Annie – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Annie, starring Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, David Zayas, Cameron Diaz. Directed by Will Gluck.


justin96130 says:

Listen, I work at Cinemark. That place has been advertising the shit out of
Annie since July. I’m talking posters, standies, commercials, shirts, and
even the soundtrack played in the lobby. It was getting really annoying.
And to find out that we have been promoting a terrible movie this whole
time is kinda hilarious lol

Kurt Cocaine says:

This is what happens when you create a movie and base it around progressive
politics. They didn’t cast a Black actress as Annie because of how good the
actress was. They made the remake in mind that they would be casting a
Black Annie and picked the actress based on that. White actresses with
ginger hair need not apply. Why? Because liberal Hollywood likes to shove
their progressive ideals down their audiences’ throats. Stop changing
established classic characters to suit your political agenda. Start
creating original, fresh material and then you can shape it the way you

No to an all female Ghostbusters.
No to a Black James Bond.
No to this. 

07foxmulder says:

Dear, Hollywood.

Please make a Shaft reboot starring the whitest Jew you can find.

Thank you.

Koki F says:

Wait…. Did Chris give an F to all 3 Cameron Diaz movies this year?
(The Other Woman, Sex Tape, and now this)

Wow……what the hell is she doing with her career…….

Anna bella says:

Will Smith is one of the producers of this film, he just keeps making bad

Heisenberg 992 says:

I loved the musical episode from Scrubs!

“It’s guy love between two guys”

KainScion says:

jamie foxx’s career keeps going and going and going……. down the toilet.
poor guy. guess django was a fluke. 

Four Eyes and Bow Ties says:

I was embarrassed watching the trailer…

Michael Andrews says:

Probable contention for worst of the year me thinks…
10) Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
9) Annabelle
8) Tammy
7) Sex Tape
6) Legend of Hercules
5) A Haunted House 2
4) V/H/S Viral
3) Annie
2) The Other Woman
1) Left Behind

tio borracho says:

We should air drop DVDs of this turkey over North Korea. That’ll teach ‘em
a lesson or two!!!

Joseph Chiappetta says:

Favorite musical is south park, bigger longer and uncut

AnnTheAnonymous says:

Favorite musical has got to be Sweeney Todd or Urinetown. I love the dark
comedy stuff.

Ray says:

Can Cameron Diaz just give up on living?

Kasino80 says:

1973 version of Jesus Christ Superstar. The voice talent in that movie is
probably the singers ever to be in a movie version of any medical. Ted
Neely and Carl Anderson are magnificent. 

Salim Ibrahim says:

This movie looks like a piece of shit

Bierce88 says:

how the hell was this nominated for an award

Tom Waits says:

Favourite musical? Definitely Singin’ in the rain. Doesn’t get better than
Donald O’Connor singing “make em laugh”.

Nathan Handakas says:

Can you please do your top ten fav Christmas movies

pr0gramersonLD says:

I love your videos Chris, you have gotten much better through these years
and your content is amazing!!!

bla mane says:

Rocky Horror Picture Show and Little Shop of Horrors! my favorite musicals
— and I enjoyed your review!

Matthew Forbes says:

Favourite musical is Into the Woods, I hope the movie lives up to my

Abdullah Almosalami says:

Aside from the Disney movies, Les Miserables was for me really great. I
loved every minute of it and it really touched me towards the end.

Samson Tuiolosega says:

I continually say that I actually enjoyed this movie. To me it wasn’t bad
but it wasn’t good but it was still a decent reincarnation of the previous
any for new kids. 

Babs Seed says:

I feel bad for Quvenzhané Wallis, the little girl playing Annie. People
can’t even pronounce her name correctly and usually don’t bother saying it.
She’s adorable, and I wish she would’ve been casted in a less embarrassing

Amy Palmer says:

Into the woods, Sweeney Todd and phantom of the opera. Not the film
versions nessasarily though

Toni Burandt says:

I felt the worst thing in this movie is that they did away with Rooster. I
understand that the guy who was in charge of marketing or whatever was
supposed to be him but there was nothing Rooster about him. Rooster is what
brings the climax. He is evil and greedy but comes off nice. He isn’t
afraid to hurt anybody not even a little girl if it means getting it rich.
That was what made the ending of the orignal Annie so good is the climax
with her and Rooster. There was just no “bad” character in the movie.
Everyone had a good heart and were just misunderstood and that’s what made
me not like it as much. However, I was willing to over look a lot of things
because I saw it as kind of an experiment to see if Annie could be done in
a more modern setting.

Alejandro Esparza says:

Please review Pink Floyd’s The Wall

Joe Papagno says:

My favorite musical is All That Jazz. Its a very underrated movie I
strongly believe you should see this movie. 

Jeffrie Nunez says:

My prediction for his list of top 10 worst movies of 2014
9. Pompeii
8. Tammy
7. Sex Tape
6. A Haunted House 2
5. Viral V/H/S
4. The Legend of Hercules
3. Annie
2. The Other Woman
1. Left Behind

Les Blair says:

They thought if they changed the race of the movie it would entice movie
goers and critics. Now, I’m not saying the writing of this movie should be,
was, or shall ever be about the race of the characters but, Hollywood
seemed to think, “if we make it with more black people in it and it’s not
written well, acted well, or even directed well, people will come and see
it!” Ridiculous! Just make a good f’n movie! I think trying to sell it as,
” look Annie is black!” is the most racist thing Hollywood can do! Just
make a good f’n movie and we’ll watch!

Clark Jones says:

This movie was crap. I know its redundant since im pretty much stating what
this video said but i was SO LOOKING FORWARD to this move. Then i watched
it… wow. ,uch disappointment. 

Alex-Zander Browne says:

I love the remake of Annie. I’m tired of all the negative reviews on this
movie. For a movie that was remade in modern time, it was still pretty
good. While some of the songs didn’t need to be updated, in fact I felt
leaving them in their original format would’ve helped this movie, it was a
nice modern take on a classic musical, that I may consider purchasing when
it comes out on DVD.

Kizla Key says:

Let’s be honest here
The movie wasn’t that bad
The only thing that upset most of you guys is that there’s no black
stereotype in the movie. It even seems like black people in this movie play
the role of white folks and vice versa… It’s kinda embarrassing and I
understand that. But there’s no need to find other reasons to make yourself
feel righteous

Greg X says:

fucking dammit! now annie’s black! dammit dammit dammit dammit!! fuck fuck
anywho carry on, everyone.

synsam12345 says:

Fav musical: The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Cabaret.

ItsSomeDeadGuy says:

I’ve listened to the soundtrack. Oh God.

Probably the worst soundtrack for a musical film since Mamma Mia.

Heather Dale says:

modern musical? Chicago
classic musical? will always be Singing in the Rain <3 

Alex Tejedor says:

Thanks Chris, I went unfortunately to see it with my three kids and I wish
I saw this review before I went. Well, I feel like you and even worse about
it, because I’m an actor and singer myself and I LOVE the original 1981
movie, so I am as angry as hell about the garbage I saw yesterday.
Anyway, so, what’s my favourite Musical? Easy answer: RENT.
Cheers from the Island of Mallorca, in Spain.

Elena Del Castillo says:

Did you have to review this movie? (-___-)”

mrefiti says:

Les mis is my favorite mysical

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