Animation Movie Madness Tournament Round 3 Results

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We break down the round 3 results of the Animation Movie Madness Tournament and set up the round 4 bracket finals. WE’RE DOWN TO THE FINAL FOUR! VOTE FOR YOUR ROUND 4 RESULTS HERE:


kingragnork says:

I voted Aladdin over Lion King.

boze perkovic says:

I called Lion King was going to win week one ladies and gentlemen 

Abu Lewally says:

Come on Aladdin!! 

MyMike1100 says:

I am shocked! SHOCKED! That Toy Story 2 didn’t win. I think Aladdin is
going to win it all simply because of what I would like to call “the Robin
Williams factor”. R.I.P 

Pizza God says:

Lion King all the way. Aladdin has great songs, sure, and ok action. But LK
is my top favorite film of all time. Scar is such a better villain. tho
genie is a better comic relief- Simba is a better hero to me. and the
tracks i like better.

Angel Castillo says:


CinematicGalaxy says:

I love all of these movies, but it’s Lion King and Toy Story 3 for me. I
voted for Toy Story 2 against B&TB, but I knew that would be a tough, close

BlueFox94 says:


— First off, I’ve been waiting two weeks for these Round Three results. I
know that were busy, but with no updates or anything, I actually thought
for a sec that this competition was simply abandoned. Thank goodness!

— Also, just to get this question out of the way, *will there be a 3rd
place voting round between the losers of Round Four*?

— I guess I’m over the defeat of both WALLE and Princess Mononoke.

— Yes, *The Lion King deserved to beat The Incredibles*. Poetic justice,
since Incredibles shouldn’t’ve beaten Toy Story in the last round.

— Yes, *Aladdin deserved to beat Up*. Up is great, but Aladdin has the
energy and the memorable songs.

— Yes, *Toy Story 3 deserved to beat Monsters, Inc. Thank goodness* a Toy
Story film is still in the running. Plus, Monsters, Inc. beat WALL-E and
that’s *not okay* in my book. Very good that Pixar is still in this game.
(Quite impressed with these results so far, even…)

— *Beauty And The Beast over Toy Story 2*. I’d’ve taken either one, but I
think Beauty’s victory here is more deserved. In a competition that *kicked
out Fantasia too soon*, I’m glad Beauty & The Beast is still in there since
it’s my 2nd all-time favorite Disney film.

— Okay, I’m still a little bitter over the defeat of both WALL-E and
Princess Mononoke. Can’t help it when *your two all-time favorite animated
films were denied passage past Round One*. :(

Princess Mononoke
The Toy Story Trilogy (one spot)
Laputa: Castle In The Sky
The Secret Of NIMH
The Iron Giant
The Incredibles
Finding Nemo
Summer Wars
Millennium Actress
Beauty & The Beast
The Lion King
Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
Sleeping Beauty
The Aristocats (*really personal*)
Lady & The Tramp
My Neighbor Totoro
Grave Of The Fireflies
The Prince Of Egypt
Lupin III: The Castle Of Cagliostro
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Spirited Away
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Little Mermaid
Watership Down

(These films are *just too good*.)

Deserving Round 3 results.
Bygones aside, *this was a great competition*.
*I do wish anime fans participated more* to have an anime representative
reach further though. :(

These will be different.
I’m going to rank these films in two ways— *objective quality* (based on my
judgement and critique) and *who’s most deserving of the championship title*

Here’s how I rank the four films *objectively*:
1) Toy Story 3
2) Beauty & The Beast
3) The Lion King
4) Aladdin

And here’s how I rank the films based on *who’s most deserving of the
championship title*:
1) The Lion King
2) [tie] Beauty & The Beast/Toy Story 3
3) Aladdin

*First off*, it’s clear in both respects that Aladdin’s whole new world is
on the 4th place podium.

*Now here’s my dilemma*:

— *The Toy Story Trilogy is #3 on my list of all-time favorite animated
films*. I lump them into one spot because that’s how I see the cinematic
trio now. However, while Toy Story 3 is the *perfect capstone* of the
franchise, *it’s arguably the most unnecessary film of the three*. If the
tournament went my way, we’d have the first Toy Story here and that film’s
historical significance would’ve carried it. *But since we’re left with the
3rd film, I’m hesitant*.

— With Fantasia (unfortunately) out of the way, *Beauty & The Beast is my
favorite WDAS film left in the competition*. Tight musical. First animated
film nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Still, *it somehow
feels wrong* to give it the title when…

— *The Lion King’s indelible reputation, cinematic magnitude, and
undeniably apt title precede it*. Just *thinking* about the film makes it
seem the most deserving of the championship title, which is certainly
possible since *I don’t think voters will be as trigger-happy at causing a
spoiler effect* to give Aladdin a boost. I mean, *how can you refuse The
Lion King* (unless you just outright hate it)?

I’ve enjoyed sharing my extensive thoughts with all of you guys!
As for the upcoming week…
*Let’s just see what happens*.
Please be respectful with your replies.
This is only my informed opinion after all.

Also, just for clarification, will there be a 3rd place voting round
between the losers of Round Four?

