Annabelle – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Annabelle, starring Annabelle Wallis, Alfre Woodard, Tony Amendola, Eric Ladin, Brian Howe. Directed by John R. Leonetti.


InsideJacobsMind says:

Well that’s disappointing, I was REALLY hoping for this to be great.

ShinbrigTV says:

Personally I didn’t think “The Conjuring” was that good. It felt like
another “ghost in the house” film that will eventually start possessing
everyone. It wasn’t bad either, just okay.

doddi1984 says:

The Conjuring your choice of best horror movie in this decade, really?

John Glenn Productions says:

Yup, I expected this movie to be ass.

AppleWasMyIdea says:

“This movie is ass!” Chris Stuckman for President 2016

|trgc|EcEkrylls says:

You give Anabelle a D? ;) *nudge nudge* 

tleeg74 says:

I guess im the only person alive that thought Insidous was shit. Oh well.

Richard Cranium says:

I prefer Insidious to The Conjuring

Curt James says:

The director of the second “Mortal Kombat” movie? Say no more! PASS!

RyanKaufman says:

I liked The Conjuring. I wasn’t very “scared” by it but it did have a sense
of dread in me. I was creeped out by the clapping, I was creeped out when I
heard the rope whining noises on the tree and knew she was hanged. It was a
good horror film but it wasn’t a great one – definitely better than
literally constant crap movies from the genre this decade has had.

The last horror film I liked was in 04 with The Descent to put in
perspective what I find to be a good horror film.

Annabelle I saw Friday, and I didn’t hate it. It just wasn’t good. It was
too reliant on jump scares that you could see a mile away. The ONLY good
scene I think was in the elevator scene. The elevator won’t take her
anywhere and keeps opening in the basement, and you know shit’s over in the
dark but she can’t go up to safety. Rather she has to run into the darkness
to the exit.

But after that it was just so generic, and the “demon” was even more
derivative. It looked like what you would picture a standard demon would
look like. It also looked like a guy in a demon costume. I think this would
have been a better film had the “demon” looked more unnatural, and was more
unsettling. Just how I see it though.

cody g says:

Let’s all boycott this shit movie and see Gone Girl instead! Yay!

RedgraveKennedy says:

Oh look at that something that was hyped up ended up being a piece of shit,
I wonder where else that happened *coughcoughdestinycough*

Alison GreenDay says:

I liked Annabelle :)

Brianna S says:

I’ve watched a couple reviews now and I don’t think Annabelle was as bad as
everyone has made it to be. The elevator scene really scared me to be
honest. Another thing I think we need to think about is that their choices
seem really stupid to us because we know that this is a scary movie, that’s
what I told my bf while watching this movie lol. Would we be that scared in
our own home? I wouldn’t be. If I heard a scream, I’d probably call the
cops; but this movie obviously didn’t take place in 2014 ( black and white
tv, their clothes/homes;looked like it could’ve been the 60s) ; back then
some people didn’t even lock their doors and weren’t so worried about a
murderer next door because it wasn’t as common as it is today;don’t get me
wrong, I know murderers and bad people existed back then and people still
had to be precocious but I think crimes rates are much worse now. I just
feel like a lot of movie reviewers are really being in particular with this
movie and a lot of horror movie reviews I’ve seen lol this is just my

a sad bunny says:

I think The Conjuring is the best horror film this decade and the decade
before :) 2000-14

OpTic Snik says:

I usually don’t like horror movies, because they don’t ever have a good
plot and they’re all cheap, predictable jump-scares instead of a creepy
atmosphere that follows through the film where you could be scared at any,
unpredictable moment.

I went to the cinema yesterday, because two buddies invited me, and I went
along for the good time, not because I thought it was going to be a good
film. The “story” or “day” sequences literally last less than 5 minutes at
the time and boom*, there’s another night filled with cheap scares where
the tempo is building followed by a dead silence and a scream to startle
the audience.

