Angelina Jolie Directing The CAPTAIN MARVEL Film? – AMC Movie News

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What are your thoughts of Marvel approaching Angelina Jolie to direct Captain Marvel?

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GamerGuyd7Aces says:

This is a RUMOR! WHY would Marvel hire Angelina Jolie to direct Captain
Marvel? Is it cuz she’s a female? In that case, they might as well hire
Tyler Perry to direct Black Panther, since he’s black.

Ryoji Kitomi says:


AndyTheVlogger says:

no don’t even . its like sam raimi directing avengers 2

Joshua Kelly says:

Imagine of Angelina Jolie is Captain Marvel and not the director? I love
Carol Danvers, my favorite comic book hero, and I think she’s too old but
she’s Angelina fucking Jolie. She is the most talented actress I’ve ever
seen so I’d be down.

Tre B says:

I give that rumor about a zero percent chance of being true, especially the
part about offering her $20 million dollars right up front. That’s
like…anti-Marvel. Everyone knows they’re tough negotiators. And
considering they’ve picked directors straight out of left field solely
because they come to Kevin Feige with vision and passion about the
characters, why the hell would he straight up offer that gig sight unseen,
without as much as an interview?

It’s bullshit, pure and simple. I guarantee that if MacLaren weren’t
already on-board Wonder Woman, that site would would have tried to attach
this bogus rumor to that film (where it would have seemed more believable).

Blu-Ray King says:

I haven’t seen Unbroken, but I don’t think Jolie directing a Marvel film
would play out with that Marvel feel.

John King says:

Well here’s an interesting idea.
With such talks about who Directs Whatever Movie… Let’s have You Guys at
AMC Direct a Movie.
As Viewers and Critics of Everything Movie… Let’s see your take.
I would watch it.
Let’s see what you got.

MrOnomatopoiea says:

I would only like Jolie to direct Captain Marvel if she brought the same
sensibility that Salt had, to the making of it!

Eric Staples says:

I really don’t understand why you need a female director just because it’s
a movie about a female superhero, especially a director as crazy as
Angelina Jolie.

Shellymon. HD says:

Meh. I’m not to sure about Angelina Jolie directing a Marvel movie because
I got a feeling that she is going screw it up…

German Shepard says:

What in the actual fuck? Ill convert to any religion I have to if it means
that I can take this news with the smallest possible grain of Salt. Evelyn

onoalerr says:

Hell no!!! I think that’s just a rumor!! Jolie sorry, but she doesn’t
belong in MCU not a good director IMO


Marvel asked me to direct it but turned it down to do one of the Star Wars

JezzupWuzzup says:

God damn you! God damn you all to hell!

dragonrings14 says:

I know DC went with the whole female director for Wonder Woman but why does
Marvel need this gimmick? Also why does anyone think women direct women
characters better? The best writer/director I know that has used a strong
female lead is Joss Whedon. Just look at Buffy (The Vampire Slayer), River
(Firefly), Echo (Dollhouse) even Black Widow (Avengers). He knows how to
use strong female characters well. Obviously he won’t want to direct
another Marvel film but he is proof that men can make good films/TV with
strong female leads.

hashknight1 says:

looks like captain marvel is gonna be fucked up!

Rene Carbajal says:

Yes, please have Angelina Jolie direct!!!

TheFubbick says:

She’s unexperienced as a director and frankly speaking, I think she was
only given the chance to direct because of who she is. I didn’t like any of
what she’s directed sofar and her style is completely wrong for the MCU.

Phil Connors says:

A woman should also have directed Aliens, the gender of the director is
irrelevant, its their understanding and respect for the female psyche that
really matters. Maybe Angelina Jolie might work just fine but she didn’t
understand Larra Croft who came accross as cold, snobby and almost
masculine all that which she wasn’t in the games.

Red Hood says:

I think you need to be a great director to take on a Marvel film these
days. Marvel would have been okay with it 10 years ago but now super hero
movies under the marvel name can’t be done by just any director. Thanks,
Kevin Feige, thanks. She has yet to prove herself. If they really want a
female director, I think they should go with Kathryn Ann Bigelow 

Lewis-James Ryan says:

Unbroken was terrible, but the action scenes were actually really well
directed, so that’s why this wouldn’t surprise me, and if she acts in it
too, I think it would be great.

kenneth joseph says:

How far do we have to go in order to prove that there is such a thing as
gender equality? I get it. But Captain Marvel was a male when he appeared
in the early 1970s.

Duarte Albuquerque says:

I am happy this is a rumour

Beast Lee says:

please no

standook says:

i would be avoiding it if true.

lucca ferla says:

No effin fricky way man

Bass Xevrix says:

I hope this isn’t true… 

Vanja1993 says:


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