AMCi Indie Spotlight – Christian Bale Chats Terrence Malick, Joe Swanberg’s Next Project

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On this episode of AMCi Indie Spotlight (February 18th, 2015), we discuss:

Joe Swanberg’s next project
Poster for Kristen Wiig’s Welcome to Me
Christian Bale chats Terrence Malick’s approach
In Theatres Round-up
Now taking short films submissions!
Female director indie picks
Comfort movies
Indie Kings and Queens

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Alicia Malone says:

Thanks for watching! I loved getting to discuss Malick. We could do a whole
debate show on him!

TheVideoInvader says:

I’m with Alicia on Malick. Tree Of Life and Thin Red Line are masterpieces
IMO. I remember seeing The Thin Red Line when I was 9 and being completely
transfixed. When I saw it at a later age it was even better. However, To
The Wonder is a film I can have on in the background when I’m doing
something else.

Jesue Valle says:

In defense of Malick, I think he’s the only filmmaker working today that
explores spirituality we haven’t seen before. Trying to visualise or
encapsulate spirituality in cinematic form is already difficult in itself
and I think he’s the filmmaker who is the closest in achieving that. I feel
like the reason his films are decisive is because others just let the film
wash over them whereas other people expect something that he’s not
offering. Two main criticisms his films receive are the lack of narrative
and its pseudo-intellectuality. He’s not being pseudo-intellectual because
he’s exploring spirituality which cannot be intellectualised. The lack of
narrative is also something that is refreshing in his films because it’s
more impressionistic of the experience of the characters rather than
telling specific plot points.

I remember seeing The Tree Of Life for the first time and walking out of
the theatre in a daze. I saw it for a second time with my mum and by the
end she looked at me and said: “I’m crying but I don’t know why I’m
crying”. I think his films have to be seen with a certain level of openness
and doing away with trying to intellectualise or understand plot just
because we’re used to doing that in more conventional movies. 

Gzilla Man says:

Wow, that’s awesome that you guys are gonna be taking short film
submissions! I can’t wait to see what happens with it and what kinda films
will be submitted!

Ali K says:

I haven’t seen many indie movies, but my fave indie is Drive (in my top 10
of all time). I know you love it too Amirose, what would you recommend
Amirose?! (I have seen Enemy too, super good).

Shawn Ryan says:

I fucking love this show!! Thanks Amirose and team for bringing it week
after week!! 

Ricky Longo says:

When they started talking about how bad Tree Of Life is it made me so
happy. That movie is one of only a few movies that made me mad. You can’t
just make an incoherent series of random scenes and say it’s a great movie.
I can just make a bunch of random shit that makes no sense and will people
call it art? Tree Of Life makes no god damn sense. It’s a screen saver.

MissMangoMovies says:

Surprised nobody mentioned Sam Rockwell as indie king, especially since I
know he is well loved with the AMCi team.

Charles Harkins says:

This feels so much like a real tv show. And how is this intro not a real
song? Thanks for being the beacon for Indie movies.

Amirose Eisenbach says:

Thanks for watching guys! Please help us spread the word and give these
amazing indies more love :0

kaatyblue says:

Thank you girls and AMC for this show. This is seriously film lovers’

SuperJay75 says:

Best episode ever! The panel was amazing! The recommendations were superb!
Really ladies, you’ve outdone yourself this time!

Joe Downey says:

The ginger girl didn’t like any of the films they were talking about haha

kmerrill03 says:

Love the new intro music and effects!

Shawn Ryan says:

Why isn’t it on the main channel? It would get so many more views!! And
it’s so good! 

