American Sniper movie review

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Clint Eastwood brings us the true story of Chris Kyle; the man dubbed “the deadliest sniper in American military history”. Jeremy reviews “American Sniper”!

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Wuwarrior 2917 says:

Make a movie about an American Soldier. The whole world loses their shit.

Make a movie about a Soldier from any other country that isn’t The US they
give him a standing ovation.

This proves that people judge you based the flag you fight for. More
specifically THE AMERICAN FLAG.

I’m proud to be joining the US Army and serve with some of the bravest men
and women on this planet. I don’t hate Islam nor do I wish to kill Muslims.
I’m going over their to save the innocent Muslims, serve my country, and
bring justice to those radicals who spread fear and death to their own
people. But if I were to die over only because I’m American people would
say I deserved it. Not because of my character as a human being but because
I’m American. Please tell me not everyone thinks like that show me that
their is still faith for humanity out there. Otherwise what I’m fighting to

Brad Wright says:

The lack of respect to this hero in these comments makes me sick. Chris
Kyle was a great man who loved his family, loved his brothers in arms, and
protected his country like any true American. Get off your computers and
have a little damn respect.

qvistus82 says:

My grandparents fought for the freedom and survival of all the people of
Finland against the Soviet Union who killed 50 million people and destroyed
entire cultures. What do the American’s fight for?

The Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä killed even more people, but he never bragged
about it. There is no heroism in killing, no matter what the cause is and
it should not be rewarded.

Chris O'Keeffe says:

Was he a great sniper? Yes. Was he a great person? Absolutely not. Of those
160 kills a good amount of them were innocents. He was quoted saying “ill
kill anyone who wears a turban” or something like that. This man was a
great solider, not a great person

MoviezGames says:

“Not glorifying America” ?!?! Jeremy, if this film wasn’t glorifying
America, and its military, then Chris Kyle would have been portrayed as the
monster he was, instead of this “good-hearted, noble American”. He was a
sociopath addicted to killing. Hell, he even bragged about his kills, and
thought that Iraqi people were savages. He even admitted he enjoys
killing… This movie is definitely overglorifying America. As always… I
would love to see a movie from the perspective of the Iraqi people, just to
see how Americans would be portrayed..

Thunderbolt8296 says:

After reading the comments for this video, I am reminded of a quote from
another Clint Eastwood war film:

“Every jackass thinks he knows what war is, especially those who have never
been to one”.

Sovspot says:

This movie is extremely dishonest. In this movie he is portrayed as some
hero but in reality he was kind of a monster. Like quotes (paraphrasing)
such as “Kill any male you see” or “kill anyone with a quran”. Also
shooting looters from after Katrina is a bit overboard.

CharlieWafles BR says:

Jeremy once again, reviewing a “based on a true story” movie without doing
an ounce of research on the subject. The guy apparently thought killing
Iraqis was fun and he called them “savages”. This movie might not glorify
war but it sure as shit glorifies Chris Kyle.

Pepsiman says:

A lot of people dedicating their precious time typing:
“He wanted to kill more people…. sick fuck”
“Addicted to killing”
Yeah. Because all of you have been to war and killed more than 160 people,
on top of that seeing your fellow “brothers” die in front of your eyes when
you had chance to make a difference but fail, and handle PTSD. Until you go
to war, you opinion weighs as much as the internet itself…. nothing. Was
he demented for wanting to kill more people? Maybe, if it was to protect
your freedom and his squad. And I get that some of you “hate america” or
don’t have any patriotism. But show some respect, this man did more than
you will ever do to protect a country he loved and believed in. Hell, if
you think about, he protected you as well and your right to talk shit about
him on the internet (for some of you). But of course, like the internet
consists of people who “Whisper successes, but GLORIFY failures.”

“I said to my professor, ‘Why mourn the death of presidents, or anyone for
that matter? The dead can’t hear us.’ And he asked me if I believed in
heaven. I said, ‘No.’ And then he asked if I had no faith in God. I said,
‘You have it wrong; it’s God who has no faith in us.’”

