AMC Movie Talk – Why No Word On Who SPIDER-MAN Is In CIVIL WAR?

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday April 29th 2015) we discuss the following:

Ben Affleck pictured on set of SUICIDE SQUAD
PADDINGTON heading towards a sequel
Jeff Daniels joins the DIVERGENT films
New tailer for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD
Original T-Rex returns for JURASSIC WORLD
Where’s the Freddie Mercury biopic?
Why haven’t they announced Spider-Man for CIVIL WAR?
…and much more!

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Deathreaper66 says:

Great show as always

Steven Warzeha says:

The muscular Joker may reflect a long time in prison.

Jaspreet Dhanjan says:

Who honestly doesn’t think Spider-Man won’t show up in Civil War? It’s dumb
to think he’s not.

Herb Partee says:

This next bracket will be crazy can’t wait

Xavier Taylor says:

watch them blow our minds and have him be in dr strange by way of dr
strange opening a window to an alternate reality and out comes Andrew

Alexpegasus says:

I’m more excited to see Mad Max after hearing Alicia. It speaks volumes
when Alicia, who mainly likes Indie films, likes this film and the action.

The Guest says:


Christopher Harp says:

+AMC Theatres What do you guys think of a mash up of the Fast and Furious
franchise along with the Mad Max franchise? It could be Fast and Furious 8:
Fury Road! Bring the flithy. # amc movie talk 

Eric Curto says:

Here is a comparison Bucky, who was created as a response to Robin was also
a child that Captain America took on. 

sm4carnageihope says:

Best movies of the 90s? Well considering my favorite film is from the 90s,
I’ll definitely be voting for Jurassic Park if its on there.

TheCommanderBond007 says:

Placing all my chips on Josh Hutcherson. (You heard it from me if it
follows through!)

Garrett says:


OTKP says:

Excited about Suicide Squad more than I am Batman vs Superman

Avery Hinks says:

The great thing about Alicia is that even though she is not the biggest fan
of comic books, she still goes out of her way to learn new things about the
comic book source material. It was really cool that she mentioned the
rumored Jason Todd/Joker flashback sequence.

Liam Wajsfelner says:

Leto’s joker would’ve kicked Bale’s batman’s ass. But Affleck’s is a little
to much

George Tarantino says:

I couldnt give two shits about Divergent movies. If they got Scorsese to
direct the last two films,I would not be interested.

Tom Wijenbergh says:

I think Robin exists in this universe. Joker killed him, Batman went
apeshit, knocked the shit out of the Joker and threw him in prison and then

“The feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel.”

Yic17 Gaming says:

Still waiting for an official comment/statement from Marvel regarding what
Joss said about the movies not being affected by the TV shows. Because
after seeing Agents of SHIELD season 2 episode 19, the TV is clearly
linking it with Age of Ultron directly. The end of the episode leads up to
the start of the movie. So I really hope Marvel can come out and address

Tomiwa Aina says:

OMG Sinead is an Adventure Time fan!

Its_only_martin says:

Plot twist: They did reveal the new Spiderman, Chadwick Boseman as Miles

* puts tin foil hat back on head and strolls away *

Random8806 says:

How can you tell which one is the original T-Rex? They showed several in
all of the JP films.

Zgamer7 says:

Lol at that Robin rant. 

chris johnson says:

the joker has gone toe to toe with batman many times…the comics even say
that fighting the joker is difficult due to his level of insanity. And that
it makes him truly unpredictable.

souldrum86 says:

Robin can work. People that don’t think it could are just thinking about it
too much. Robin is a kid but he’s dangerous. The kid is a beast. It would
be fun to see. These are movies, comic book movies….fantasy

ShafikLight says:

watching the daily dose of movie news with you guys is the highlight of my
day <3

Sjono says:

The theme of Phase 1 were characters who had the capability but not the
qualities to become a hero and the journey to attaining such attributes.
The theme of Phase 2 were characters losing essential parts of themselves
yet still continuing the struggle to be heroes. I wonder what theme Phase 3
will center on.

kingofpop581 says:

I call it Deadshot vs Joker

Wolverine 9098 says:

Y r ppl so stupid to belive the rummor the DC Cinematic Universe is in
trouble ?

Bob Bigboy says:

Hey just saw Avengers (no spoilers I promille). It apparently played over
here in Europe before the US I had no idea! So I think it’s important to
give it it’s real score 7.5 out of 10. Action scenes are amazing, however
not as nonstop as AMC Theatres would have you believe. Everyone gets a
corny sentimental speach. Black Widow and Bruce Banner relationship feels
completely forced. Characters we are supposed to have emotionell attachment
to doesn’t work because never met them (kinda took me out of the movie
trying to figure out who certain characters are that all the Avengers are
suuuuper friendly with). The opening sequence of the movie is FANTASTIC and
was one of the only two times when I had that big happy 9-year-old me smile
on my face. Ultron was a little “too emotional” in the movie. I much more
enjoyed the Ultron from the trailer. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s
excitement for this movie I just think AMC wayyyyyyy hyped up this movie
guys. Anyway, when you see it let me know what you think (wrong or right).
Perhaps I missed something. Oh yeah the tagged scene after the movie was
lame, but at least you don’t have to wait until the end of the credits to
see it.

Chance Blankenship says:

sinead is always so pretty <3

Kobe Bonhomme says:

it’s like AMC knew what i wanted to say about spider-man. he’s gonna show
up. they didn’t specifically say he would be a star of a movie prior his
own. i think he’ll show up in the background without being to faded in the
background. just not a definitive role. he’ll be small but noticeable
enough that fans will love him. also i had a little joke about spider-man
being in an after-credits scene in ant-man coz bug and arachnid. very
similar creatures. heck, hank pym could be checking out new industries that
have to do with science and he’s in oscorp and a spider goes missing. also
love the “rant” by john about spider-man and how he could be compared to

Zach Morgan says:

I would like to throw Fargo, Fight Club, American Beauty, Pulp Fiction,
Shawshank Redemption, and Goodfellas into the ring for the ’90s bracket.

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