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Here are the Round 1 Results from out AMC Animated Movie Madness Tournament.


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ikamts2 says:

HA! Pinocchio is so crap and it won against spirited away

Jun Lagda says:

Ugh. Come on, democracy. I thought Spirited Away was going to win it all.
One of the best films ever, animated or not.

And Monsters Inc. over Wall-E?! Are people stupid?!? Noooo. 

aero roger says:

How the fuck did Spirited Away lose but Frozen win??????!!!!!

Keri LemonShark says:

ok so best film is going to be a 3d movie…

Beau Carranza says:

Disney is the real winner here.

MyMike1100 says:

What an incredible amount of Bullshit! How the Hell did Monsters Inc beat

Andrew Hutchings says:

I feel like the problem with this tournament is that people don’t even
watch the miyazaki films but still vote against it.

Tiago Gomes says:

It hurt quite a bit to see all those anime movies get beat so easily.

ShamanGrayson says:

How can Howl’s Moving Castle lose!?

carloswachuwa13 says:

Final match up is gonna be Toy Story 3 vs Aladdin or the Lion King, calling
it now. 

pablo sanchez says:

Fuck no. Howels moving castle is so much better than frozen.

kingMadnus says:

I’m sorry but this tournament is a fucking disgusting farce. You know the
masses have never even heard some of these anime movies. How can you sit
there and not vomit at the thought that Akira lost to FUCKING FINDING NEMO

Mason Zeller says:

How the hell did spirited away or grave of the fireflies not win???

crabizback says:

Let me guess, all of the anime films didn’t make it past round 1

Uffe K. Jørgensen says:

Just sad seeing Miyazaki losing because americans havent seen his movies :(

BlueFox94 says:


— First off, I’ve been waiting all week for these Round One results.

— Then again, looking at this bracket… *I won’t hesitate to express my
utter disbelief and disappointment at some of the results*. (Now I can
relate to the people who emotionally invest in March Madness.)

— *The Lion King over Fantasia*. I disagree a little bit. Lion King is my
#3 favorite WDAS film, while Fantasia is my #1. I can’t deny the utter
epicness that is TLK, but I find it disappointing that—based on the voting
results—people fail often to recognize the high artistic merit that
Fantasia holds for Disney. But, like I said, not too angry with the
admittedly inevitable result. (Btw, kind of a shame that Mark doesn’t
appreciate Fantasia on the whole.)

— *Pinocchio overtakes Spirited Away!?* Damn…Personally, I did support
Pinocchio because I have more nitpicks with Spirited Away than I do with
Pinocchio. Both would’ve been absolutely deserving and I’m pleased with the

— *Frozen deservingly beats Howl*. Howl, to me, is a lesser Miyazaki when
looking at his entire filmography and Frozen is the hot animated film even
a year-and-a-half after it was released. So, not surprised with the results.

— *MONSTERS, INC. BEATS WALL-E!!!??? This is my first big disappointment.
Sure, Monsters, Inc. is great, the chemistry of Sully and Mike is
impeccable, and the world it presents is quite imaginable. However…WALL-E
is the film that, along with The Dark Knight, made a stamp on the face of
cinema. IT CHANGED THE OSCARS FOREVER. WALL-E is on an artistic pedestal
that, I’m sorry, Monster’s, Inc. is at least three steps behind. Sure,
WALL-E is less child-friendly, but damn is it an artistic achievement—to
emulate the best of silent cinema and 2001: A Space Odyssey was a daring
risk that paid off in spades. It also helps that it’s my all-time favorite
animated film. Really disappointed by this result and, in my book, almost
offensive. Ugh…*

— *Ratatouille over Dumbo?* Yes. Dumbo is more pure, but it’s short running
time and simplicity pale in comparison to Ratatouille’s sophisticated
storytelling and love of food. Well-deserved.

— *Beauty & The Beast over The Little Mermaid?* Yes. Little Mermaid is a
well-made template for the Disney musical, but Beauty & The Beast has the
sophistication and the characterization in its arsenal.