Mr. MovieDude says:

Chris Kyle is the epitome of American Hero. God rest his soul. FUCK Jesse
Ventura for going after his widow. As if that woman hasn’t been through

NikitaFominykh says:

9/11, yay I need to go in a foreign country to kill people who have nothing
to do with 9/11. I’m gonna kill men who try to defend their country, i’m
gonna kill their women and children Such honor, much freedom, Murica wow.

bodrulm1 says:

This guy was a piece of shit. He boasts about killing innocent people (even
in his own country) but he is beyond reproach because he was an American
soldier? This was a psychopath given professional training in order to
carry out his psychopathic tendencies. What a low life. America should be

Tyler Durden says:

American Sniper is just another Hollywood propaganda film just to brainwash
Americans to think that war is cool… Give me a fucking break !!!

rencrow says:

Wasn’t this sniper guy in reality some kind of crazy psychopath? I read
somewhere that he liked shooting women and kids in Iraq.

zan cz says:

Disgusting.. DISGUSTING people talking shit about a soldier who fought for
the country… Not the movie.. you ignorant fools deserve ISIS and Sharia
law punching through your asses…

Allen Law says:

Sorry +JeremyJahns but this was a disappointing movie. The cinematography
and acting were good but over all it fell flat. One good thing is that
whenever he went home I knew I could take a restroom break and not miss
anything important. 

antromy says:

This was movie was pure propaganda. I’m not pointing the finger at our
troops but at Washington. The neocons and the fascist corporate politicians
has turned this truly once free country into the American war machine.

Too much blood has been pointlessly spent on this wars and the Middle
Eastern problems have not changed and have only grown worse. If we left
Iraq and other states alone ISIS and other terror groups would have never
gained so much ground.

Fuck war. Fuck the military industry complex. Fuck Washington. And fuck the
blood sucking corporations. 

Chris Bays says:

Before you judge him by his character get your lazy ass up, go fight in the
Middle East, watch your friends killed dailyand live in that environment
before you judge him on whether he’s a good person or not 

dawood rashid says:

Let me get one thing clear to you americans. We never asked to be saved. We
never asked for your help. We never wanted your asses in our mess. You
screwed us and think you were saving us. We don’t give two shits about your
freedom and we don’t care if you lost loved ones. Get away from us.

Tenebrousable says:

Anyone else find it weird that you guys have been invading for 13 years in
a row now, and all you’ve gotten is new enemies? Defending freedom? Go
fuck your selfs. War profiteering much? What good does an allegedly good
man fighting an useless war? He defends his friends, sure. Do they deserve
defending? . Why don’t you pack up your packs and get the fuck out, that
way you won’t need defending. Oh wait, you need to pay the bills.

MindsAblaze says:

Leftists (aka liberals, progressives, Marxists) hate West society, hate the
US, and hate the military. So, is it really any wonder that they are going
to bitch and complain about their protectors while safe at home in their
pajamas with hot chocolate? Respect to Chris. He did his duty, even if it
did end up fucking him up in the head. That’s what war does unfortunately.
It tears some people apart, some get addicted to the adrenaline and the

Universe says:

Nice review! One thing though: A kid with a pipe bomb vs 20 soldiers; is
that really THAT much of a moral dilemma? 

paratrooper 82 says:

To all of you morons who have never served, talking about Chris Kyle like
some sort of villian, you have not earned your right to express your
opinion. Trust me, it’s not what you think over there. Piss off

Nameless Paladin says:

Hero? A hero? Are you fucking kidding me? Read the book. Chris Kyle was
drawn to the war and found deep satisfaction in killing Iraqis. If he
really was a decent person, he would’ve never gone back for the 2nd tour.
Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. The fact that people are
lauding the number of dead bodies he gathered as some sort of achievement
makes me sick to my stomach. People like Chris Kyle don’t deserve to live.

Blockhaj smash says:

I still dont get why they make a movie about this american sniper that none
cares about and not a movie about Simo Häyhä, the deadliest sniper in

Silky Threads says:

I think the thing that surprised most was that when the movie was over no
one talked in the auditorium it was almost like it was a funeral of course
I was brought to tears 

Cameron Hally says:

to everyone who thinks he is a monster or he enjoys killing people is fuck
you. You can take you fucking comments and shove them up your ass. You have
no idea how fucking brutal these terrorist can get. Before you tell me that
I don’t know anything I have family members who serve in 1st tier forces. I
have heard horror story of what they do over there. I remember hearing a
story on a guy in 2005 getting caught by the talisman, tied up and had his
dick and balls cut of and shoved in his mouth, all while he is still alive
and the whole thing being recorded on camera. No one except the people who
serve these countries knows what it is like and how violent these terrorist
groups can get 

