Annabelle movie review

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With “The Conjuring” being such a success, you knew they’d be bleeding it for an uninspired horror franchise. Jeremy reviews the Conjuring prequel “Annabelle”!

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AaronZimbabwe Leung says:

It’s funny how mindless some of you people are. You listen to someone’s
opinion on a movie and that automatically changes your mind in whether or
not to watch it. Think, people. Think for yourselves. Use your brain. It’s
one thing to take other’s opinions into consideration, which is definitely
okay, but to actually let an opinion 100% control your thoughts is
completely different.

TheLAGaming99 says:

No one clapped when i went to the theater to see Edge of Tomorrow
No one clapped when i went to the theater to see Dawn of The Planet of the
No one clapped when i went to the theater to see X Men: Days of Future Past

…And when i see this film at theaters everybody fucking claps at this???

milanisboss says:

“You wanna play some Destiny?”

Derek B says:

It just pisses me off that there aren’t any good horror movies coming out
this October. 

Edward Benavides says:

jeremy you need a new lower rating i propose horse shit, cus this movie was
horse shit. 

Joey Marlin II says:


Murri16 says:

wtf is wrong with you people. This movie was creepy af and it was really
good. Everyone in my theater loved it when they were all walking out. Each
to their own I guess

the legend says:

One person at my school thought this was a science fiction movie. I’m not

Karceno4Life says:

Major letdown, I had high hopes for this film, but they proved to me that
they just wanted some money for Halloween candy

Dan Thomas says:

Bruuhh! Wanna play some destiny!?!

John Despo says:

what the fuck can you expect from a person who directed Mortal Kombat
– Annihilation?

tyskenfan says:

As a hardcore horror movie lover and someone who really loved The Conjuring
I could say that Annabelle was a huge disappointment. My girlfriend and I
HYPED that movie when we first saw the trailer. We thought of how good the
conjuring was and wished for Annabelle to be even better. But on the
contrary. Annabelle is worse than mediocre. The entire tension in the movie
lies on the fact that you wait for something to happen. Anytime Annabelle
shows up, you simply KNOW something is going to happen… soon… anytime
now… right now… now it comes… wait, why is nothing happening?…
wait, the scene is over? Why didn’t anything happen? When will anything
happen? And that tension continues until the very last end! Even in the
last scene you see the camera moving slowly towards Annabelles face and you
just wait for Annabelle to move her head or something. But no, nothing
happens. Black screen, end of the movie. That is the downright definition
of disappointment. Which makes Annabelle a very bad horror movie. Not a
predictable horror movie, but still a bad one, because it doesn’t scare

DerpingOtaku says:

This is why I watch anime. Fuck movies. They’re all shit now. Annabelle’s
trailer even looked like shit. Scary music and then BAM doll hits the
floor?? How bout no. Can the movie industry just make a bunch of slasher
films with no plot and just slutty chicks being hacked? No? Well then idgaf

Honey Pew Pew says:

This is why I’m relying on Silent Hills and The Evil Within to come out.
Hopefully they will resurrect the Horror Genre for both gamers and movie

Robert Lee says:

What ruined this movie was the trailers showing every single scary thing.
Girl runs toward door and when she crosses the threshold it turns into the
creepy lady. That was the whole scare of that shot. So when it happened I
already knew what was gonna happen and it startled me but didn’t scare me.
popcorn. The sewing machine. The girl running. Nearly every scene was shown
in the trailer. Trailers need to go somewhere.

Paul Rizzo says:

I liked it. I really liked it. I thought it was well done and kind of
original in a non original way.

Meh, I’ll buy it on blu ray.


TheVioletfox01 says:

I think that the “true story” is better than the movie… which is kinda

WTF Hollywood?

Zachery Rankin says:

So James Wan had nothing to do with this film… Well ok… It’s gunna suck
then. James Wan is an awesome Director, his horror Films are actually
scary! Why replace him? Seriously, I think It would be a better film if
James Wan directed it

Joseph Martinez says:

I actually liked it, finally I disagree with you Jeremy but it’s cool we
can still be youtube friends.

vik saggu says:

Ok, holy shit I just got forced into watching this movie with some
friends.. I left like an hour in because OMG IT’S SOOOO GOD DAMN BORING!!
It was overly predicable and the popcorn scene was so stupic.. Like ok lady
puts popcorn on the stove, lady falls asleep, then wakes up and theres a
FIRE!! Then they go on with their lives like nothing happened. I feel sorry
for the people who paid to watch this movie. 

supernaturalXD says:

The real story of Annabelle the doll was nowhere near that complicated _.
Of course with the conjuring being so big they would find SOMETHING to do
to milk people of their money! It’s hard to find a good horror movie
nowadays! Am I right people?!?!

mama tranks says:

This movie had to much insidious on it. The doll theme was useless giving
the though that the doll was possessed. To me possessed means a doll
running around , talking and stabbing. I rather stick to childs play or
dead silence, fuck it even the saw puppet was creepier than this annabelle

Zen Miranda says:

Fuck you jeremy this movie was good and it wad really scary I actually
screamed watching it on my phone in the dark. You give shitty reviews you
don’t know what’s cool you’re wack, and you look gay. Thus movie was really

M. Victor Howard says:

I kept hoping the movie would get better until the “fake priest demon guy”
said “May God have mercy on your soul!” Then I gave up all hope… why the
fuck would a demon who IS TRYING TO STEAL YOUR SOUL (or your baby’s)
FUCKING SAY THAT?! -_____- that scene hurt my balls. 

B0st0nBru1ns says:

All of the shit Annabelle did is the same shit that The Conjuring did. 

alex staniland says:

Has this guy ever Done a single positive movie review? God I hate these
fucking movie nerd’s that feel the need to shit on a movie detail to detail
and allot of them don’t even know what they are talking about but it’s what
they do for a living but jeeez just enjoy a movie I thought annabelle was a
decent movie.

IggyTthunders says:

…now I feel kind of embarrassed by my reaction to the movie. I thought it
was genuinely scary. I mean the acting was horrible, except the black
chick. She was good. I did hate the couple, because…the wife was just a

I don’t know…I guess I can make a mistake. 

nick drabner says:

So if he dislikes it it must be pretty good

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