Can’t wait to start voting for Round 4! :)

CavemanJesus4Life says:

my top 2 are still in there

Lion King vs Toy Story 3 for the final

sanyrub says:

The Lion King all the way. It´s just too much. It has the best soundtrack
for an animated film of all time to begin with.

valmont1702 says:

I have a little preference for Aladdin (I’ve always loved 1001 Nights’
legends,…etc). But The Lion King is gonna with it all (even in the
finals). On the other side of the bracket, I don’t see Beauty & the Beast
win over another Toy Story, because Toy Story 3 is known for his huge
popularity (nothing like TLKing but even though)…

We’ll see ! :)

ScRreaMzESports says:

Shiit!!!!! Lion King vs Aladdin… I cant vote… I cant, this are my
movies yoooo

Iron McMuffin says:

Aladdin and TS3 for me(and if they ended up head to head last round I’d go
with Aladdin). Never liked LK or B&tB much. But to me it doesn’t matter
anymore because my personal favorite(Incredibles) just got voted out this
round. So I have no real attachment to anything that’s left.

Karen Lin says:

The Lion King all the way!

Gerardo Gonzalez says:

I still believe Aladdin is gonna win 

Mark Harrington says:

I am shocked! SHOCKED! That Toy Story 2 didn’t win. I think Aladdin is
going to win it all simply because of what I would like to call “the Robin
Williams factor”. R.I.P 

ProDeedZ says:

Aladdin had a lot more amazing characters and voice acting. As far as plot
and creativity, it’s pretty close but Aladdin was more enjoyable cuz of
better characters. As far as music goes, Lion king wins hands down. So
Aladdin > lion king

Kenny Schultz says:

Toy Story 3 has to win. 

Jesse Cruz says:

These are too close to call, I am going to have to watch these movies again
to make my final vote.

Blizzquake says:

JOHN! Next year do the top 32 movies of all time!

AwesomeMan523 says:

I can’t believe Toy Story 2 lost because it’s my all time favourite
animated movie I don’t even like Beauty and the Beast

Euan Brown says:

Am I the only one who isn’t that fussed about Aladdin?

Justin James says:

I really want to see Aladdin & Beauty & the Beast battle it out in the
finals, but gotta say that I think Campea is right & it will be Lion King &
Beauty & the Beast. 

torpidbeast says:

I have Lion King going against Toy Story 3 in the final with Toy Story 3
winning it maybe… If not Lion King will win by 5%

egodrive says:

This makes me wonder why we don’t get 2D movies anymore. Is it because they
are harder to make than 3D movies?

Charlie Shepherd says:

I Would like to see them do the runners up against each other to see who
gets 3rd?

Baby Joker says:


Tyler Kelson says:

all of my picks made it to this round but I am very worried for my favorite
movie ever (Beauty and the Beast)

infernaltim1 says:

Awesome Django Unchained shirt, Dennis!

Valeria Sanchez says:

Lion King ❤

Harry O'Sullivan says:

Gutted Toy Story 2 is out. I stand by the opinion it is a slightly superior
film to Beauty and the Beast but when Toy Story 3 is through, you have to
accept it. I think Toy Story 2 combines the fun of the first and the
emotion of the 3rd perfectly into one film.
As for next round, I prefer Lion King by the slightest of margins, but I
think the Robin Williams factor might carry Aladdin through. The other is
too close to call.

dxsuperstarl says:

Let’s go Aladdin!!

Luke Gregory says:

Can’t believe Up went out to Aladdin. Sure the genie was great, but the
film as a whole is shit!

Movie Muscle says:

Oh c’mon. Aladdin in the Finals? All of a sudden, it’s one of the best
Disney films ever made. I wonder why, hmmm…People are so pathetic in how
biased and dishonest they are nowadays…

Colin VandenBerg says:

You think Toy Story 2 has filler scenes? Aladdin beats Lion King for me
because the comic relief in Aladdin was actually funny, and served a
purpose to the plot, and not just the themes. What did Timon and Pubaa add
to the plot besides a 20 minute distraction, and beating up some hyenas
(which the lionesses didn’t do enough of)? It would be one thing if they
made me chuckle just once, but that’s how I feel. I hope Aladdin wins.

Scott Hogsett says:

does anyone remember dinosaur by disney, seriously my favourite animated

Ben Daniels says:

Ugh The Lion Kong is so overrated, and this is coming from an avid
animation aficionado.

jigokuruler36/InhumaneChart67 says:

lion king is the pinnacle of disney animated movies (2d or 3d), so it would
be shocking to see any of the other 3 winning this, heck i don’t know how
alladin is in the final 4, now what would be the best final lion king v
beauty and the beast definitely

David Jordao says:

Oh, man… Aladdin vs The Lion King? I’m not gonna lie. These are my top 2
favourite animated films of all time.. And I usually flip them around from
time to time. This one is gonna be hard for me.

Ralph Mest says:

Wanting Aladdin to win the whole tournament. Its my favorite of the final

Furkan Ocak says:

spritted away is 10x better than this movies combination. title should have
been best american animated movies

Tsi Tsu says:

Now it doesn’t matter anymore if Toy Story or Beauty and the Beast is going
to win, because neither of them stands a chance against Lion King as well
as Alladin in the final battle.

Carles ConstantCine says:


Ram Blake says:

Lion King vs Toy Story 3 should be the final match up.

smdownh9 says:

My hope is Beauty and the Beast vs Lion King in the finales thats how i

David Theriault says:

If it was Toy Story 1 against B&tB then I might vote for Toy Story. But I
say B&tB takes Toy Story 2 or 3 for me.

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