RwYeAsNt says:

This movie was fucking garbage.. there you go. Only fucking arrogant
Americans think this movie was good or an accurate representation of their
country. News flash to you all.. I don’t know which country is the best in
the world, there’s a lot of factors.. but it sure as fucking shit isn’t

Meow Phantom says:

If you go on any American war movie, every other country automatically
hates it. “They ask why don’t they make movies about us?”. America makes
movies about America’s military not whatever country. And everyone says oh
those stupid Americans. When they don’t know shit about America. Seriously,
can like half of these comments just shut up. 

JeremyJahns says:
Babyface6200 says:

To the many people who try to make Chris Kyle look like he killed innocent
people how about you go of the frontline of Iraq and see whats really going
on. It’s not America blown up schools and killed kids it the fucking
terrorist organizations. It’s always people who never seen war to be the
one to talk shit about war and the people who went to war. We didn’t go to
Irag for oil we went because Saddam had violated 17 UN resolution s.

Pj Thapa says:

Awesome movie…… Made me wana speak in a Texan accent !!! 

IrishPizzaMan says:

First; Its a movie!! Second is it based on a book/documentary? Yes. Its
called artistic freedom! I can call out MANY!! MOVIES!! INCLUDING AN OSCAR
WINNER ABOUT A MAYOR FROM SAN FAN!! Funny on how that movie wasn’t called
out for its none facts!!?
The point is that IT’S a MOVIE!!

Eριcα/Pяιηcεss/Кетрін says:

Just more war propaganda to galvanize the Americans into another battle
fever. If you want to see a an actually good American war movie, Saving
Private Ryan is best option. At least it does not feed you blatant lies and
deify a mass murderer.

Ainslie Hunter says:

I thought this movie was fantastic. And I truly thank him for his deeds,
may he rest in peace.
I’m not American but I thank him for helping America in the war. 

Serajul Islam says:

FAO Wuwarrior 2917… Can I say I appreciate what you have written as a
soldier and how people judge you straight away especially if you have a
American flag behind you. I found what you said above not hating Muslims
refreshing as it should not matter what religion you are. Or colour creed
etc. Unfortunately in this world we have good people and bad people from
all over the world. And its the minority that gives the impression and bad
name to whichever country or religion they are. These extreme
fundamentalists on both sides escalate exactly what the politicians are
looking for to feed there war mongering bellies. Therefore good people like
yourself are drafted up and sent to foreign countrys to fight these proxy
wars which have been funded by zionist bankers and then the media do there
job and show propaganda to hype up the whole country with lies to get the
support to go to war. So many innocent blood is shed. Then people and
soldiers like yourself and the once upon a time the great USA is getting a
bad name all around the world because of the few rich elite and there
secret war agendas that they have. Anyway sorry for long statement but I
hope you get the point that I don’t blame you as a soldier but all generals
and high ranking officiers and the secret elite that have put you there in
the first place. But I believe in the one true GOD and they will have to
answer for all there crimes against humanity. God is Great. 

tieler gray says:

Fuck u jermy love your show but a buy it on blue ray sorry man but this is
awesometacular no doubt about this is one of the only movies that made me
cry along with half of the movie theater one guy was literally screaming
and crying he was so hurt and you are going to give it a buy on blue ray
for a fucking slow mo shot fuck u jermy u r a racist cocksucker ,and
anyboby who dont think that he racist think about it he didn’t know this
movie was coming out after all the trailers on tv and the internet,i mean i
wasn’t ever able to watch video on YouTube without see this ad ,and you
didn’t even bother to review lee bulter ,you know what jermy i m done with
your show and don’t say he to busy to watch trailers he saw dawn of the
apes on tv and he review two age of ultron trailers show he has time he
just dont want to do it cause he’s racist and you know it.

Kieran Soma says:

We’ll invade your country and murder your people, come home, and a few
years later make movies about how it made our soldiers sad :(

fred badman says:

I just got back from watching this and i’ve gotta say, that shit was
fucking intense, especially the end which left everyone in the cinema
sitting there, speechless until the end of the credits 

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