Ant-Man – Trailer Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews the first trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man.


Tanay Vaidya says:

Your concerns about Peyton Reed directing action are fine but just keep in
mind that the Russo bros hadn’t done anything like Winter Soldier before
either … The trailer wasn’t AMAZING , it actually looked kinda generic ,
but the Ant-Man stuff looked cool. I’m gonna see it regardless though. 

rb hws says:

Guardians of the Galaxy is a little overrated. Fun the first time, but gets
kind of tiresome on repeat viewings. 

Jeannie says:

I really hope this director pulls a “Russo brothers” for Ant-Man, like the
Russo brothers weren’t known for action and mostly did TV comedies like
Community and Arrested Development, so when Captain America: The Winter
Soldier came out everyone was blown away by the action and story.

Matthew says:

Marvel at this stage can make anything work, yes AntMan is important
build-up character in the future Avengers movies, but WHAT THE FUCK ARE

crimson bolt says:

Spoiler alert. The film is gonna be shit

zSyDz says:

“Marvel at this stage can make anything work”.

A lot of people said that, and while they can make their movies to be
successful just for being “from Marvel”….IM3 was dissapointing and Thor 2
was mediocre. Not everything that Marvel does is gold. Yeah, GoTG is
amazing and TWS is the best marvel movie so far, but they could fail too.

Now, I want Ant-man to be great. But the teaser is not good for me. Too

TheLegobatman3609 says:

Hope you read this Chris. The reason why Edgar dropped out was because
Marvel wanted to go in a different direction. The girl who plays Wasp said
that Edgar’s version would of been a more fun and silly version and would
of been a “riot” to film, but it would of stuck out like a sore thumb in
the MCU (Because it didn’t fit in it at all), so Marvel got rid of him to
make a script and movie that would fit in the MCU.

garowice says:

After finally seeing the trailer, I feel uninterested. Sure GOTG was an
achievement but that was also thanks to James Gunns vision. The main boon
Ant-man had was that it would be the vision of Edgar Wright. Both very
visionary and creative directors. The new guy, his stuff his mediocre and
most of it is forgettable.

angus bhattacharya says:

I really really hated Thor 2. I found it so boring. Other than that all the
Marvel movies are pretty good. Some of them are great.

Mirko di Wallenberg says:

In 30 years we will look back on today’s MCU creation as a very wonderful
imaginative time and glad that we are part of it now and live through it! 

pollenontheshoot says:

All I know about Ant-Man:
He gets big and small.
He rides an Ant.
His name is hank Pym and there is a different/newer ant man I know nothing
Hank Pym used to beat his wife.
Having said all that, I actually cant wait to be introduced to the
cinematic Ant-man story. Its the marvel Character I know least about so I’m
going in with fresh eyes and as a marvelhead, that’s a nice change of pace.
( I binged read all things Guardians of the galaxy when I heard they might
make a movie a few years ago)

overTIMe says:

The CGI in this trailer was aweful !! 

Citizen Graves says:

You know, halfway through the trailer I got bored with this made for TV
footage and then I had to laugh at Paul Rudd’s reactions to Douglas’s
speech, so to me it looks like this film is well-written but I’m sure as
hell not getting hyped for this. Not like I would have been if Edgar Wright
directed it.

Tj toonz says:

Am i the only one who thinks stuckman looks like paul rudd?

Dieva Lala says:

Anyone having a doubt? i have the answer, ‘60% of the time, it works

TasteDatRainbow says:

I lost so much of my excitement for this movie when Wright stepped down.
From the test footage, and based on how fantastic Edgar Wright is as a
director (especially when it comes to blending action and comedy- and more
intelligent comedy at that- in that respect he’s probably the best working
right now), it looked like it was shaping up to be an actually unique
superhero movie. And if he stepped down over “creative differences”, that
makes me even more nervous. If Wright dropped out because he didn’t like
the direction they wanted the movie to go, odds are I’m not going to like
it as much either, as Wright’s style of humor is the exact kind that I
love. None of this is to say that the movie is going to suck, I’m just
fairly sure it won’t be as good (to me) as it would’ve been had Wright
directed it.

forgothispassword says:

1) Be obnoxious, but not too much <

UnkeLL Grga says:

Lets rate marvel studios films so far
Iron man : 7/10
Iron man 2: 5/10
Iron man 3 : 5/10
Captain america – the first avenger : 5/10
Captain america – the winter soldier : 8/10
Thor : 5/10
Thor – the dark world : 6/10
The incredible hulk : 7/10
The Avengers : 7/10
Guardians of the galaxy : 8/10

Richard Thompson says:

I honestly thought this looked the absolute stupidest Marvel film to date.
Not just Marvel film, but actual film period. Ant-Man? Sounds
ridiculous. But after having seen the trailer, I’m cautiously optimistic.
I think they got just the right plot and tone, along with a proven cast
like Douglas and Rudd who is an ideal choice. Still has the potential to
be the worst Marvel flop, but the potential for another great entry is
there. The line at the end of the trailer got me.

brandon meacham says:

your opinion is admirable and i agree with your points. I am personally
looking forward to it purely because i am interested in perspective films
and how camera works and little CGI and more practical shots are worked,
have i seen Rudd do a superhero film? No. but i believe he’s a well actor
and i wouldn’t think too much on Antman, i’m going in open minded, its a
hopefully good time.

