Animated Movie Madness Tournament Final Results – AMC Movie News

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We started with 32 of the greatest animated films of all time… and now we declare who YOU have voted as the best of the best


Erich Shrefler says:

No point watching the video, since the result is the thumbnail…

123rockfan says:

Well this was slightly anti-climactic lol. And why would you give away the
winner in the thumbnail?

chris71388 says:

Toy Story 3 isn’t even the best Toy Story

Luke McGowan says:

Toy Story 3 shouldn’t have been in the final. It only made it because it
was the number 1 seed. Its amazing but the most inferior Toy Story. If Toy
Story 1 or 2 was in that spot instead it would have been that film.

Kelly Davis says:

Yes 90’s kids unite!
lol but seriously great tournament, can’t wait for the next one :]

Rohith Kumar says:

i haven’t even seen Lion king

I'm Batman Man 123 says:

The Lion King is a classic! 

Abu Lewally says:

This made me sad. Aladdin is the best! Lion king is overrated 

Ryan Keefe says:

Yeah Lion King son 

Filmscar says:

This tournament was just like the NBA Playoffs, predictable. I enjoyed it
for the most part but it’s dumb to call it a madness tournament when ot’s
just a glorified popularity contest.

BlueFox94 says:

Fine tournament. The Lion King is a worthy winner. Really wish that WALL-E
and Princess Mononoke weren’t eliminated in the first round.

Tuomas Liimatta says:

Still saying if it was up to me the tournament would have had two teams.
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut vs the first Pokemon movie. Maybe in
the future it could have extended to 4 teams introducing something like one
of the DBZ films or more Pokemon, but until then South Park: Bigger, Longer
and Uncut vs the first Pokemon movie it is for me.

NovaConcepts says:

So glad that you guys do these tournaments really makes me watch movies
that I haven’t seen, I just watched up and it blew my mind so good thanks
amc x

Jason Wyngard says:

And this when I say I still haven’t watched the lion king. 

AM14308 says:

Forrest Gump for 1990s movies!!!

tim says:

the voting for this tournament was horrible because there was even one
round that they didn’t announce was being voted on. that round just somehow
had been complete.

Tsi Tsu says:

It was clear from the beginning that The Lion King was going to win.

Dakotah Barrows says:

AMC please do a champions of Champions match… where the winners of all of
them compete (once you have enough winners) 

mike c. says:

I shall now sing the opening of The Circle of Life… YEAH! LION KING,
BABY!!! :D

HotZoneKeel says:

LAME! I do like Lion King, but it’s insanely overrated. Simba is a terrible
character (at least young Simba is).

CinematicGalaxy says:

I love, love, LOVE Toy Story 3…but I could not vote for it against The
Lion King. The Lion King taught me what death was…that’s deep stuff right
there. So is Toy Story 3, but The Lion King just has it all right down to
its masterful score and brilliant 2D animation.

Baby Joker says:

next time please follow through with it more and have more people talking
about it. i feel t=like this thing got put on the back burner so much you
guys just didnt care by the end.

HAguayo says:

I personally have UP winning.

Beast Bricks says:

M: movie madness

Despicable me,….takes it all! ;) happy to see lion king win :)

sm4carnageihope says:

ALL HAIL THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avi P says:

Good job. You should do greatest Kung Fu movie of all time. No need to wait
for next year on that either. Thanks.

mitch mack says:

Still sad about Aladdin, but Lion King is very close for me.

90’s tournament might even include animated stuff like Lion King. My small
list of inclusion:

The Matrix
There’s Something About Mary
Pulp Fiction
Austin Powers
Shawshank Redemption
Army of Darkness

keybladechosn1 says:

What this tournament showed is that AMC Movie Talk watchers know NOTHING
about animation outside of Disney, which is a shame.

sanyrub says:

Yaaaaaasss! LOL The Lion King is the best of them all. The score alone>>>>
It would have been closer if Beauty and the Beast had made it to the final
with Lion King.

Becky Bonde says:

This was interesting because it showed us that there are a lot of people
who vote with their childhood or teenage memories instead of actual
critical judgement, but more importantly, that as a general audience we do
not watch enough variety and instead stay inside our (again, generalized)
comfort zones. I have to admit that without the influence of my children I
would not have ever seen anything beyond the Disney and Pixar and
Dreamworks animation..I simply would not have known about it and if I had I
can’t say that I would have been interested. Lion King is a great choice
but if the same numbers of people had seen each and every movie on the list
I think this would have played differently.

Sarah Hussain says:

Man what a disappointment.

Derek Kunze says:

My choice was Lion King even before i knew any of the films were anounced..
Hakuna Ma-fuckin-tata!!!

Shubham Gupta says:

ahh nostalgia wins…
nothing against the lion king..its a good movie but definitely not the best

Kåre Hansen says:

My favorite animated movie won, so awesome

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