— *The Jungle Book overtakes The Secret Of NIMH?* Disappointed, but not
surprised. Jungle Book is iconic and its songs amazing, but to me, the
story faltered a bit and needed more meat and pacing. NIMH, on the other
hand, is one of a few animated films often cited as the ones to prove that *animation
is not just a kid’s thing*. The themes and characters layer each other so
well and don’t reveal everything, which warrants multiple viewings to
really unpack it. I’m grateful for NIMH because it very well might have
been the animated film to set the stage for the Disney Renaissance of the
‘90s. *NIMH is not only a better film, but also an historically important
film.* So…not pleased with this result.

— *Toy Story 2 deserved to beat One Hundred & One Dalmations.* That’s all
that needs to be said.

and how emotionally resonant it is, but Princess Mononoke is on another
level of characters, artistic merit, AND emotional resonance (especially
with that Joe Hisaishi score—one of my favorites of all time), much like
with WALL-E and Monsters, Inc. Also, Mononoke-Hime is my 2nd all-time
favorite animated film*.

— *So basically…WALL-E and Princess Mononoke, my 1st and 2nd all-time
favorite animated films, respectively—both having made credible and
indelible stamps in the animation industry and in cinema in general—have
been eliminated from the competition. Is anyone still confused by my
immense disappointment?*

— Also, might as well get this out of the way, but… *all anime films have
been booted from the competition*… *I have no words for that*.

— *The Incredibles beats Snow White?* No surprise, but Snow White has its
place as the first in the Disney canon. But The Incredibles does have its
sophistication. Kind of disappointed, but again not surprised.

— *Toy Story deserved to beat Bambi*, as much as I hate to say that because
I love Bambi as well. Bambi has the artistry, but Toy Story is a watershed
cinematic achievement. And that’s all that needs to be said.

— *Shit…The Nightmare Before Christmas BEATS GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES.* I
love Nightmare and its songs, but it is a really slight film when put to
close scrutiny, whereas Grave is a deep, lingering war film with themes
that take multiple viewings to unpack, much like how Secret Of NIMH is with
magic and technology. Grave Of The Fireflies is *the Schindler’s List of
animated films* and there’s very little to top that.
All I can say to voters is…you guys *need to step up in your viewing of
animated films*. Disney is great and they started the animation industry,
but *they ain’t the only players in the game*. What a disappointing outcome…

— *Up deserved to beat How To Train Your Dragon*. Up has layers and wins
just on its first 10 minutes, while HTTYD is, in the end, just a really
likable film about a boy and a dragon. It has its deeper moments, though,
but they don’t compare to Up.

— *Finding Nemo beats Akira??* Hmm…*curious*. I did vote for Finding Nemo,
mostly because I feel that Katsushiro Otomo’s making the film before even
finishing the manga did admittedly work against the storytelling of the
film, despite the phenomenal animation and score. I do wish that Akira’s
fans put up more of a fight, however.

— *Need I remind everyone that all the anime films have been beaten out of
the competition? It sucks, I know. I really thought one of them—most likely
Spirited Away—would make it out of the 1st Round, but no. Nothing. Kind of
a sad turnout, methinks*.

— *Aladdin deserved to beat Wallace & Gromit*, as much as I really admire
W&G. But Aladdin is a powerhouse animated musical.

— *Toy Story 3 absolutely deserved to beat the almost-as-phenomenal
Wreck-It Ralph*. All three TS films deserve to make it out of the 1st round
and I’m proud they did.

