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AMC’s Alicia Malone and Jon Schnepp discuss Rewind Recommendations, “Three Days of the Condor” (1975), “The Conversation” (1974). Rewind Remembers, “Bad Boys”, “Rob Roy”, “Don Juan DeMarco”, “Alamo Bay”. AMC Reveals “Z” (1969)

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Alicia Malone says:

Thanks for watching! I know I may be fighting a losing battle, because
YouTube… But I’d love this to be a fun place for fellow film geeks to
talk movies. I never expect people to agree with me, I’m fine with
criticism, and I know we always forget to mention some films or various
facts… But let’s have fun conversations about the movies we love or what
we want to try to watch for the first time! Who’s with me? :)

anthony leach says:

Bad Boys is 20 years old?!? Damn I feel old

masterspears says:

Max Von Sydow played the knight in The Seventh Seal

Robby Goodwin says:

Hey Alicia, Bad Boys only had one sequel.

LelekPL says:

Can people stop using that marketing propaganda about Captain America 2
being a spy thriller? I know it’s how they advertized it but that movie had
nothing in common with those great thrillers of the 70’s other than Robert
Redford. It was as much of a spy thriller as Transformers was.

Máté Vajda says:

This is a show for real movie fans. It’ good to spend some time with the
classic movies of the 20th century. There are so many great films I haven’t
seen yet. Well done AMC.

anthony leach says:

To Alicia
Hey Baby doll what’s going on

AnthonyVardaro2 says:

The Conversation is such a great movie, not enough people have seen that.
I’m going to check out the other movies now, I think I’ve heard of Z before
but I’ve never seen it

Chris S says:

No mention of ‘The Boys From Brazil’ for 70’s conspiracy movies? That one
is uber-creepy.
Pun intended.

Brandon Lunzman says:

You guys should have your own intro with the re-re-re-rewind sound effect.
That would be sweet! Cool show btw, Alicia’s a great host! :) 

hurricanebtvs says:

Would Travolta’s Blow Out count as a Conspiracy Thriller?

jd paquet paquet says:

I love this show thank you guys keep up the great work..

Bobbin -C says:

No mention of Walter Murch being the sound editor on ‘The Conversation’?

Anthony Iuculano says:

your third video is listed in your playlist twice

LupeJustinian says:

Z! I love that film. I found it as a freshman in my university library.

basquat76 says:

Every genre and topic is one of Alicias favorites. Every time it’s one of
her favorites.

A Yap says:

conspiracy with other genre mix for me
1978 – invasion of the body snatchers
Telefone – charles bronson
Good Guys wear black – Chuck norris
Soylent green

Steven Starr says:

Alicia Malone and Jon Schnepp nobody does it better!!!!! Hey Alicia what
bout the late John Rittter movie Hero at large < 1980> great movie ! And
Alicia you amazing too =)

Lew Archer 1949 says:

This show is my jam!

Starshine Frost says:

I love the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which, despite
being about alien lifeforms, fits into the conspiracy mold too. It also
has that great conspiratorial feel that only a 70’s film can have, and the
ending jolted me unlike any other movie at the time.

Tyler Myers says:

Great show! Three Days of the Condor is in my Netflix queue so I’dd
definitely be catching that one.

mk6rfc1 says:

Three Days of Condor has been on my watchlist even since Cap 2, I will get
round to watching it one day! I wish Bad Boys spawned two sequels, Bad Boys
3 is the sequel I want most ever

Tomas Levin says:

Great job with the new show Alicia and Jon! A great juxtaposition to the
blockbusterness of AMCMovieTalk. I vividly remember when I saw “3 days…”,
in my late teens in the early 90’s. I was bored and happened upon it and I
had no idea what I was about to watch. Blown away! And the soundtrack?
Amazing! And now I have to watch “Parallax View”! Cheers, mates!

gurrashpal says:

Great episode guys! Rewind is becoming one of my favourite movie related
youtube shows.

david cruickshank says:

I love 3 days. I always stop to watch it when ever I see it come up. I will
have to check out z. I want to put in Winter Kills as my pick though.

RelixLTD says:

Saw Z around 20 years ago; fantastic film. I’m hoping Criterion will
release a blu-ray version in the future. Parallax View is great too,
though it felt it little slow. I’ll have to re-visit it. I’ve never seen
Three Days but it’s streaming on Netflix so SCORE! And I own The
Conversation so .. SCORE again.

Great Show RE ..RE .. RE .. AMC Rewind Team … Are you guys going to get
your own booth soon. It looks like you’re stuck using the AMC Jedi Council
booth. Have a great weekend.

Christian Lopez says:

I like this show more than long ass Jedi counsel.

stingersplash says:

I bought the conversation recently, must get round to watching it!

TheVaultSeeker says:

This is the first episode of this show that I have watched. Is this
basically just 30 minutes of recommending old films that I should watch?
‘Cause that is exactly what I need. I will probably check out the older
episodes. (I pretty much watch every episode of Movie Talk and Heroes, so
this is just another one to add to the list).

Keep up the good work!

Faruk Kilic says:

I love love love The Conversation! such a brilliant movie!

infernaltim1 says:

Woo been waiting for this! Now that I have Goodfellas and The Princess
Bride under my belt (far too late, but so glad I watched and loved them), I
need more ideas for this weekend.

Crimson Possum says:

How about 80’s fantasy movies, Excalibur, Lady Hawk, Dragon Slayer!

Pete MEDIA says:

I love this show!

Lew Archer 1949 says:

Day of the Jackal (1973) Fred Zinnemann directs his final masterpiece.
Edward Fox plays one of the best movie villains ever.

Kevakazii says:

Come on you didn’t mention ‘Capricorn One’ starring Josh Brolins dad and
that god awful scene where Elliot Goulds brakes fail.

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