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The AMC Movie News crew give their KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE review and discuss the film in detail. THIS IS A SPOILERS REVIEW so please only watch if you’ve seen the film already or don’t care about spoilers!

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Greeno86 says:

The Church scene was mental and has the funniest line in the film “I’m a
Catholic whore who needs to visit my black, Jewish boyfriend who works in
an abortion clinic”. I was drumming on my legs to Freebird during the
church scene as I got carried away with the music. Really enjoyed this

Raymundo Lopez says:

NOW DO A fifty shades of grey review! haha. OMG im sure that video would
get a lot of heat!!! pun intended 

oisin mcmahon says:

NANANANANANANA, baby give it up, give it up, BABY give it uuuup. 

AMC Theatres says:
Atilay Erkal says:

I loved the movie but I didn’t like how it ended as soon as they took out
the bad guy. I was expecting some aftermath scenes at the end explaining
the affects of the outcome on the world, and on the secret service, but nah
lets just show the main character banging the hot chick thats enough. Also
I really liked Tiffany Smith character I hope she comes back on the sequel

Kobe Bonhomme says:

the one time i wear the ‘moods of darth vader’ t-shirt to a movie, mark
hamil shows up. his accent also reminded me of his work on joker

Omar Correa says:

nice hair cut Alicia. Loved this movie. It was right in the middle between
Austin Powers & Bond

crazyangst12 says:

Guys I have a brilliant idea. Instead of saying how bad 50 shades is- in
fact act like this film didn’t exist and just talk about how great Kingsmen
is and they can make franchise out of it. So STFU about it and say how
awesome kingsmen is, because goddamn it it’s a FUCKING AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!

Lycon Xero says:

Yay, first spoiler review of the year! I went out to see this movie mostly
based on the fact that you guys/gals hinted a day or so ago that it was
really fun and you didn’t steer me wrong with John Wick. I’ve gotta say
that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie because it was extremely entertaining
and I loved all the little winks and nods at other themes and ideas from
within the spy genre (and I actually didn’t mind the product placement at
all because the scene where he whipped out the McDonald’s for an expensive
dinner was just hilarious).

Donovan Castro says:

This movie was awesome! The church part about Colin Firth talking about his
gay Jewish black boyfriend that works at the abortion clinic made me laugh!
And everyone including myself who saw the movie laughed when all those
heads exploded. Also worthy of note: the audience didn’t care for the
Fantastic Four reboot trailer at all. Except for two people. More people
enjoyed the Hitman: Agent 47 trailer. 

Jorge Avila says:

Gotta Say though I hope it does well so we get a franchise going.
Definately good counterprogramming for 50Shades.

Nick Schulte says:

I love the kid, but I am not sure about him being Spidey. I loved the movie
though and I really hope they turn this into a solid franchise. You guys
nailed it with it being a tongue in cheek (Connery) Bond movie.

ThinkHeroPro says:

Thanks for watching the first AMC Spoilers of the year!


Luis Gonzalez says:

I went in with high expectations and the movie surpassed those high
expectations. I loved this movie. 

Renwick Davis says:

This movie was loads of fun. The violence is hyper-stylized, fast, and fun,
and most importantly clear. Some of the best action I’ve seen in a long
time. It was like watching a dance between the characters and I loved it.

Nick Hardiman says:

This movie was so awesome! I had an absolute blast! I give it a 9/10!

Mc Shagan says:

Snuck in free bird? The entire church scene was set to the free bird Guitar

digy1st says:

Just came out of the movie. Fuck yeah. This movie was fucking awesome. The
producers of Deadpool should take a note you can make a kick-ass R-rated
comic book movie work.

NeoSe7ens says:

Fantastic film. Matthew Vaughn didn’t disappoint.

t1gertank19 says:

I hope to see more Mark Strong if there’s a sequel. BTW, I called it,
Kingsman WAS your first spoilers review!

Mohamed Adam says:

10/10 I really have trouble finding any problems with this movie, Mr Vaughn
is quickly becoming one of my favourite directors working today! 

Robby Goodwin says:

If you notice from Samuel L. Jackson clothing, hat and lisp, He was
mimicking Russell Simmons.

Jorge Avila says:

15 minutes does not do a review justice. I’d expect 20-22 minututes at

jacob harris says:

As a Brit it was weird to see Samantha Janus playing a young yummy mummy
but she suited the role especially when she comes off as someone big
sister, just goes to show Eastenders has got a wealth of talent in house!

Joshua Gold says:

I’m sorry but Americans tryna do the michael caine accent is painful…. 

RADubs says:

Despite all the great films coming out this year, I could see this being in
my top 5 or even 3 come Dec 31

Yolie Drew says:

Samuel Jackson did a accent and dress liked Russell Simmons.

Linn-Desu says:

i thought of Mortal Kombat when i saw the fight scenes

dan tan says:

did anyone else see the new fantastic four trailer ahead of the movie.
well, updated. they changed the text and had new split second shots of
johnny and sue using their powers.

roninglx says:

Just came from watching this movie and it is so fun and awesome to watch.
8:17 the girl villain (Gazelle) really does look like Tiffany Smith, it’s
her doppelganger

BloodRaw1180 says:

This movie kicked so much ass. 

man0z says:

You guys seen Ex-Machina? I saw both this and that same day

Joshua Gold says:

The church scene blew me away but reminded me of ‘The Raid’

Martin Houston says:

Brilliant movie
Thanks for your critique 

Brian Fantana says:

That Princass Swedish really has one fit trunk.

lilhammer3991 says:

who do you think is the new head of the kingsman? gotta be merlin right?
they allude to a new boss in the end credits & he was the only other
kingsman we have a connection to, but i could see reasons why he would be
as well. anybody have thoughts on whether its merlin or someone we haven’t

Travis Gunn says:

JUST SAW IT. What a thrill ride.

B Ellis says:

Loved this movie, most fun I had at a movie theater since I saw Guardians
last year.

Micah King says:

You three are stupid…. had the makings of a great movie, the violence was
not necessary, and the ending was corny.

Chad Rose says:

Saw this tonight. Loved it!

eon001 says:

Loved the training. I really when they rush a years worth of training into
a 60 second montage. Thought the film was perfect;y paced. If I had to give
a negative, I would say maybe it got a bit too silly towards the end, and
maybe littler cruder than it needed to be. But I loved it and will watch

Magnus The Meling says:

Nice review, but I always question myself why you alway are talking like
there this is a normal non-spoiler review. I think the most of those who
watch this review have watched the movie too, it feels kind of weird

Tim Seaburg says:

John campea should be the only one doing these. Just sayin 

Mario McQuay says:

Just saw it several hours ago. Oh! I mean, Wow! This film is fantastic!…
soooo much fun! One of the most fun times I’ve had at the theater in a
long time. 

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