrianAgustin says:

Age of Ultron is not dropping less than 50% this upcoming weekend, 100
million+ like the first one ain’t happening.

LarryBonson says:

MAyweather vs Pacquiao sucked UFC is were it’s at.

Ross Sapp says:

Its actually 191 on the first weekend still very impressive.

Taco Pie says:


luxneji says:

no its gonna drop harder sadly just because WOM, its more frondoaded
nature, for me the second weekend of avenger is its most impresive number
just 50 drop that amazing good over 100m in second week that has a bigger
shot of holding the record that the OW for a very long time, I think
Avengers 2 will do about 85 million which is still amazing and finish
around 520m

deric jones says:

I feel happy for avengers age of ultron that it made money and going to
make more great film but first one better though.

johnny kanery says:

Let Marvel Be Ahead Of DC in Terms Of Box Office For Now, But just wait til
Batman V Superman Comes Out! Suicide Squad, Justice League, etc.DC will Top

pandemonstrosity says:

Regardless of the result, May-Pac is still a once in a lifetime Fight of
the Century event. You have to be there or watch it live.

Whereas, Avengers 2…you can watch it the next week and multiple viewings.

Aging Reversed says:

Avengers are getting more childish and stupid by each movie.

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