I wouldn’t recommend watching this, especially if you liked The Conjuring.

IanGeeee says:

I did like The Conjuring because it had a very nice style to it. That 70s
visuals really looked nice but there was one problem: I saw the trailer
before I saw the movie and that ruined pretty much every potentially
effective scare for me because they’re all in the trailer. Well, except
maybe one or two but the trailer gives too many of the scares away. Plus I
didn’t think that the scares were done that good either. I actually felt
about them as Chris feels about the scares in Annabelle in that I almost
always knew when they where gonna come and thus they rarely scared me. But
the movie all in all was creepy and suspenseful. I liked it.

Guru Zaheer says:

Dat Faye Valentine Shirt tho! :)

Hope Night says:

Well yeah, Annabelle wasn’t much of an amazing movie, but you really didn’t
care about the characters? Really? I find them really smart, and yes, I
felt REALLY worried about them at times! Something I certainly cannot say
about the Insidious, where every single character, from the youngest child
to the oldest, outstandingly boring psychic where so, so, so unbelievably

The Conjuring is alright, it was scary, but still, not that great. We’ve
seen much scarier movies.

LiquidPumpkin says:

Annabelle was one of the worst movies i’ve ever watched in a theatre.
Really. I could predict everything that was happening, there was nothing
that scare me. Hell i knew what scare was going to be next! The Conjuring
was good but this “Prequel” was one pile of shit.
Warning Spoiler!

When the father was posessed and stood with the back to the protagonist i
really i asked myself “Wait, they are serious with this?” It was like one
if those scenes you would expect from a parody! 

Chechatonga says:

one review i don’t care if its good or bad, Because girlfriend wants to
watch it and anything for pussy. 

torils65 says:

I just watched this movie, I found it to be very CREEPY! Don’t agree with
you, on this one.

John Lennon says:

Please review A Hard Days Night. 

Taxtro says:

What really ruined this movie was the whole “soul” thing at the end.
Everyone acted as if it was obvious.

TheProjectOfSparks says:

If James Wan directed this movie, it would be a little better than it is.
In my opinion it would be more realistic. However the storyline/script is
just Crap. Very unrealistic in my opinion and I agree about the Characters
but the acting was good. 

therollingbeatles123 says:

I figured the movie Annabelle was crap it looked like a regular horror film
with jump scares!!!!

Velkoria says:

Nooo! I wanted this to be good =(

Benjamin Snyder says:

I loved It! Usually I agree with this guy, but I thought it was wayyyyy
better than the conjuring. 

trixchialoveskimchi6 says:

the conjuring…. was awesome?

Lord Vader says:

I wonder if god exists.. Like wtf is he doing?

TheMarionick says:

wooden and lifeless… it’s obvious that ”dull” belonged to the human
cast but ”wooden” and ”lifeless” belonged to Annabelle am I right am I
right? No? Mkay..

Paulino Cecilio, Jr's Art Journal says:

… wish that they would of went with the original Raggedy Ann doll…
which did make a cameo in this movie, briefly on the shelf. Really like the

Nicolás Rodríguez says:

The Conjuring was incredible, I agree when I hear that it’s one of the best
horror movies in the past 10 years, specially with all those modern awfully
made horror films going around that just make me laugh. Now with Annabelle,
I wanted to like it… I did, in a way.

It had its good moments but it didn’t even get near The Conjuring, actually
I was disappointed when I learned that the movie doesn’t cover the case
with the nurses, from which they could’ve got so much good material but I
guess they didn’t think of it. If the actors playing the Warrens weren’t
available at the time, then just wait and do the film with them and don’t
be so greedy and just up and make another forgettable horror movie.

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

I wasn’t a huge fan of the conjuring to be honest.

Yes, it was better than most other horror movies I saw in recent years I
will admit that.

But to me it’s nowhere near as good as Nightmare on Elm Street or The

hazel pringle says:

Annabelle is good best horror movie ever

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