Princess Mononoke
The Toy Story Trilogy (one spot)
Laputa: Castle In The Sky
The Secret Of NIMH
The Iron Giant
The Incredibles
Finding Nemo
Summer Wars
Millennium Actress
Beauty & The Beast
The Lion King
Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
Sleeping Beauty
The Aristocats (*really* personal)
Lady & The Tramp
My Neighbor Totoro
Grave Of The Fireflies
The Prince Of Egypt
Lupin III: The Castle Of Cagliostro
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Spirited Away
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Little Mermaid
Watership Down

*WHAT I DISAGREE WITH* (at least moderately,
which means…I’m cool with both Lion King over Fantasia
and Incredibles over Snow White):
Monsters, Inc.
The Jungle Book
The Iron Giant
The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Secret Of NIMH
Princess Mononoke
Grave Of The Fireflies
(*Seriously, having to compare the beaten films with the films that beat
makes me laugh in disbelief.*)

Pretty disappointed overall.
I disagree strongly with 1/4 of the Round One results.
What’s more disappointing to me is that *all the anime films were given the
That’s sad, no matter how one tries to explain it.
I hope Round Two brings forth better results.

The Lion King over The Iron Giant
Toy Story over The Incredibles
Up over The Nightmare Before Christmas (personal payback)
Aladdin over Finding Nemo (Somewhat painful, but…Aladdin’s just the
tighter film)
I’m okay with either Toy Story 3 or Pinocchio
Frozen over Monsters, Inc. (personal payback)
This one’s painful…Beauty & The Beast over Ratatouille
Toy Story 2 over The Jungle Book (personal payback)

Let’s see what happens.
Please be respectful with your replies.
This is only my informed opinion after all.

Can’t wait to start voting for Round 2! :)

DA KING says:

What the fuck is wrong with you people??? Voting on shit when you have
never seen them…go watch the movies before condemning it!!

Isaac Ruthen says:

Isn’t is John who always says how dumb the MTV Movie Awards are? This is
exactly the same thing

kingMadnus says:

This is fucking bullshit why did you make a animation tournament to put
great anime against these cartoons this isn’t even fair most people like
you said have never seen these movies and never will 

Project862006 says:

akira lost you kidding me it has better animation,better story and deals
with strong themes

nemo is just some fish looking for his son WTF

ProDeedZ says:

Wall-E is overrated. Glad it didn’t advance. It’s different/unique and has
a really good message, but that’s it. Not an impressive story (aside from
the moral), not impressive characters, not even a fun film to watch over
and over again. But that’s just my opinion

tim says:

of course the lesser movie Beauty and the Beast would beat The Little
Mermaid because the straight male fanbase of amc likes the idea of a girl
liking a beast for who he really is over the absolute perfection that is
Ariel becoming who she wants to be and of course they would vote for
fantastic 4 over the iconic/legendary Snow White… Up is overrated and
boring as hell

spencecity99 says:

One of the things that makes me really happy is that, I’m 15, and if I go
to any of my other 15 year old friends or acquaintances and ask if they’ve
seen Spirited Away, the answer will be yes. They may not recognize the name
immediately, but once you describe it, or bring up her parents turning into
pigs, there’s not questioning it. So I guess I want to thank Nickelodeon or
Disney or Cartoon network (whichever one) for playing it countless times
and allowing it to become my generations quiet classic. 

Mickey Mouse says:

Dang some of these results bum me out…

David Thomas says:

who voted, 10 year old girls?

Sizzeler says:

lmao what is this abomination?? Spirited Away losing to Pinocchio?? please
go watch the films before you vote, what a joke…

frostmarris says:

no surprise all of the anime films got knocked out even tho they are probly
the best on the list…

Nos Lee says:

You haven’t seen Princess Mononoke? What are you doing on your free time?
Masturbating? It was kind of pointless to place Anime with American movies,
since the majority voters are white.

Sherlock Khan says:

this tournament would have been better if you guys took like 100 – 1000
film critics showed them all these movies and let them decide which one is
better. because this way the champion wont be the best movie, it is going
to be the lion king. and i´m not saying the lion king is a bad movie ( i
actually love it ) but it is definitely not the best. and also all the
ghibli movies losing in the first round? i cant take that seriously 

blusiryn says:

My picks for round 2:

Match 1: Lion King is a juggernaut, and should win easily. Iron Giant
should do better because it has a strong following, but is more of a
sleeper hit and doesn’t have the same broad recognition. Lion King 65/35.