Burori1 says:

I’m…. curious about this movie. Ant-Man was never my favorite of
superheroes, but I do want to see how things’ll turn out. Kind of saddened
they didn’t have this film be with Hank and Janet as Ant-Man and the
Wasp… But there is always hope for sequels and stuff.

Speaking of, if this film turns out well, we may see Giant man in the
sequel (or however that alias went. Ant-Man had a ton of aliases @ *_* @)

Son of Krypton says:

I don’t understand why “Ant-Man” sounds any lamer to people than
“Spider-Man” or “Batman”

bodrulm1 says:

Every non marvel nerd is going to ask the same thing: what kind of
superpower is turning in to an ant? How are you gonna sell that? What can
he do? It seems pointless 

Kayle Lang says:

I am going to give Peyton Reed some leeway. His resume isn’t amazing, but
it’s full of movies that wasn’t well written. Marvel on the other hand has
a great writing team.

Sean Murdock says:

all marvel movies except for captain America are action comedies

DzzO says:

You like the tone this trailer showed? I don’t think it showed any kind of

KicksForGames says:

Lord of the Rings also had walking talking trees, so why is Groot always
talked about as if Guardians of the Galaxy was successful despite that
fact? Or a talking raccoon for that matter. Stupid points brought up by
people who try to exaggerate how great Guardians was when it was only a
good fun movie 7/10 at its best.

Brent Lonkey says:

honestly, this looks terrible. I hope I’m proved wrong, but wow, does this
scream Hulk-like flop.

3DSDF says:

I can see form comedy elements, but I’m starting to get Man of Steel vibes
from it where the movie’s mood matches its movie lighting and colors:dark
and gloomy. 

Concon says:

Can someone tell me what was so amazing about GOTG? I watched and i thought
they did good visuals and comedy but other than that I didn’t think it was
amazing. Its not a film I would watch multiple times.

concord327 says:

this will be the first solo Marvel movie in a while so it feels like
there’s a little pressure on Ant-Man- but Ant-man isn’t one of the classic
core Marvel characters- I really never heard of him until people started
talking about the Avengers movie and trying to figure who is going to be on
the team. there is some uncertainty that it has changed hands too many
times. I was so excited to see an Edgar Wright Marvel movie though. I think
it’ll be fine. It’ll probably be a disappointment after Avengers 2- I mean
how can you follow that? And audiences in general I think are getting tired
of the superheroes. I’m not.

SSJGodJared says:

i was skeptical about GotG but i loved it. i know i’ll like this movie b/c
like Paul Rudd.

YouFeudTV says:

Guardians of the galaxy was a piece of shit film..

JustAMacGuffin says:

Actually to clarify the reason Edgar Wright left was because he felt the
rewrite Marvel’s staff writers did to Joe Cornish script was sub par. He
walked away because he felt they were pushing him to make a lesser movie.
It’s a real shame.

Arief Leuvenardi says:

Knowing that you’re an anime fan, I’m surprise you haven’t made a video
about Scarlett Johansson being the lead in Ghost in the Shell.

TheMetalGaia says:

Gotta admit, that suit looks hype.

phantomwriter05 says:

I’m gonna be honest I don’t get the fervor for Guardians. It was funny, but
it was very stilted when it came to anything else. The dialogue was bad,
and the exposition was delivered very terribly. That being said I’m not
saying that it was a bad movie, but it’s defiantly not what people say it

As for Ant-Man. I think it’ll be Marvel’s first flop. Here’s why, because
of Guardians of the Galaxy. I do believe Marvel will be sliding down into
Shumacker territory very soon. Because of Guardians of the Galaxy every
director and writing team is going to want to make action/comedies out of
every movie. That’s a path where eventually people will lose respect for
the characters and eventually all Marvel will be doing is making satires of
the Superhero, rather than making a super Hero movie.

People accuse DC of sucking the fun out of their movies, but I think WB/DC
already know and have been down this road with Shumacker/Burton on Batman
and basically everything after Superman 2. They know that the minute you
“lighten up” just a hair, The studio will make it their standard, and
they’ll hire anyone even people who aren’t fans to make these “Kid movies”
the way one guy did it.

I can see it, clearly. 

Diana Cardenas says:

In general I’ve just had a feeling that Ant-Man was just a stepping stone
to bigger things, like they needed to get a way to introduce Hank Pym and
Scott Lang (maybe Cassie for Young Avengers!) into the MCU without
overloading with too many characters into one movie, considering it would
have been too much to have them in the Avengers. Especially since we know
the Civil War Arc is coming in Cap 3, they’re just trying to expand the
universe into one similar to those of the comics, and it’s just starting
with Ant-Man. Overall, I think the trailer and the movie will be “meh”- not
bad, but certainly not the best. Still gonna see it though, just not with
high expectations. 

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