American Sniper: Director Clint Eastwood Behind the Scenes Movie Interview

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American Sniper
Director: Clint Eastwood
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller.

Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle’s pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and turns him into a legend. Back home to his wife and kids after four tours of duty, however, Chris finds that it is the war he can’t leave behind.

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willhunting1995 says:

Fucking Eurotrash libtards are pissed off because the public and academy
loved this movie! Fuck them!

Richard Llewellyn says:

Why glorify the mass murder of a war built on lies ..fucking yanks.

Neil Hardie says:

Clint BEASTwood

ThePhrozenPhoenix says:

I’m as liberal as you can be, and I thought this film was incredible.

DayInDaLife says:

you need to look up what “ironic” means in a dictionary…

Mad Alice: A Tribute to Alice in Chains & Mad Season says:

It’s a movie based on a real guy. Why are people so riled up about this?
Why all the name calling and anger? Clint has made quite a few good
movies, I have no doubt this is another one. When you swear and label
people while anonymous, you lose any integrity you may have had. Your
words mean nothing. I’ll see this movie and it will probably make me
uncomfortable, like it should. 

DatFatPat says:

I think he meant coincidence when he says ironic.

Radoslav Jovanovic says:

This is how Clint Eastwood became Westwood… 

redwhitentrue says:

Thank you Mr. Eastwood. Your best movie ever!

Jeric Villaflores says:

Highly recommends the film!

Ur2ez4me81 says:

Clint Eastwood made a career off of glorifying violence, I just hope he
made it a point in this film that if you live by the sword you will surely
die by it. I know war is a ugly thing but one way or the other what you do
in life no matter who you are it will come back to get you one way or the

Mid West says:

Anything for money right Mr. Eastwood? Your movie is meant to harm, not
help humanity. No morals, no values, no accountability to mankind. Just
your wallet! Shame!

Dawn Sperry Allen says:

It is unfortunate that the privilege of open discussion and exchange is so
tainted with profanity, distaste, bias and apparent hatred. Healthy
communication is discouraged by prejudice, insult and lack of civil
vocabulary. Refusing to see a movie, read a book/newspaper or participate
with respect in discussion due to preconceived bias, doesn’t translate to
being fair or receptive to other ideas. All relationships with our fellow
human beings takes patience and a desire to reach a degree of
understanding. As a society I am afraid we have become overly judgmental
and have turned our backs on those outside of our little worlds which are
chuck full of factions, attitudes and distaste. It could be wise to lighten
up and shed some inhibition and fear.

machia0705 says:

Kyle targeted people trying to harm Marines, and the majority of them were
Islamicfacists trying to fill the vacuum that Americans created by ousting
the Baghdad Butcher. US Navy work with US Marines in several ways;
construction, medical corp , air support, sea lift, naval artillery,
amphibious landing, extraction and sniper support. US can project
overwhelming military force anywhere in the world @ anytime. You Europeans
would sh>t your pants if the U.S. ever left NATO and the liberal morons
here have no clue. They are raised on emotional rhetorical misinformation
and lies found on these blogs. Alarming in a way.

Angel Diaz says:

American Sniper: Director Clint Eastwood Behind the Scenes Movie Interview:


maulCS says:

How about you display the questions…

Dan Hilbert says:

On no, not another Eastwood horror film. I don’t mean to be disrespectful,
but this movie is just awful. It portrays a coward just waiting for some
poor soul to enter into his gunsights so he can feel good about killing
someone who could not defend themselves. It’s trash!

loopy Ruane says:

the man with no name is a patsy? shit actor, shit director, shit jazz
musician, like i once said, – the man withe no name is a nobody, ?


One of the best movies in the last 10 years. 

dr1345 says:

Clint Eastwood is an old, utterly talentless, piece of dinosaur shit.

RW j says:

You didn’t fight in Vietnam did you…………coward. A patriot eh
Eastwood….the last refuge of a scoundrel. I right wing asshole with no
real combat to fall back on but in your shitty films. Plastic soldier Clint

hino823 says:

i will NEVER understand the human race!!! why??? do humans take movies
serious…. on a scale of 1-10 for importance it ranks about a 2… its
silly!! a bunch of men pretending on film to be something they are not…
its much like when i was 10 i used to play cowboys and indians the only
exception is these people r being paid millions and millions of dollars for
a couple months of play

Spetsnaz Chaos says:

Shame on you Clint for allowing your name and reputation to be sullied by
making a war propaganda film based on this sketchy person’s account.

willhunting1995 says:

Loser libtards get stupider by the minute.

Petrus Delassio says:

How are we supposed to take anything seriously from a man who speaks to
empty chairs?

p.j scahill says:

Thank you for telling the story .I hope in honour of cris that you guys get
a bafta a ward for telling his story

LibsAreGreyforAnalProbes says:

How to tell if someone is lying to you is if they are a liberal. That’s how
you know they are lying pieces of shit Nazis who want Sharia.

Shinny Stars says:

Loved this movie! awsome director, producer everything about this movie is
amazing. Really happy we still have Clint Eastwood. My Family enjoyed
watching this movie. 

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