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Twitter Question – April 8, 2015

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Avery Hinks says:

I think they’ll have both Hal Jordan AND John Stewart.

bellsboy says:

I think Hal Jordan should be the first then later Jon Stewart.

longbowdt says:

the GL movie was horrible! A wimpy GL full of self-doubt, and no
imagination for that power ring? How about Christian Bale as GL. GL needs
an edginess that I know Bale can bring. Just my o

manansis86 says:

I grew up on John Stewart so Hal Jordan just looks weird to me as Green

mafiq1102 says:

where is Mova Outro?????

BatmanFANizationReborn says:

a lot of fans want john stewart and i am ok with that but i would like to
see hal jordan redeemed after the last not so successful movie.
chris pine is a good actor who would be a good fit for hal jordan and i am
all for him but i think he is more fitted to play the flash.
i want bradley cooper for hal jordan but if they went with chris pine
instead i would be ok with it and that would be a great casting since ben
affleck because i detest snyder’s choices for the flash, ww and aquaman.

Connor Quinn says:

They’ll probably cast him soon if he’s going to be in Justice League.

Tony Saysana says:

Do you think with the success of furious 7 and tyreese Gibson’s wanting to
play green lantern does this increase his chances? 

bellsboy says:

How about this possible rumor Mr Schnepp I think this would be the way to
go what are your thoughts? Here’s the link:,manual,manual

Eric Lukacs says:

my idea is why not have all 4 GL’s (hal, kyle, john and guy) in the GL
movie and then just have John or Hal for the Justice league movies, that
could work, why limit yourself to one human green lantern when you could
have all 4 GL’s

Jesse Bourassa says:

i want them to use Hal Jordan to reintroduce a new green lantern, then in
his own movie, introduce the expansive world of Green Lantern. Cause i feel
like Jordan will be part of Justice League.

Jack Henke says:

This’ll still be better than the Fantastic Four reboot.

Chris Reed says:

Count how many times John says. “IF”.

Hunter Helms says:

Id be cool with chris pine, besides Henry cavil, I think he would be the
only good casting choice they’ve had 

mattahy says:

Thank GOD I don’t have to hear “hey everyone if YOU like this video”
anymore YEOWWWW

MysticalGreenBeanie says:

ugh. i hate hal jordon. i wanna see kyle rayner or jon stewart

tim says:

Maybe we will get a female GL since so far Wonder Woman is the only female
on the roster.

Jonathan Burns says:

Hang your head low Chris O’Donnell! Your superhero had bat nipples 

EndeavourACR says:

Kyle Rayner as green lantern… this guy is the most creative to do stuff
with the ring… he is an artist, he has imagination… For me, Hal Jordan
is so boring… he makes planes…. miniguns… really? while Kyle Rayner
is doing some crazy Giant Mechs with missiles on top of more missiles 

Rock'n'Roll Penuin says:

I think that Carrie Farris from Man of Steel ( and in BvS ) will connect
them to the Green Lantern movie so they probably will go with Hal. But we
might see a John Stewart if they make a Green Lantern Corps movie.

Dan Judge says:

Of course you talk about a superhero film that doesn’t come out for 5 years

Deadpool Wade Wilson says:

Nope. Chris Pine belongs in Marvel. He has that.. Marvely feel. Aaaaaaand
that fixes the Chris collection 

WinterGirlRules says:

+AMC Theatres I ususlly don’t watch or comment on the segment videos but
the thumbnail for this one is hilarious. Great job from whoever does it.

AntonNZL says:

Do you know who I think would be a great Green Lantern, especially if hes
going to be that obnoxious Earth 52 version whos much like Reynolds
version, is Alan Ritchson. This dude has the looks, the size, the comedic
nature about him. And hes not quite established. Perfect.

vampxbox2 says:

Just as long as its not Guy Gardner but Ill would probably kill myself out
of laughter at the actor with a bowl cut playing him. 

David Becinski says:

It’s funny how they completely ignore the possibility that green Lantern
would appear in Justice League. As if it wouldn’t make any sense at all. 

Andrew Pavon says:

I hope they get John Stewart. He’s the best one in my opinion. Complete

Roger Moncada says:

GL movie is really far, but JL movie not to much,

madd ace says:

They should make a Green Lantern movie with all the human green lanterns
making an appearance, or at least the 3 most liked ones: Hal Jordan, Jon
Stewart, and Guy Gardner.That would please almost all fans. And you can use
the Alan Scott GL for the TV universe, wouldn’t require super CGI, and
wouldnt confuse people :D

CinemaTuck says:

they still need green lantern for justice league so its a bit closer then 4
years that we need him

Eastbluedrew says:

i thought they were going with all of the laturns like hal and John were
already established in certain parts of the universe and two rings land on
earth one going to guy the other going to kyle and something happens on oa
that forces all four to save it but I guess it was just fan fiction 

CeltiC5-27 says:

Where is this thumbnail image from?

Xavier Runcie says:

I just do not understand why people think that batman vs superman is going
to be great, Zach Snyder has never directed a good movie imo with the
exception of maybe 300 and it’s going to be so hard to top the dark knight
trilogy so I feel people are going to be very disappointed by it. I hope
I’m wrong 

Joey Contreras says:

Chris pine is cool.gotta see him in the suit tho.

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