Match 2: Now this one is really interesting, a real coin toss match.
Conventional wisdom says Toy Story should win, but I’m counting on
Incredibles having a strong following and standing out from the other Pixar
movies as the most adult friendly to pull off the upset. Incredibles 51/49.

Match 3: The Nightmare Before Christmas has no chance against Up. I would
take How to Train Your Dragon any day against ‘Nightmare’ and Up beat HTTYD
pretty easily. If it was against something other than an anime film in the
first round it would be gone already. Up 75/25.

Match 4: I feel Aladdin will take this one. It is such a classic beloved
movie. It is hard to judge these two movies strength though based on that
first round, going against lesser known movies. I think Aladdin will take a
solid win, but this is one that could take me by surprise. Aladdin 60/40

Match 5: Toy Story 3 will win easily, of course. Pinocchio barely beat out
Spirited Away in a round where INCREDIBLE anime movies generally got
destroyed. TS3 is super popular and recent and will destroy. Toy Story3

Match 6: Although I was wrong predicting Frozen to lose last round, I don’t
think I was wrong about the anti-votes it would get – its victory over
Howl’s Moving Castle was very unimpressive in my opinion. I still believe
there is a lot of animosity against it, and now its against a beloved Pixar
movie. Monsters Inc. 60/40

Match 7: I love Ratatouille, but I’ve got to go with Beauty and the Beast
here. It is considered one of the all time classics, and I feel like
Ratatouille didn’t get quite as much traction in terms of mainstream
success and notoriety as it deserved.
Beauty and the Beast 65/35.

Match 8: Jungle Book surprised me a little with how easily it beat Nimh,
but against Toy Story 2 it is going to get cut down. Toy Story 2 is a
beast, and Jungle Book is an older movie that probably hasn’t been seen by
everyone. Toy Story2 70/30

bardura87bngl2 says:

I am so pissed because of the results. You guys shouldnt have put Miyazaki
animes there knowing they will be crushed. What’s the point of this if they
dont even have a chance to win? And hasnt John said Oscars Best Movie
category shouldnt have 10 movies because some of them wont even have the
chance to win last month? I think this was the same. Why put these anime
movies here if people who never saw them are not gonna vote for them

Tommy Marz says:

People… if you haven’t seen these ghibli films, find a way to do so
immediately for no other reason than the fact that you are cheating
yourself if you call yourself a fan of animated movies and have not seen
these movies. Truth be known it is actually tough to to decide whether
Mononoke or Iron Giant is superior as they are both incredible movies and
honestly I feel that Howl’s is one of the lesser Ghibli films. If everyone
had seen spirited away though, it would have been deserving of a number 1
seed and look I know Nightmare Before Christmas has a cult following, but
you will never forget the feeling you first got after watching Grave of the
Fireflies it is so emotional.

Ken Esco says:

Spirited Away really shouldn’t have lost btw!

RCMfilms says:

There is literally no point in calling it the “Miyazaki bracket” or having
his face there anymore. It just makes the whole thing even more frustrating
and ridiculous. What a joke!

CinematicGalaxy says:

To say having all three Toy Story films in there is unfair is ridiculous.
All 3 are amazing and of equal quality, so why shouldn’t they all be there?
I think each has an equal chance of winning (although Toy Story 2 has the
least likely chance, imho).

MatthewLedZepfan says:

Toy Story 2? Lame??!! Is Mark high? 

KaleFGB says:

The Secret of Nimh should have won.

TsuFC says:

I’m not surprised the anime features didn’t win, but at least more people
have heard of them now. :)

yeah says:

Where the hell is The Simpsons Movie?! It is better than half of those

stephen schiffman says:

My only question is why neither of the brackets are named after Walt
Disney. Don’t me wrong, the men they chose are geniuses, but Disney started
it all.

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