Romina Jones says:

AMC is a really smart corporation that they support these shows. They know
to be successful long-term they need to feed cinema culture and connect
people to it. I know, all else being equal, if I have to chose between two
theaters I’d opt for their’s as I feel they are invested in the future of
film. I’d say they are a company doing social media right.

aroundtheclock says:

Love the new intro music! It’s a keeper! :)

Thomas Fuller says:

Kara was so annoyingly negative at points and it kind of brought the show
down a bit. Everyone else is so happy and cheerful about what they are
talking about and then she needed to just burst everyones bubble. It’s
perfectly fine to have your own opinion about films but there is a better
way of expressing it. Otherwise another great show and love you girls. Keep
up the good work

Isaac Johnson says:

I agree Malick is visually stunning. I very much enjoyed Thin Red Line but
I turned Tree of Life off. I was so frustrated with it that I couldn’t take
anymore and I have finished some bad films in my life but that one I just
couldn’t get with. Glad to know I’m not alone in this. Thanks for a great
show ladies!

The Wilfred says:

I was waiting to see where I can watch What We Do in the Shadows (it came
out last week) :(

Anyway, great show as always.

Aidan O'Aidy says:

Loved the discussion about Terrence Malick! Don’t like him much myself, and
I’m glad to hear someone finally voice their dislike of his films — I
feel like a lot of critics think they have to like him, in order to be
taken as smart or legit. Great job defending The Tree of Life, though,

Leo Liu says:

I cringe when you guys mention those Chinese films… I really don’t
understand why they aren’t embarrassed to put them out here.

Gopal Phamber says:

I freaking loved The Tree of life, I am hurt you girls didn’t like it

Anthony Ramirez says:

As we all know living life as if it were a narrative is an example of an
objectively false reality to engage with. Based on my interpretation of
Malick’s filmmaking style, and perhaps his motivations as well, I believe
he is applying this perspective to his endeavors in cinema. The
understanding of one’s life not being part of a grand narrative where you
are the protagonist, should be followed by an understanding of the physical
condition of everything that is, including consciousness
(neural/physiological processes and our reactions to them) which is the
creator of storytelling, it would seem the next most pragmatic step would
be to transcend the current conditions of what is.

This being the case, it is now rendered regressive, and even redundant to
predominantly rely on narrative to tell your story, especially with film
being the most visceral manipulation of reality in the context of artistic
endeavors. What is impressive is the effectiveness in which he tells his
stories by engaging with sensory perceptions, more primal, universal, baser
human assets, and truths, and the visceral nature of reality in his
storytelling as these entities are just as profound, and rich with filmic,
and intellectually stimulating content as what can be found in any
narrative. +Amirose Eisenbach +Alicia Malone 

N Ga says:

for me tye sheridan is one of the best new kinda indie actors right now, he
was great in the t. of life as well as in joe and mud. anyway , nice show
as always my ladies. is so refreshing to listen other things and concepts
besides the super repetitive world of super hero movies

Jon Pope says:

Suggestion: You should drop copies of this show on Facebook Sons and
Daughters, as well as other pages to get the viewership up. Great stuff!

Joe Downey says:

I made a quick judgement and commented it without thinking, sorry Alicia 

LupeJustinian says:

Man, being a Harvard, Rhodes, and AFI scholar makes Malick’s views on
spirituality so empty

G Man says:

I don’t need to be spoon fed a narrative. It’s a very great change of pace
to watch a Malick film. All my favorite actors work with him and I love his

the1mightygod says:

I want a whole show on Malick … Amirose, you said it, now please do it.
Thank you :)

Windsor Wong says:

I was trying to watch film and I started with The New World. But
even with Colin Farrell in it (whom I love and can watch him in pretty much
anything) i had fast forward thru the film. It really reads like a visually
gorgeus music video with people and scenery. It is just SO boring

Jo Meeno says:

That intro is so cool. Great episode, ladies. 

The One And Only says:

So much brains and beauty in one place. Sigh. lol :) keep up the great work
ladies !

tomwrotethis says:

A ‘Galaxy Quest’ shout out!! Love that movie. I’m so happy it’s on Netflix

“By Grabthar’s Hammer, by the sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged.”

Jarrod Pace says:

well done. peeps! another great episode! only wish the show was longer! :)

Joe Downey says:

Also I wasn’t talking about you Alicia either way I’m sorry 

Jon Pope says:


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